What time is it Christian? What season are we in as the Church and a nation? Are we in a time of peace and prosperity or in a time of war and conflict? Depending on your answer, not only will our responses and actions differ, but our leaders will govern quite differently, as well. If we don’t know the time and season we are in, we will be championing the wrong cause for the wrong reason. Furthermore, we will miss the assignment on our leaders and end up condemning them for the very thing which God has ordained and commissioned them to do.

Because they lead my people astray, saying, “Peace,” when there is no peace, and because, when a flimsy wall is built, they cover it with whitewash. (Ezekiel 13:10 NIV)

There are principalities and powers at work in the unseen realm that are fueling every battle we see on the ground. Whether it’s responding to a virus, addressing racial unrest, or fighting back a socialist take-over, there are spiritual forces at work that are looking to obliterate every one of our freedoms, both as citizens and as believers in Christ. Before we can even think about finding peaceful resolutions or reconciliation among men, these spiritual forces must be neutralized.

Their works are works of iniquity, and deeds of violence are in their hands. Their feet run to evil, and they are swift to shed innocent blood; their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; desolation and destruction are in their highways. The way of peace they do not know, and there is no justice in their paths; they have made their roads crooked; no one who treads on them knows peace. Therefore, justice is far from us, and righteousness does not overtake us. (Isaiah 59:6-9 ESV)

If we only debate about wearing masks or quibble about our President’s persona, we are focusing on the wrong battle at the wrong time. Our battle is not against a virus, but against a pandemic of fear. Our battle is not against a political party, but against principalities of greed and power. Our spiritual adversaries are using control and manipulation to deceive the masses and distract us from the real war of the worlds: The kingdoms of darkness are at war with the Kingdom of Light.

Many sincere believers are looking for peace when they are blind to this war. For those who insist on asking, “What Would Jesus Do?” I would suggest you look at His turning over the money tables (Matt 21:12) and condemning His adversaries (Matt 23). He knew when it was time to make an appeal for mercy and when it was time to confront His enemies. The closer He got to the cross and His life-altering resurrection, the more He challenged those who opposed Him. This Prince of Peace and Lover of all shocked His followers by saying He did not come to bring peace, but a sword (Matt 10:34). He blew the minds of those He came to save for He was fighting a battle they could not see. He knew His assignment and did not bow to political persuasion when it was time to confront hell.

King David was a man of war (1 Chron 28:3). God had appointed him for that very task. Known for his purity of heart and loyalty to the throne, God granted him favor to defeat his enemies in a time of war. It was his son, Solomon, who built the Temple and established the nation in a time of peace. Though both carried the same generational vision in their hearts, their assignments were very different, as were their rules of engagement.

In a word I published last year, “I AM the Man of War,” the Lord spoke strongly about His appointment of Donald Trump to be His “man of war” in this hour. This President’s commission has a lot more to do with defeating our spiritual adversaries than it does in establishing peace. For those who are looking for a Solomon in the White House, that is down the road – it is not now. Heaven has appointed this president to confront the powers of darkness in order for the Solomon’s to arise and take their place at their appointed time. President Trump’s approach to this task may seem unsuitable for those looking for peace, but his commission has been given in a time of war.

For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. (Romans 13:4 ESV)

For my brothers and sisters who are disillusioned by the division and looking for peace, know that this time of separation and sanctification must take place before peace can reign. The Lord has been raising up leaders, including our President, who have been strategically prepared for this time of cleansing and uprooting. We must simply remember that this is not a war against our fellow man, but a war against the devil and his minions who will stop at nothing to absolutely destroy us if we do not rise up AS ONE to overturn their temporary reign of terror.

Just as Jesus did, we cannot be swayed by man’s opinions or distracted by lesser battles. That which we are fighting for is the faith of our fathers, the inheritance of the saints, and a legacy that will outlast our lifetime. It will be well worth the cost if we but take our stand and face this war together.  



