I had a dream a few nights ago that was filled with people crashing their cars, vans, and trucks on streets that were filled with chaos. Scene after scene showed individuals and groups being blinded by glaring lights and crashing into each other on country roads, committing huge traffic violations. Many different scenarios, but each one caused by confusion, fear, and pandemonium. People couldn’t see because of the glare and it was causing mayhem. I believe I was seeing the effects of the spiritual battles we are in as a warning to the body of Christ. 

People are crashing – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We are being distracted and blinded by the glare of media hype and coercive propaganda, unable to perceive the dangers ahead. Unable to make the necessary changes, many are reacting out of fear and panic. In our frenzy to save ourselves, we’re only causing more damage to others and to our Kingdom cause. Even as we fight for our freedoms in the midst of coercion and corruption, the Lord is showing us that we must also fight for our unity and our collective vision. The traditional rules of public safety have collapsed and it’s up to us to bring some peace and order. Perhaps in one of these scenes you can identify with yourself or others who are trying to steer through the mess.

I saw one driver who was oblivious to the traffic patterns and ran right into an oncoming car. I saw another man driving a small truck plow right into a turning vehicle. He seemed totally unaware and went full speed ahead, causing a major crash. I saw a bus full of people drive straight into a pile of cars in the middle of the road. Bystanders were dazed and in shock, not even thinking of the people still trapped inside. It took someone inside the bus to push the crash bar and let everyone out.

In another situation, I was standing on the road watching the aftermath of a crash and saw a huge pickup truck push its way directly through the scene, desperate to get through. He didn’t care who or what was in the way. I was trying to move small objects from the road for him, but others didn’t even seem to care.

I found myself in more than one car where I was in the back seat with a suspicious man driving me and another woman. He had taken us with salacious intent, able to get away with his scheme because of the mass hysteria around us. Then I found myself at a school program knowing that one of the crashes involved a young family member who wouldn’t make the program – and they didn’t even know it, yet. In both these scenes, the sinister intentions and painful consequences of TRAFFICKING were keenly felt.

Through every scene the atmosphere was permeated with urgency and hysteria. People weren’t thinking, just driving, trying to either get away from something or get to something. Scene after scene, people were so focused on where THEY were going, there was little sense of community or direction – just self-preservation and survival.

In one of the last scenes, I saw emergency workers arriving to an accident, but their help had little consequence. It was the people on-site who became the first responders and assisted those who had crashed. I believe this gives a clue as to how the Lord would have us respond to our crashing culture. Instead of just watching from the sidelines and hoping for help to arrive, we’ve got to take action. We can’t wait for someone else to fix things. It’s up to us. WE must be the first responders to the crises around us and start attending to the wreckage. Innocent lives are at stake and we can’t let the mounting traffic violations cause more needless casualties. Its up to the body of Christ to start directing traffic and bring stability and order.

We may not be able to avoid the traffic controllers who are intent on seeing us crash, but we CAN determine how we steer our way through it. There is a road to recovery if we would just recalibrate our systems to true north and agree on directions. The Brainwashers will continue to put their spotlight on that which blinds us to the truth. We’ve got to avoid the glare, stay in our lane of grace, and determine to get through this together.  


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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


6 Responses

  1. Oh thank you for sharing and I agree in Jesus precious Almighty Holy name that we – His church – seek His way and that He fill us with His Holy Spirit so we light these days of darkness in His mercy to us and for HIS glory amen

  2. We Praise The Lord, who keeps, guards, defends, and preserves ALL who love Him and are called according to His Purpose!
    We celebrate that the wicked are even now being exposed and that God Almighty will pour out justice upon their heads!
    “You have rebuked the nations, You have destroyed the wicked; You have blotted out their name forever and ever.” (Ps 9:5)
    Father, in these months of chaos and confusion, lawlessness, and anarchy we have felt the sting of Your rebuke.
    Forgive us, Lord, for the cesspool of sin that has developed within our borders.
    We cry out that even this day You will bring down Your Gavel and declare the evildoers guilty and sentence them according to what they deserve!
    “For the Lord loves justice And does not forsake His godly ones;
    They are preserved forever, But the descendants of the wicked will be cut off.” (Ps 37:28)
    Do not allow the global elite, deep state, shadow government, perfidious politicians, corrupt corporations, and insidious individuals to walk as free men but cut them down, grind them to dust!
    “But transgressors will be altogether destroyed; The posterity of the wicked will be cut off.” (Ps 37:38)
    In The Name of Jesus Christ, we evoke The Spirit of The Living God to unleash destroyer angels against every demon, devil, principality, and power, strongman and stronghold of satan!
    Give us the victory in this hour, O God!

  3. I am 78 with severe essential tremors and have many personal issues and needs in my home and family like every one else. I spend a lot of my time on the computer. On Facebook I mostly post Godly messages and important current events and prayer needs. I have been praying thru all of the issues in IFA plus important emails I receive like this one. I love IFA because it lays out all of the issues that I need to be praying for. I just don’t know if I’m doing enough.

  4. I would like an expounding on what is “attending to the wreckage” I appreciate the detail on the dream but ask for more detail on what the dreamer sees as far as “attending to the wreckage “ Better instructions please – not a time to be vague. Thank you.

    1. Carole, the dream didn’t give any more details than simply an awareness that people on-site had already attended to the people involved. Obviously, the care and concern for each others was the overall message of the dream. I do think it goes beyond that, but it has to start there:-). Blessings!

  5. Thank you for sharing this message to Believers to be prepared to lead without panic, fear, confusion, chaos and above all to remember who we are: sons and daughters of God!
    Stay calm and allow God to lead you, guide you, manifest through you. Get used to acknowledging His presence wherever you’re located throughout your day, in your car or wherever.
    When everyone is blinded and mindlessly running over the cliff, let the One inside you take over.
    Have you ever heard people try to describe how they just accomplished the impossible and cannot really figure how they did it themselves…they are as surprised as everyone else!

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