In any type of war there’s always a price to pay for victory. To fight for anything worthwhile, we have to consider the cost.

If we are to see any SHIFT in this nation towards Kingdom authority and godly rule, I believe the Church needs to consider several roadblocks that must be removed. Taken from my recently published book, “Prayer That Sparks a National Revival,” here are six targeted areas of repentance that we must address while considering their cost if we are to get to the other side of long-term victory.

*Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for an additional word about prophetic intercession and apostolic authority…

1] OUR OFFENSES – Unity in the Church is not just about denominational networking. It’s about extending forgiveness to those who have hurt us – especially fellow believers.  There are many who have left the Church out of offense. It’s time to forgive and get plugged in again.  The Lord has been calling back his “Run-away Brides”. Those who have been hurt or overlooked in times past are being drawn back to the family of God to get re-attached, for the Body can’t function without all the parts.  Facing past issues will not always be easy. This will require humbling ourselves and embracing one another’s faults and weaknesses in the journey. (Jeremiah 9:23-24; Matthew 5:23-25; James 4:6)

This is going to cost us our pride and the need to be right.

2] WALKING IN COMMITMENT, NOT CONVENIENCE– We have to stay together and walk together no matter what. This applies at all levels: commitment to our spouse, commitment to our families and yes, commitment to the Body of Christ. This means that we determine to contribute our God-given role whenever it’s needed – not just when it’s convenient.  We must choose to be faithful and consistent members of the Body of Christ, making it a priority rather than just another option. (Psalm 133; Romans 12:9-21; 1 Corinthians 12:12-26)

This is going to cost us our over-loaded schedules.

3] BREAKING UNHOLY ALLIANCES – Ungodly soul-ties and generational curses can slowly drain us of the life of God until we revoke the legal ground of the enemy and receive God’s intended blessings. Vows or oaths we have made to any group or individual that is not true to the Word of God will rob us of our spiritual inheritance and choke off our blessings and intimacy with Jesus. Our pursuit of holiness is not a religious ritual but a requirement to come before the presence of a Holy God. (Deuteronomy 14:2; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18)

This will, more than likely, cost us some relationships.

4] HEALTHY SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP – Though this is a team effort which will require all the gifts, our culture desperately needs healthy spiritual fathers and spiritual mothers who can demonstrate that it’s possible to live holy and happy at the same time. Servant leadership was God’s idea and it’s what Jesus exemplified as He raised up spiritual sons to go further than what He did. His greatest authority (and joy) came when He laid down His life and gave it away for others. God will get all the glory when the world sees such leaders who serve rather than seek to be served. (1 Corinthians 4:15; Philippians 2:1-11; 1 John 2:12-14)

This will cost leaders any self-promoting reputation.

5] PERSISTENCE – Sustained prayer and intercession require perseverance over the long haul. When we don’t see immediate results, we get frustrated and either stop praying or try another prayer. Many times, God is simply inviting us to dig deeper in order to get to the roots of our issues. To Him, the process is just as important as the destination. The character, maturity, and spiritual insight that is gained through persistent prayer, study and reflection brings us closer to His heart and ways. Jesus was always the hardest on His disciples as He challenged them in their thinking and perspectives. He wasn’t as concerned with giving them the answers as He was with getting to their hearts. (Romans 5:1-5; 8:26-30; Hebrews 6:11-12)

This will cost us our need for quick fixes.

6] PREPARING A HOUSE OF HIS PRESENCE – The Lord is looking for a place like home. For heaven to come to earth, we must prepare that place for Him to come. This is not just allegory but actual. Cities, congregations, and ministries that have already experienced a measure of His manifest presence testify to the power of preparing such a place. This should actually be normal for the Church – the starting place for lasting transformation! Are we willing to host heaven and prepare a place for Him to not only visit, but stay?  Are we willing to prepare the sanctuary and our schedules to make room for Him to come as we wait in His presence? Are we willing to become like the five virgins who took the time to fill their lamps with oil, readying themselves for the Bridegroom? (Exodus 33:14-16; 1 Samuel 3; Isaiah 57:14-15; 66:1)

This will cost us our time.

God is coming with another awakening of His love and power, but this time it will be something much bigger than just revival. It will be total transformation. We are not just preparing to bring in the lost, save a city, or deliver a nation. We are preparing to live with a Holy God whose presence is overwhelming, life-changing, and supernatural.

I think it’s worth the cost.

This 94-page pocket-sized prayer manual includes several strategic prayer outlines that can be used for either personal devotions or corporate intercession (KINDLE version available for internationals):

A Call for Righteous Rulers
-12-Day Prayer Focus for 2020 Vision
-5 Key Prayer Strategies for Lasting Change
-6 Targeted Areas for Repentance
-A Prophetic Charge to the Ekklesia of God

Each of the outlines include both scriptural references and principles for practical application, making them powerful tools for prayer groups and those with a burden to see our nation transformed through prayer. I’ll even sign it to you, personally:-)!

ADDITIONAL WORD: Prophetic Intercession PLUS Apostolic Authority Will Bring the Breakthrough (from my Facebook page):

A few years ago I had a dream where I was praying with a group of intercessors for someone with some kind of lung disease who had trouble breathing. We were praying for their healing and deliverance but weren’t seeing the kind of results we hoped for. Then my husband, a pastor, came into the room and gave the disease a name. I told him we had already prayed something similar, but he took this patient into his office and came out a few minutes later while the guy was going through deliverance.

It was at that point an angel walked into the room, shook Bobby’s hand and then came over to me. He didn’t say anything, but bent down to look in my face to make sure I caught his gaze. I could tell he was pleased with the prayers of our intercession, but he wanted me to know it was Bobby’s leadership that ultimately brought the breakthrough. Where our prayers had brought the healing to a certain level, it was the apostolic authority that broke the yoke.