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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Amen and amen. Thank You Lord for giving Wanda this Word of knowledge. Help us Dear Lord God Allmighty to rightly discern the time and season and to act upon the inner voice of the Holy Spirit, the discerning of WHAT we see and feel and how we should react to stand by the Armies of Heaven in defending the Kingdom of God here on earth. In the Mighty Name of Yeshuah we pray. Amen

  2. Thank you Lord for the clear insight that Wanda has on the heart beat of heaven for the times we are in here on earth. It is time the people of GOD wake-up and make a stand for righteousness and take back what the church has surrendered since the beginning of time. The time is now for all of the CHURCH to be like KING DAVID AND TAKE authority over the spirits of DARKNESS.

  3. My wife and I have been reading your material for a couple of years and read your latest publication,very good and thoughtful. I believe that you hear from God and are able to transfer those dreams and visions onto paper.Thanks for your obedience to the Holy Spirit.

  4. Much of what is happening in America and the West is a deliberate distraction to take us down meaningless ‘rabbit holes’, when the main focus should be on re-electing Trump, supporting Trump, and using his Presidency to re-build America in God’s image, not fallen man’s.
    Christians need to wake up and support the man God has sent in this hour to deliver America from godless atheism, secular humanism, moral relativism and cultural Marxism. Read his UN speeches for confirmation of that.
    Otherwise America can look forward to its own ‘Gulag Archipelago and Smokestacks’. Either unite with God’s Will or suffer. Those are the options we have. Being Christian won’t save you from a hell on earth as countless Christians are experiencing and have experienced in the past, whether in Armenia, China, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, Africa, even Europe.
    There will be nowhere to hide because you did not know the time of your visitation. There will be no excuse because you were so assured of your own salvation, yet you didn’t heed the warning signs and the signposts. Only when it is too late will you realise, like John the Baptist who after his incarceration sent disciples to Jesus who asked, “Are you he is to come or shall we look for another”…shortly afterwards John was beheaded.
    Too often God’s people have disobeyed God and failed their responsibility, heaping coals upon their own heads.
    “If you want to live”, vote for Trump. He is God’s ‘Terminator’ against Satan at this time. Don’t court the Devil, do not have sympathy for the Devil. Eve just had to say ‘No’ to Lucifer. She didn’t have to get into a debate with him over the ‘fruit’. ‘No’ was sufficient. We just have to say ‘Yes’ to Trump, simple.
    Now we just need everyone else to do the same, and America and the world will have a future, otherwise we will be heading for another Dark Age, worse than before.
    God has sent his prophets to warn and advise us. Take heed. It is all too easy to do the wrong thing, the ‘popular’ thing.
    Mt 7:13 “Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”
    P.S. I think Trump is also doing a fairly good representation of Solomon less the ‘foreign gods and concubines’.
    He has had to take on many roles and burdens in his first term as President, largely due to the inaction and ineffectuality of many Christians over the years to ‘steward the nation’ God prepared for them. Lk 12:42-48
    It’s a bit like mum coming home to a mess and having to get the house in order before being able to do what she wants to do.
    Just looking to the Heavens for solutions or an escape route, but not following that up with action on the ground is a recipe for disaster.
    President Trump is restoring America to a position, and making it possible where God and His people can begin to build His Kingdom in earnest.

    1. We must also be in deep prayer and warfare over the Senate, House, governor appointments and mayor appointments, especially in the major cities.

