A word from the Lord to the Church of America: To the Church of America, I would say, do you know the choice before you? Do you know the significance of that which you align with? For I tell you that you are choosing between a curse and a blessing, a promise of hope or a sentence of death. My righteousness shall not be mocked, nor My holiness profaned. That which is being weighed among men is being measured by heaven and your choice will determine whether heaven or hell rules over your nation. What is it that you fear? What is it that you dread? Do you fear sickness and disease? Do you fear poverty and loss? Do you fear lack and deprivation? Do you fear man’s reprisal? Or do you FEAR ME? Do you truly know the depth of My love or the extent of My power to free you from despots and criminals and those who are treacherous of heart? Do you doubt My ability to deal with those who oppose Me? Are you denying My authority over spirits of infirmity and even demons of death? How I long to manifest the fullness of who I AM … Continue reading FEAR ME FIRST AND THE CURSE SHALL BE LIFTED