As believers are rising up to take a stand for truth and confronting divisive issues in the nation, it is not merely WHAT we do that will determine the outcome, but HOW we do it that can unite the Church in breaking through…

My young adult daughter rarely dreams and doesn’t consider herself “political” by any stretch. Yet, she had a dream last week that was both political and racial in nature. It revealed a major shift that must take place if we are to break through these familiar walls of division.

In the dream she said our family (we have three young adult children) disembarked from a large boat on our way to new territory. She said, “It was divided, though, between Republicans and Democrats.” We walked along with a group of Republicans up to a “human wall” of Democrats, who were mostly black men and women. She noted that the “room” we were in had low ceilings (limited vision and perception). Not only was there this wall of Democrats, but there was a wall of Republicans which also blocked our way to this new territory.

Then, she and her two brothers followed my husband and I up to the line (note how they follow us throughout this dream). I tried to go through first but was blocked. I then decided to try and appeal to them, convincing them that we were not their enemies. While I was doing this, she looked over to her Dad and oldest brother who had gone to an older black gentleman in line. She said that no words were exchanged between the two men – only looks – and then the black man opened up the line for her Dad and brother to walk through. After that, the rest of the family followed, and we headed to our next destination.

Finally, she said, “When we turned around, all the people on the Democrat side waved us goodbye as if saying ‘Thank you for coming through the right way.’” Then she woke up.

In reflecting on this and processing it with some trusted prophets and intercessors, I believe there is a potent message here for the body of Christ. As we are trying to find our way through the divisive issues in the Church and in this nation, we need to adjust our perception and our approach. We will probably never totally agree on our political perspectives or fully understand the inequities between races. Heaven is calling attention to an even greater cause that will help us break through these walls that are blocking our unity.


In our efforts to speak out about the growing corruption and deception that is rampant, Holy Spirit is showing that words alone will not win the day. In the dream, I believe I represent many prophetic voices who have risen up, unafraid of confronting the issues head on. But, we find ourselves blocked at times and unable to get through. In the dream, I decided to make an appeal instead, hoping the other side would see us differently, and not as enemies. However, even persuasive words did not bring the needed breakthrough.


Even as I played a prophetic role in the dream, I believe my husband (who is a pastor) demonstrated the apostolic role in this hour. Prophets can break through in the spiritual realm, but apostles can break through in the natural. It’s a divine partnership that has immense weight in the spirit when they work together. I believe that even though the prophet’s charge is critical for this year, it is those who carry apostolic grace that must STEP FORWARD to BREAK THROUGH these issues that divide us. There is a supernatural mantle that true apostles carry that is felt in the spirit and it has power to break yokes and open doors. Where prophetic voices can shift the atmosphere, apostolic authority can move mountains.

But even as this is an important reminder for leaders, there is an even greater message here for all believers. We cannot afford to get stuck on our differences or keep building walls of self-defense. We must look deeper into that which truly makes us one.


When my husband approached the older black gentleman, no words were needed. He did not approach him to win an argument. Rather, there was an exchange of the heart – of the spirit. When these two men looked into each other’s eyes, there was a recognition that needed no explanation and no interpretation. It was a meeting of hearts between two mature believers – between two spiritual fathers. In the dream, my husband was not only standing as a believer, but as a father (with his son standing right behind him). This somehow connected with his black brother and something shifted in the spirit. Political affiliations and skin color were no longer issues, for there was a stronger bond through the fellowship of the Spirit.

With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit—just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call— one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. (Ephesians 4:2-6 ESV)

If we are to defeat the demonic strongholds over this nation, we must do so for a higher cause than a political party or racial injustice. We are fighting for our sons and daughters and those who follow us. In the dream, it was clear that we were going through this as a FAMILY. Our sons and daughters are watching us! They are following our example and trusting us to show them the way through.

I want to note that my oldest son in this dream who followed his dad to the line is not even following the Lord right now. He is in a personal crisis of faith. Even so, he has a great relationship with his father and often seeks his counsel. How many prodigals across the nation are looking to fathers and mothers for direction? What are they seeing when they watch us trying to work through these divisive issues? When I shared this dream with my son, his response was very revealing. “Mom, we don’t need more words, we need a demonstration.” I believe this is the heart cry of many millennials who have been given hearts of mercy. They’ve had enough of our dialogues and debates. They want to see our righteous talk in action, and I believe we can demonstrate it with both grace and power.

In this prophesied “year of the mouth,” we cannot trust in our words alone. Even as we challenge one another to take a stand for religious freedom and speak out about biblical values, we must remember that the government of God is built on the spiritual family. I believe even our current political system is soon to give way for a new wineskin of government that is based on Kingdom principles and not party preferences.  Our unity is a bond of the Spirit, not politics or ethnicity.