I believe this is a timeless principle that needs attention. Heaven wants to remind the prophets and intercessors that our words of knowledge and prophetic dreams may be powerful in fueling our prayers, but they are only part of the solution. Heaven is looking for legitimate apostolic authority to stand in agreement with the prophets to wield the final death blow to the enemy. Prophets have their place, but apostles must take theirs (Eph 2:20). It’s the combination of prophetic intercession AND apostolic authority that will bring the breakthrough.

President Trump is doing his part and heaven is listening carefully to his words and decrees. Franklin Graham is an apostolic authority within the Church taking a bold stand for truth. Let’s pray for additional apostolic leaders who carry weight in the spirit to take a righteous stand in exposing the schemes of the enemy and agreeing with prophetic mandates and decrees. Pray that their declarations would knock the crown off the head of the enemy to end his unlawful seizure of governmental oversight – in both the natural and spiritual realms.

If we are going to RESET governmental structures to reflect heaven’s purposes it will take Kingdom authority to do it. Prophetic dreams and visions may get our attention, but it’s only when they are joined with apostolic authority that principalities and powers will bow.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


One Response

  1. Slavery has always existed since the Fall of Man when Adam and Eve signed up to a false Commandment/Contract with Satan (Faustian deal), rejecting their covenant with God, to keep God’s Commandment/Contract.
    Therefore in the process they lost their liberty, becoming enslaved to a false master, who from thereon in exploited God’s children for his own perverse happiness.
    Ever since then man has been fighting to regain his freedom and come back to God through the Word God delivered through the prophets and the Messiah Jesus. The truth and revelation brought by these historical figures was to restore the Word, originally lost by Adam and Eve.
    History has been the process of re-creating man back to God’s original ideal through the Word and Jesus, he himself being the actual embodiment of the Word, the fulfilment of all the Law and the Prophets.
    Jesus was 100% vertically aligned with God through the Word, and being the embodiment of the Word. That is where his significance, importance and uniqueness lay.
    What is being planned for this era of slavery is far more sophisticated and sinister than the ball and chain of yesteryear, or being tied and shackled to oars on a slave galley.
    Technology, rather than being used to serve man, is instead being used to enslave man.
    This is the direct result of an angel who was created by God to serve both God and man, being a ministering spirit, Hebrews 1:14, reversing dominion so that now the angel has not only usurped man’s rightful position as Lord of Creation, which includes angels, but has also usurped God’s position to become the false ruler of this world.
    That is the battle that we are in, “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”, who however, use fallen man as Lucifer used and exploited God’s children, because he had knowledge and intellect, which at that time in their spiritual growth they were lacking, as are people today.
    Lucifer was the Archangel of Intellect and understood God’s ‘plans’ very well. What he didn’t understand was God’s heart and motivation. In this respect he was immature, as per ‘the mad scientists and globalists’ who are also manipulating and exploiting God’s children at this time. Nothing has changed, Satan has not missed a beat, he continues on relentlessly with his plans, ensnaring and enlisting more and more people to carry out his evil agenda.
    Both God and Satan have their instruments who work for them on earth. The reality is God’s people are more, but like Adam and Eve, are naive or have been asleep whilst Lucifer’s left-hand sinister Cabal has been highly motivated and active as Lenin was in bringing down Russia.
    Any highly motivated minority for God or Satan can be highly effective. God’s people need to wake up, come together and act for God.
    Support President Trump, and everyone get out there and vote for him in the next election. Christians are a majority in the voting population. Use that political power and advantage to change the country into what you want it to be, not a small minority who cheat and lie and have made voter fraud an art form.
    We are being cheated out of our birthright as Adam and Eve were, and people all throughout history. Satan has always worked hard to maintain and expand his sovereignty, as he attempted in the World Wars and as he is doing today according to the Globalist agenda, which comprises of a worldwide ‘axis of evil’.
    They can only win if we let them win. President Trump is leading God’s side and is the person whom God has called. He is the ‘best instrument’ God has for leadership at this time, as it was so for George Washington, Winston Churchill, General MacArthur, and the many patriots who answered God’s call to serve their respective nations. None of them were perfect either.
    Don’t be fickle, a fair-weather friend. Any relationship is a commitment through the good, the bad and the ugly. It is also about the cause, even more so than the person.
    Satan is really just hanging on as he was when he chanced everything to tempt God’s daughter Eve. Eve was young and innocent, but she should have listened to her Father not the angel. She just had to say ‘no’, and like Jesus, tell him, “Get behind me Satan” or “Do not tempt God’s daughter”.
    Satan is revealing himself now, as he attempts to take down humanity, so God’s true sons and daughters need to step up and expose him, what he is doing, and ‘punch him out’. No sympathy for the Devil.
    That is why Christians must ‘overtly and loudly’ like a ‘trump’, rally behind President Trump, supporting him, so that God’s side can be victorious in routing Satan and his minions. This is the responsibility of Christians, who should be on the frontline of defeating Satan.
    Satan claimed Jesus’ body, do we want him to claim America as well? Well he will if we do nothing, sitting around waiting for some great miracle. That is the attitude of the ‘left hand thief’ expecting Jesus to pull off a miracle to save his life. Jesus’ life was already forfeit when the people ‘voted’ for Barabbas and not Jesus. Who will you ‘vote’ for?
    They didn’t understand the consequences of their actions, but they found out later. Not receiving Jesus brought about their own demise as Jesus prophesied. Lk 23:28, Lk 19:41
    We must not repeat history. We have the benefit of hindsight.

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