We are at a critical time in history and we need to be prepared for the days ahead. Will the Church respond to these crises in unity and boldness? Will pastors and church leaders step up to the plate to lead the way to reformation? Do believers know their place in governmental affairs? How do we pray concerning national principalities if our own cities are in chaos? What biblical examples can we find to mark our path?

I cover these topics – plus so much more – in Moving from Sword to Scepter. I wrote it as a training manual for the Church in order to prepare ourselves for the mission before us.

Including the full Table of Contents and Reviews
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Here are just a few of the reviews from those who have read the book:

Moving from Sword to Scepter is not for beginners alone; it is a Scripture-packed, meaty manual for warriors who are serious about praying powerfully and effectively. Don’t miss this book! It is a beautiful “gem,” refined by fire, from someone who is herself a treasure in today’s prayer movement!

I found it to be one of the best and most practical books I’ve ever read on prayer. It reminds me of Dutch Sheets classic, Intercessory Prayer. 

I believe this is truly a book for this hour of history. I feel the anointing on it! Holy Spirit uses it to lead me into prayer…God is teaching us as church to reach deeper levels of revelation about prayer and therefore we can go to higher places of breakthrough and authority! We need this type of revelation and prayer in Germany and Europe!

Excellent book. I believe God will use this book to unite and educate intercessors on how to pray and be effective…for too long we have been only putting out brush fires and the enemy comes right back in and starts more…we are taking our place; ruling and reigning ….not by might, not by power but by the Spirit of God…enforcing the victory already won by Jesus. Moving from the battlefield to the throne room.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I have purchased book off And would like the video series for five dollars please advise how to do that… I live in Canada and I will put my email down here.

  2. Wanda this is an important concept you are promoting, which entails taking back the institutions of society including governance of the nation.
    After World War Two which represented the separation of good and evil on the worldwide level, the Christian sphere was very strong in the West as championed by America.
    However, something went very wrong, and greed, immorality, apathy and the pursuit of ‘physical happiness’, mammon invaded America. All the gains that America had made through her history started slowly dissolving as she began to more and more embrace a hedonistic lifestyle and culture, promoted in part by Hollywood, the media, then Academia which became the schools, the family began breaking down and challenged as an institution established by God, and now the government itself, promoting a left wing, secular humanist godless agenda, now ripping apart the Constitution and therefore the significance of the Declaration of Independence as well. The cornerstone of America is being removed, which is Christ.
    So much so, that Americans are basically ignorant of their history, civics, and the law, so that they can now be so easily manipulated like drunken and disoriented teenagers.
    America has violated ‘Gods temple’ through fornication, idolatry, and materialism. There is a cancer in America, and now Christians must unite together, there are a lot of them, repent, and take back God’s nation as also proposed by Lance Wallnau in his ‘Seven Mountains’ teaching. America will no longer be a ‘sheep nation’ if it falls to Satan.
    Now the Christian leadership must unite. To not do so is a sin, as God and Jesus commanded it. God has educated you and others, to go to the next level, to take responsibility and come together like the heads of the tribes of Israel, to discuss how to regain governance of America and therefore have the authority and right to hold the ‘sceptre’. The sceptre is the right idea, but you still have to earn it, otherwise it will be only a toy in your hand. Right now, it is the goal you need to work for and accomplish.
    Where does spiritual authority come from? From the ability to love unconditionally as Jesus did, which means taking responsibility for others, and for God’s Will ‘to be done on earth as it is in Heaven’. You can’t just talk about having authority, you still have to act, not with the battleground mindset alone, but with the rulership and leadership mindset also.
    As a leader you must come together with other leaders to ‘work out America’s salvation with fear and trembling’, fear and trembling of the Lord, (Phil 2: 12-13)* and what it means if you don’t do this. The time for sermons is over. God is calling us to action with the sword, His Word, and the sceptre.
    * “Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; 13 for God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure”.
    Christians lost the ‘high places’ after World War Two for the reasons I mentioned, just as Adam and Eve lost their ‘high place’ and inheritance from God, (the Three Great Blessings, Gen 1:27-28) by listening to a false word from Satan. The Rod of Iron is the Word of God also.
    This must be the battle of your choosing, not someone else’s. That is the difference. A sovereignty is made up of a defined territory, citizens and the rule of law, God’s Law. This is what Christians must restore and establish in the nation America, which then becomes the Kingdom of God. As Jesus said:
    Lk 12:49 “I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled”!
    We must also be kindling the Kingdom of God as the servant who takes care of his master’s household in his absence. Lk 12:41-48
    Now is the time to call Lance Wallnau, Mario Murillo and those other Christian leaders that are alert and “didn’t kneel down to drink, but remained vigilant lapping the water from their hands”.Judges 7
    Together make a plan to take back America which also ensures that Donald Trump gets back into office for a second term. That will also protect God’s people and His purpose.
    The number of Christians voters in America is far greater than non-Christian voters. They all need to get on board and vote for President Trump, to offset the voter fraud that is rife on the Left.

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