During our corporate worship this past Sunday we were singing the song Miracle Worker. As we sang, “Even when I can’t see it You’re working…” I saw a layout of the United States. To the right of the map I sensed that the Lord was “digging” underneath the crust of the earth’s surface. I knew He was doing a DEEP work in this nation and much of it was remaining unseen.

But, as we continued to worship and faith was rising in the atmosphere, I then saw the Lord take action. I saw him DIVE head first into the middle of the ocean between the United States and Europe. It was no longer just this nation He was attending to, but the nations of the earth. I could see His determination to go to the deepest regions of this vast sea and knew He intended to go to the very bottom. I thought of the scriptural reference of Jesus “descending to the lowest regions” (Eph 4:8-10) after He gave His life on the cross. Having the keys to hell and death, the Redeemer charged into the deepest realms knowing His rightful claim to set the captives free. I felt this same passion and zeal as I saw the Lord dive head first into the murky waters.

Then I realized where He was headed. There was a PLUG at the very bottom!  THIS is what He was going for! The cheers of the saints were clearing all the weeds and making the way for Him to pull this plug at the bottom and DRAIN THE GLOBAL SWAMP.  Because of the depths of this hidden plug, it is requiring the remnant to stand fast in their prayers and declarations of truth. The power of our agreement for justice is fueling heavens response. God’s not satisfied with a temporary clean-up job or surface-level whitewash in one nation. His intention is to get to the bottom of the sludge and pull out the age-old clogs that have been blocking the global outpouring to come!

Be encouraged saints! Our God is not only working from His throne above; He is working in the lowest regions of the earth to pull out everything that has obstructed the flow of His power and choked the life out of the nations. He is getting to the bottom of generational demonic agendas that have been a breeding ground for swamp devils. He is about to PULL THE GLOBAL PLUG! All that has been hidden is going to be seen as the gross waters of sin and corruption are drained from the earth.

But, the draining of this global swamp will not be a slow trickle or gradual emptying. As soon as the plug is pulled, I see a whirlpool suddenly forming as the swamp is literally sucked out by force.  The zeal of the Lord will fuel this draining as heaven and earth join together in dealing with the enemies of God. The momentum to execute justice will increase exponentially as we see a divine flushing of corrupt systems and wicked agendas.

We are being “unplugged!” This has numerous spiritual ramifications and may even manifest in the natural as power outages or even blackouts. (This is a possible manifestation I have sensed for over a year). The Holy Spirit is resetting hearts to the original power source intended for God’s people and will do whatever it takes for us to get rightly connected to heaven’s power grid. He intends for us to operate at full spiritual capacity for the days ahead. So, stand fast, lift high the banner of the King, and watch the Champion of Hosts do His thing!

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I read today where Jesus descend first and then ascend to sit at the Right hand the Throne of the Almighty God the Father to judge the quick and the dead. Thank for your obedience to Gods word. And the sending of HOPE to is all and USA.

  2. Thank you dear Wanda, I was deeply in need of an encouraging word for today and this is it God bless you and your wonderful work. Agape Jackie

  3. Amen!! Thank you for standing firm and for sharing what He gives you to encourage us all. So grateful for your obedience!! Bless you!

  4. Wanda this message is so exciting because God will not share His glory and is going to do something so miraculous that no man will be able to claim the miracle. Our minds cannot think what He will do but our spirits can sense His mighty hand in bringing about righteousness and justice. We serve such a mighty God.

  5. Thank you for this encouraging word today Wanda! We stand firm knowing that God is in control, believing for that Red Sea moment. And a personal word from the Lord that Haman is about to hang on his own gallows! Praise His Name forevermore!

    1. Whether he is a bully or not, he stands up for the church and for Israel, and for unborn babies. That is all good according to the Word of God!

    2. WHY are YOU even reading this post D. Hak?? It’s obvious you don’t belong here. This is a place for sincere, dedicated servants of the Most High God. There is nothing in the behavior of Donald Trump that even remotely suggests bullying. Why can you not just take the incredible encouragement given here and thank God for His incredible love for His people? Instead of doing that, you turn it into another opportunity to bash Trump….unbelievable!

  6. This reminds me of seeing a maelstrom such as this one in a very vivid dream I once had when I was younger. I wasn’t a christian yet and was doing wrong in the sight of the Lord…The water was glassy everywhere, except at the whirlpool. It was a Force of God/nature I had never seen before, and NEVER wanted to experience in real life! So beautiful, yet so deadly…

  7. Carry on, good and faithful servant. Grace is being poured out. The measure of Grace
    that has been saved for this day. Unequalled in nature and volume. Your measure will provide you with ALL you need.

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