The fact that my daughter had this dream and not me (a lifelong prophetic dreamer) illustrates a major shift that is taking place. We are leaving familiar territory and heading into something new. How we steward this transition will determine the example we set and the legacy we leave.  If we are to “come through the right way” we must see each other the way the Spirit does. We must shed the cultural labels that have defined us temporarily, and embrace our bond in the Spirit which lasts for eternity.  


“Important insights for present day events! This is a must read book for those looking at the shift that has taken place in our world and how to pray and walk in this hour. Wanda’s writing is insightful and prophetic. I’ve been giving this book away to friends who know how to intercede and recognize we are in a different hour than we have ever seen.” (Amazon review of Moving from Sword to Scepter by Karen Hardin, IFA Contributor and national intercessor)

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. What a timely dream! I am not one to easily interpret as I am often way too literal. I agree with how you interpreted this, but I also sensed that the older gentleman your husband and son went up to felt as if he was “seen” and acknowledged. I feel that this is also a call to “see” others because many feel invisible and in this time of such divisiveness, many of us can too easily forget we are not the only ones.
    Thank you so much for sharing!! Be blessed!!

  2. This is a breath of fresh air. There is so much value to “standing in place”. And standing in place with others purely for that reason only. As Prudence said, everyone needs to be seen and that can only be done to its fullest when our only agenda to being with someone is simply to be with them. People are tired of answers…we want each other. Then that wall of obstruction becomes a surrounding presence of joy, fellowship, and protection. Then we will see the Lord together!

  3. i did order your book from Barnes and Noble. Can you email the materials that come with your book. Thanks I sure this will be a blessing God bless you. Patricia Sanker Bond Servant Leader/ Pure ansd Simple Ministry.

  4. Thank you for sharing the dream I believe that it is all in the delivery and demonstration of the message with power and Love, we have to stand for righteousness and justice, and holiness the things of God, no matter what party that is I don’t preach a party I preach what does the word of God say, we have to demonstrate what that looks like in our own lives, being the true ambassadors of Christ Jesus, representing him rightly in all humility and love. I love your heart and your words Blessings to you and yours

  5. This dream and interpretation is so very important, thank you! The last few days I have been seeing Jesus sitting in the back of our boat, hand on the tiller, looking straight ahead, resolute, not looking right or left. I knew he was piloting us through the narrows. He said, “Steady as we go.” But that changed last night when I sensed we were coming against something and heard ” blockade runners” in the spirit. This seems to fit in with the dream you have shared

  6. Wow. I’m very new to your blog and I am currently reading your newest book, Moving from Sword to Scepter and i just ordered a stack of Prayer that sparks National Revival. However, this blog post has struck me as very ‘off’, First of all, Democrats and Republicans are not divisive because we just haven’t learned to talk to each other right. The conflict is because there is a great spiritual divide between righteousness and rebellion. Democrats believe it’s right to kill babies; same sex marriage should be law and teaching homosexuality to the little elementary school kids is good and helping them have sex-change operations without telling their parents is on the books of new laws, guns need to be outlawed, free speech is quenched and their hearts are one of deception and control (witchcraft!) Why? For the purpose of destroying this Nation! If America goes down, so does the world!! We are supposed to be a righteous standard in the earth! How can the sweet democrats wave us goodbye and let us pass through? That is not even close to reality. We are is a war for righteousness and freedom and this great nation is at stake! Jesus said there would be division! How can darkness walk with light?? There seems to be a confusion in this post about what the democrats stand for. You cannot be a real christian and believe what they believe!! Our world is so confused and even the church forgets that love one another does not mean compromise truth so everyone can smile and be peaceful with each other!
    It is with great care I say the following….I have 2 adult children in the millennial generation and they don’t necessarily understand the depth of how serious things are. As a parent, I had better have my faith in God to reach them firmly planted! What they need to see is NO COMPROMISE in their parents’ stand for righteousness, regardless of how much we stand to lose. Jesus even said there would be division in one’s own family. Matthew 10:34-38 Keep up the great ministry, Wanda. I recently found a 4 session teaching done at your church by Robert Henderson. It has been a great teaching and I appreciate that it is available on You Tube. Please receive my comments with the honor and respect due for the very public ministry that you are doing so well.

    1. Mary Ellen – Thank you for sharing. I’m so glad to hear you’re reading my book. That is definitely the best way to know the perspective that I’m coming from. I totally agree with what you’ve said and have had no problem in highlighting those very truths. The reality is, this dream came to my daughter just as it is. This wasn’t something she or I thought up. I knew it was a word from the Lord. I’m sure there are variations in how one might interpret this dream, but I had to look at the overall message. The fact is, there are those who simply will not be won over by the arguments. Until they feel recognized and respected, they won’t have ears to hear. I do believe there is a way to be uncompromising in our message while maintaining a unity of the Spirit. Hope that makes sense. Blessings!

