As the nation prays for the President and his family during this Covid diagnosis, we can be assured that heaven’s assignment on his life will be fulfilled. The incredible journey he’s had and the unexpected role he now plays reveals a higher purpose and calling that no one can deny…

“Even though many in the Church were stirred to prayer during the electoral process of 2016, it revealed a Church that was greatly divided in their discernment. It was most apparent when trying to figure out this man’s character, motives, and fitness for office. Where some based their judgment on his outward behavior and personal history, others focused on his prophetic potential. Where many deemed him unholy and unfit, others saw a broken vessel that was primed and ready to be used by God.

For those who looked past Trump’s spontaneous rants and impulsive tweets and searched deeper to his underlying motives, something else seemed to be moving him. Something else was driving him and giving him a bold and fearless demeanor. Here was a man who already had billions of dollars at his disposal. He already had power, prestige, and a fortune guaranteed to outlive him. Why would he leave his lavish lifestyle and continued success to seek an office with little pay, high stress, and guaranteed opposition? For those who looked beyond the outward appearance, they saw something else at work…”

(You are reading an excerpt from Chapter One of MOVING FROM SWORD TO SCEPTER – Click on the link at the end for a FREE PREVIEW of the entire chapter – 76 pp):

“Though his early journey revealed the usual playboy activities and worldly pursuits of an unregenerate soul, it also revealed a thoughtful man who cared deeply for his family and his country. Even though his first two marriages ended in divorce, his marriage to Melania seemed to mark a turning point for Donald Trump. Not only did he make some life-changing decisions regarding his marriage and his faith, he never wavered on his commitment to his children. The fruit of his loins seemed to reveal something of the nature of his heart.

His grown children showed great admiration for their father. They were highly involved in his personal life and business ventures. And they all seemed to be healthy and stable individuals. Given the usual track record for highly driven business moguls whose children often pay a hefty price, Trump’s children were different. They were truly a family, and they all seemed to adore their dad. This spoke volumes to those who were looking for a reason to support this man with the sordid past. It seemed his history as a successful father outweighed his history as an impulsive divorcee.

Not only was Trump’s integrity as a businessman questioned, his motivation behind his leadership style was scrutinized. His party-seeking personality and love of the spotlight were labeled as narcissistic and self-centered. Yet, some considered how motivational gifts might be at work, seeing him as an exhorter by nature and prophetic in perspective (see Romans 12:6-8). This love for people was evident in his public rallies. It was face to face with his fans where he could motivate and inspire those who were discouraged or anxious. His optimism was contagious and stirred many to hope again. This same attitude was demonstrated even with his political rivals. Where other leaders put up walls and refused contact with the opposition, Trump flung open the door and welcomed them in. His bold interaction with potentially hostile leaders from other nations made him a force to be reckoned with, often silencing threats and accusations from those who would otherwise oppose him.

Many intercessors felt that the boldness Trump demonstrated was not just a personality trait, but a God-given zeal. His determination to face down his enemies and his persistence in accomplishing what he promised once in office, endeared him to many. Believing he was fulfilling a prophetic mandate, many saw this leader of the free world trumpeting a clear vision for the nation. Even in the midst of relentless criticism about his personal failings and questionable methods, this presidential candidate stood fast, winning him even more support from his die-hard fans.

The outcome of the 2016 election brought some needed breakthroughs for conservative Christians, but it also brought some challenging barriers. On the positive side, the issue of faith in the public square finally became a worthy cause. Conservatives were increasingly unashamed in voicing their conviction about godly leadership in government and the need for faith to influence the public square. Prayer became a tangible force as believers across the Body of Christ began to engage in the political process. Seeing our core biblical values continually threatened, many evangelicals began to speak loud and clear demanding leaders with character, integrity, and accountability.

Unfortunately, this very value presented a major challenge with Donald Trump’s leadership style. For those who wanted a leader with a clean record and pastoral approach to the presidency, Trump was one of the least likely candidates. Even after his election, many believers were challenged by his style, his methods, and his language. Regardless of the obvious economic advances of his administration or delivery of campaign promises, his leadership was anything but predictable or “presidential.” The polarizing effect he had on many in the Church finally forced believers to deal with the underlying motives and priorities in their own hearts and minds.

In reality, what we face has more to do with who we are as a Church and less to do about a president. Ultimately, we are not in a war of political parties, but a war of principles and values. What we must rightly discern is the mission of the Church and the specific values we hold most dear. Until we recognize and deal with the growing gap of ideological differences and Kingdom perspectives, we will never come together as the Church toward a common goal. Until we come together on common ground, our prayers will be limited and our authority diminished.” (From Chapter One of MOVING FROM SWORD TO SCEPTER. Read the entire chapter as a FREE PREVIEW below.)

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4 Responses

    1. How patient is the Lord in judging mankind…The delay may be God’s timing. We’re not going to see a few in hand cuffs for the big Finale…It will be the biggest take down in history!! What will happen will be in the history books of tomorrow…

  1. If I have one criticism of President Trump’s Presidency*, it is that he has not overseen the arrest and prosecution of those people actively working to undermine America, the seditious actions of well known politicians, media outlets and personalities, business people/corporations, judges, and those in law enforcement who have been derelict and criminal in their duty, aiding and abetting corruption, violence, riots and undermining society.
    *I recognise that he has limitations placed on him by those who currently have the majority in the House of Representatives, and similarly by certain governors and mayors who are in office, yet I believe if he is motivated enough, those impediments could be overcome one way or another.
    It is the American people as a whole who are now carrying the burden of these crimes; morally, spiritually and financially. America and the world will have to pay indemnity/restitution for these crimes which are opposing God’s Will.

  2. Wow, this is truly refreshing. After reading this, my paradigm has shifted. I now have clarity in my calling and my vision is clear. Thank you so much!💛

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