  5. People focus on the way Trump speaks and on his mannerisms. I have heard one say, “He is the most awful person that they’ve ever known.” I wanted to bring up Jesus…and say that he called the ‘elevated’ priests devils and snakes…but I tried to get them to see Trump’s actions, and how he is helping the people…God showed me in a dream once that Trump will destroy the “Great Sewer” going to the people…He will restore law and order as he says. It will take a man-of-steel to accomplish this. I believe this what he was brought here to do. So let’s keep President Trump in our prayers…

    1. Prayer for the President (07 July 2020)
      Most Holy God, blessings come from You
      Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
      Your word says, “Touch not my anointed…” and President Trump is Your anointed, no matter what anyone feels about him.
      Psalm 119:106 I have sworn an oath and confirmed it, to observe your righteous ordinances.
      He has worked tirelessly to govern and fulfill the role of leadership. Is he saying this to himself:
      Psalm 119:107 I am severely afflicted; give me life, O LORD, according to your word.
      Yes, Lord, give him Life according to Your word. Anchor him in the Bible every day. Bring him wise counsel and elders who seek You first and also lead him to seek You first. Bless him for lifting You up in praise.
      Psalm 119:108 Accept my offerings of praise, O LORD, and teach me your ordinances.
      Hold him in the palm of Your hand and bring to his remembrance what You have written and the promises that You have spoken over him and his family.
      Psalm 119:109 I hold my life in my hand continually, but I do not forget your law.
      Protect them. Protect his personhood, his livelihood, his family, his information, the Truth, and his relationships.
      Psalm 119:110 The wicked have laid a snare for me, but I do not stray from your precepts.
      Remove all strongholds that try to ruthlessly trap him. Satan must get behind Jesus. Our battle is not against man (or any man, for that matter.) Bring in Your heavenly kingdom, Lord! Make honor and justice clear, so that there is no room for false narratives or manipulation.
      Psalm 119:111 Your decrees are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart.
      Hashem, lift off the weight of our world from his shoulders. Jesus, You already paid that price. Help our president merely to follow You. He is doing a good job. Bring him encouragement and a hug from a grateful nation.
      Psalm 119:112 I incline my heart to perform your statutes forever, to the end.

      1. Thank you for the comment! Your well thought out prayer is what we need! I don’t have my neighbor’s e-mail, but I’ll pray for God to open up a channel.

        1. Thank you, Anthony! I didn’t know that writing a comment to you on Wanda Alger’s blog would send your post to my blog site. This isn’t email but a step toward contact. (I’m clueless to how this all works…)

