Don’t be anxious about the increased political control or tyrannical oppression that is hanging over our nation. The principalities from hell may believe they are advancing, but they are headed towards a trap with no way back. If we can put up with some temporary madness and seeming loss, the enemy is playing right into the Master’s plan.

For those who once thought themselves on a just mission of social equity and democratic cause are now having a rude awakening to the storm they have unleashed. They are seeing their representative politicians for who they really are. As a result, minds are changing and hearts are turning. Sometimes it takes a whirlwind to get the attention of those who refuse to see the storm clouds on the horizon. There is a critical mass of awakened ones forming that will soon shock the demonic realm and bring them to their knees. 

With daily headlines predicting our fate and social media expositors rehearsing the worst, I asked the Lord why He didn’t reveal more of HIS plans for our future. It would seem there are twice as many prophetic dreams and visions shared about what the enemy wants to do and the utter destruction that awaits the earth than the glorious things heaven is doing. Wouldn’t He want us to know more details of what awaits us beyond these battles?

His answer surprised me:

“Satan can only copy and counterfeit what I do. Hell has no creative power nor ability to plan something on their own. They can only mimic, puppet, and distort what I’ve already spoken and established. Thus, what some see in dreams, visions, and even nightmares, are merely the Adversary’s manipulations of what he’s already seen and heard. He takes what I’ve previously revealed and twists it to terrorize and cause fear and doubt. He has no other recourse or option. That’s how limited he truly is.”

“Thus, I do not always reveal what is in My hand. As he tries to counter My moves and second-guess My plays, I choose to hold back My greatest hand for the win. I am not trying to keep YOU from seeing your future. I’m keeping it from HIM.”

Know that in the midst of the storms, the setbacks, and the enemy’s seizures of temporal things, it is only for a time. What you currently don’t see or understand is for your good and the enemy’s coming demise. What is a loss to you now is only setting the stage for the biggest comeback the world has ever seen. Do not concern yourself with what you see in front of you. Look beyond the present crisis to see the bigger promise. God is always faithful and He never lets injustice go unpunished.

The enemy may think he has the upper hand in the game he is playing, but he has no clue what lies ahead. The Father alone holds our future in His hand – and He ALWAYS wins. 


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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


4 Responses

  1. Wanda, thank you for sharing this encouraging word.
    I’m reading Moving from Sword to Scepter and it has been so helpful – I am praying as I’m reading.
    God bless you.

  2. This is so wonderful thank God that he use you to write this to encourage those who forgot to look beyond the door thank you Lord for your wisdom and your love and your sharing of the gifting’s that you have placed in us thank you and I love you in Jesus name

  3. Thank you ,i believe this i felt it go through my spirit man and i recieved it immediately as confirmation of what God spoke to me in December, that Gods people would be prosperous for seven years to pay your bills , save and enjoy the fruit of your labor . Then i was given 8 scriptures with 8 all thru out the scriptures . New era is what it meant . Lots of details but how it pertains to your message is the reason for God not showing us exactly whats happening next , so Satan cant emulate . I really appreciate this insight . I needed to know. I am standing on Gods promises and his covenant. Its working . I will keep following your messages . They are real . God bless you.

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