    2. What the world needs NOW! SIRACH (EcclesiasticCUS) 34:13-17 – “FEAR THE LORD” – Reference: Good News Bible GNT

  7. That’s a confirmation of what I have been praying about. More prayers and action is required as we walk through the times. Praise God for your family.

  8. Dear Wanda,
    First of all, thank you for your boldness is speaking what God places on your heart to say. I greatly appreciate hearing what God is saying through you. I always read your posts!
    I first became acquainted with you through the ‘The Intercessors for America’ communications. I also have your book, “Prayer that sparks National Revival”. Thank you!
    I would like to share a few thoughts in regard to your daughter’s dream. I do not aim to disagree with you in any way. I greatly respect your gifts and your interpretations–and your skill in communicating.
    The Lord has put me in a place of leading a prayer ministry in my local church for the last 15+ years. I say this only to explain that the scriptures and thoughts are a result of seeking to listen for Spirit’s direction in preparation for prayer time each week.
    I am not in the habit of writing to share what I hear. But I sense the Lord is urging me to do so with you.
    Some of these thoughts in regard to your August 3 post:
    —-noting how the males went first (fourth paragraph); also the statements ‘thank you for coming through in the right way’ and ‘we need to adjust our perception and our approach’:
    (I wonder)–is God waiting for His church to seek to align and position themselves (in every way) according to His truth and righteousness? (this is what He has been making known to me in regard to our local church) Is He is waiting for us to get right with Him and with each other, before He can pour out the fullness of His blessing? Is He is looking for our faithfulness to His Word of righteousness? Psalm 85:7-13 has been a prayer for many years…this includes prayers for the fear of the Lord to fall, and for the church to turn away from man’s wisdom–folly. (also Matthew 6:33…seek first His kingdom and righteousness)
    —-the statement ‘Heaven is calling attention to an even greater cause that will help us break through these walls that are blocking our unity’:
    Is the Lord perhaps seeking to reclaim and restore His truth, authority, order, and righteousness in His people–His church–that we might reflect a greater glory of Himself to a lost world overtaken by confusion and chaos? We all know that the enemy is attempting to rob God of His glory by destroying truth, authority, order and righteousness in what He has ordained: marriage, the family, the church, government, male and female. We see these corruptive and destructive forces at work in the church also.
    —‘A Father’s Heart For the Sons’:
    –Close to ten years ago, one of my daughters had a prophetic dream (her first and only up to present)–and the message in a nutshell was a warning that an attack on God’s authority in the church was coming. We have been praying for the Lord to establish His authority in our church–asking Him to put His appointed and anointed leaders into their proper positions. Concerning this authority, we have also prayed for the men to take up and exercise their God-given spiritual authority–their role as spiritual leaders and fathers. We have also prayed for protection against the spirit of feminism as we see the attack on leadership and manhood everywhere. Perhaps the Lord is working unity among these men who are being led by the Spirit? (to clarify, I am not against women leadership within the church, but I am against women putting themselves forward inappropriately)
    —Psalm 133 AMP: “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment poured out on the head, that ran down on the beard, even the beard of Aaron (the first high priest), that came down upon the collar and skirts of his garments (consecrating the whole body). It is like the dew of (lofty) Mount Hermon and the dew that comes on the hills of Zion; for there the Lord has commanded the blessing, even life forevermore (upon the high and the lowly).”
    This Psalm speaks to me that God will indeed command the blessing to fall when we properly position ourselves under the divine authority that He has appointed. Perhaps He is waiting on us to order ourselves and take our proper and assigned places as God’s people under His authority, that He might ‘command’ the blessing. His blessing flows down through His established chain of authority. And the blessing will be for all of us. There is a difference between unity and spiritual unity.
    —In regard to your son’s statement “Mom, we don’t need more words, we need a demonstration.” I agree–I have had this on my heart for years—millennials need to see a demonstration of the Holy Spirit in God’s people–otherwise the church just appears to be another organization trying to ‘do good.’
    “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.” 1 Corinthians 4:20
    “And my language and my message were not set forth in persuasive (enticing and plausible) words of wisdom, but they were in demonstration of the (Holy) Spirit and power (a proof by the Spirit and power of God, operating on me and stirring in the minds of my hearers the most holy emotions and thus persuading them).” 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 AMP
    God’s blessings to you, Wanda!
    Becky D’Onofrio

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