  6. Donald Trump is on the frontline working to separate America from Satan.
    Throughout history God has been separating fallen man from Satan, dividing good and evil, hence the significance of the burnt offering being divided and one side being laid on top of the other.
    Donald Trump like the men and women of old, is working to separate America from Satan, and Christians should be the first to recognise that and to support him.
    Christians must be part of this process in order to indemnify their apathy and lack of stewardship in protecting and attending God’s House, God’s nation, and surrendering governance to Satan.
    Therefore we too need to be separated from Satan, as we allowed America to come into such an egregious state, allowing Satan’s people to have taken so much ground and governance in the nation that God established and had been raising up so that God’s Kingdom will come on earth as it is in Heaven.
    This directly corresponds to the Garden of Eden with God’s children surrendering God’s governance and sovereignty to Satan by disobeying the Commandment and falling.
    What did America do? She too didn’t keep God’s Word, that is practise it, and instead fell into immorality, sensual gratification, materialism, corruption, and self-righteousness.
    That is why Satan, wanting to maintain and expand his kingdom has been working so hard to undermine and destroy America as we know it.
    America directly challenges Satan’s kingdom, so the best way for Satan to defeat America is not through military might, but by undermining it, changing its ‘DNA culture’, as a parasite or virus would its host, and therefore transforming America into his vessel, his body, as he originally did with Adam and Eve, changing their blood ties from God, to him.
    Satan became our Father.
    Jn 8:44 “You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies”.
    That is why Jesus’ blood is so precious, because it is the blood of God’s son, the true sinless son, not the blood of the sinful son which was adulterated by the fallen Archangel, the fallen servant’s ‘blood’.
    Jn 6:53 “So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you”.
    God’s ‘heart’ carries the ‘blood of true love’, whereas Satan’s ‘heart’ carries the ‘blood of self-centred love’. The Word or Commandment represents God’s heart to His children which they are to keep and embody. However, they kept and embodied Satan’s false word which represented Satan’s fallen wicked ‘heart’, hence establishing blood ties to Satan and our needing to connect to Jesus’ blood and body as Jesus is the embodiment of the Word and therefore God’s Heart.
    Each one of us must separate ourselves from Satan so that we can become God’s true children. It is a process. That is why Paul said:
    Phil 2:12 “Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, “work out” your own salvation with fear and trembling”; 13 for God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure”.
    And James said:
    James 2:17 “So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead”. James 2:14-26.
    That is also the significance of Rev 22:14 “Blessed are those who ‘wash’ their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates”. ‘Wash’ is a verb, a ‘doing word’.
    Christians must also take action to separate from Satan. It is not enough to just believe in Christ. We must also act to be justified and glorified as Abraham was. James made this very clear. James 2:14-26.
    This is what President Trump is doing on the national and world level, separating America and the world from Satan on the external level to re-build God’s House because Christians as a whole failed to do so, just as the Israelites failed to keep God’s Commandments and introduced foreign gods and practices into the Temple. What has America done? The same. Lk 12:42-48.
    Christians have to own up and take responsibility for the state of the nation, God’s House. Without President Trump, America and therefore Christians would be sunk, because you did not take responsibility for the governance/stewardship of God’s House and just became focused on your own ‘little house and kingdom’, which Satan’s kingdom will ultimately crush as we see unfolding today. e.g. Rioters going through residential areas. Mayors and governors openly persecuting churches.
    Mt 19:29 “And every one who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life. 30 But many that are first will be last, and the last first”.
    To all intents and purposes Donald Trump is our saviour, external saviour, because we didn’t listen to and obey our internal saviour, Jesus. This is judgment on Christianity, not the fallen world, because we did not go about our Father’s business and seek first God’s Kingdom, which is governance.
    The Assyrians are on our doorsteps and President Trump is valiantly fighting a rear guard action to push them back. “Anyone like to give him a hand”? He’s taking responsibility for our failure, our small minded thinking, our obsession with signs and wonders, miracles, our own salvation but not saving the nation, ‘Seek first God’s Kingdom’. Seek first God’s House. We did not understand, hence where we are today.
    Christians must repent, unite with the central figure of this age, Donald Trump, and establish God’s Kingdom for which purpose America was established in the first place. Stop the ‘apple polishing’ and get on with the job:
    Mt 21:28 “What do you think? A man had two sons; and he went to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work in the vineyard today.’ 29 And he answered, ‘I will not’; but afterward he repented and went. 30 And he went to the second and said the same; and he answered, ‘I go, sir,’ but did not go. 31 Which of the two did the will of his father?” They said, “The first.” Jesus said to them, “Truly, I say to you, the tax collectors and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you. 32 For John came to you in the way of righteousness, and you did not believe him, but the tax collectors and the harlots believed him; and even when you saw it, you did not afterward repent and believe him”.
    This is the reality of Christianity as a whole. It did not deliver the fruits in her season, and the farmer is now sharpening his axe.
    Mt 3:10 “The axe is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire”.
    Colossians 1:10 “So that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God,
    Mt 21:43 “Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit”.
    Jesus spoke many times in Parables about the chosen people not delivering and being dealt to harshly, because they spoke with their lips but did not back it up with action:
    Is 29: 13 “And the Lord said: “Because this people draw near with their mouth and honour me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me, and their fear of me is a commandment of men learned by rote”.
    These are timeless truths that apply to everyone, whatever the age. We will be judged by what we do and don’t do, even what we think, not who we believe in.
    Mt 5:27 “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart”.
    Adam and Eve still believed in God after they fell, having disobeyed God, and still God spoke to them as He can to all fallen individuals. As it was so for Adam and Eve, our responsibility is to keep and embody the Word, by practising it. Jesus did explain this.
    Mt 5:48 “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect”. Practise makes perfect.

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