In this 33-minute video I share a prophetic dream from one of my personal intercessors in 2017 that describes the election drama we are now walking through. It shows how prophetic voices will be treated, what is causing the protests, and what it will look like on the other side. A spirit of offense is fueling the battle, but the faith of Abraham is rising up! Please share with others!

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


23 Responses

  1. All praise and glory be to Him! Hallelujah! I have been receiving confirmation after confirmation today, and you, Wanda, confirmed so many things that Holy Spirit has been putting on my heart. Wow. Thank you, and God bless you and yours!

  2. Dear Wanda you are always so crystal clear in your encouragement and direction.
    As you spoke about Abraham the scripture that came to me is Hebrews 11:11,12.
    “BY FAITH Sarah herself also received strength TO CONCEIVE SEED ( as Mary conceived the SEED by the Word) ( as we must individually conceive faith from the Word OURSELVES) and she bore a child when she was PAST THE AGE ( past the time) BECAUSE SHE JUDGED HIM FAITHFUL WHO PROMISED. ❤️
    THEREFORE from one man AND HIM AS GOOD AS DEAD ( BUT BECAUSE OF SARAH’S FAITH CONCEIVED OF THE WORD) WERE BORN as many as the stars of the sky in multitude innumerable as the sand of the seashore.”
    It is only by faith conceived by the Word to our spirits we can stand not by anyone else’s revelation or prophetic word. HE IS FAITHFUL WHO PROMISED. The Word/Jesus accomplished what He was sent to do! Receive the Word people and allow it to be conceived in you.

  3. This was so encouraging, Wanda. Yes, the prophetic words build faith and equips us to continue and agree with God. Thank you so much.

  4. I am standing in faith that regardless of what we see or do not see that God’s Kingdom, His will and plans and purposes will come to pass in the USA. We stand strong with the full armor of God on each day. and we declare over our nation the declarations that He has put upon each of our hearts. God will bring them to pass. But as for you, be strong and do not give up for your work will be rewarded! 2 Chronicles 15:7

  5. Wanda, thank you for the encouragement to push on. I believe it is imperative now more than ever to put aside our personal desires and humbly bow our knee before our Lord and King with the purpose to seek His will and to receive His direction on how we are to direct our prayers.
    Like you said, our fight is not against men and human ideologies. It is a spiritual war that is growing more intense every day. We MUST humble ourselves before our Lord and Savior and seek His will. We MUST put aside our own personal desires and surrender them to Him. I believe that the times we are in are a call to every believer to examine their relationship with Jesus, a time to ask ourselves, “Have I surely surrendered my life to Him?”
    God works through His people to accomplish His will. So I ask each and every one who claims to follow Jesus, “Are you truly surrendered to Him and living in obedience to His commandments?” or “Are you holding on to the temporal and material things that you believe will bring you fulfillment?” It is time to make a choice!
    Let each and every one of us come before our Lord and repent of the things in our lives that keep us from drawing closer to Him. It won’t be easy, nor will it be pleasant. But the rewards in the end will be beyond anything imaginable. For the enemy will press in and work his hardest to entice and deceive you in the most subtle ways to keep blind to the Truth. So who are you going to server?

  6. What a great word to encourage us in our faith! I appreciate that you encourage us to hear from the Lord ourselves and not depend on the prophets to hear for us. ( My interpretation of what was shared.) Yes, the prophetic is important but not a substitute for seeking and hearing from God for ourselves.

  7. This has so enCOURAGEd and strengthened me to continue to stand in prayer and contend. I have heard “Watch the pattern” over and over in my spirit the last 2 weeks and have been asking the Lord to reveal what He means by that. I also heard Him asking, “What are you contending for?” just last night during a prayer service. This word today is another confirmation that I am contending for the faith and His Word, and what He is like and Who He is, and that the pattern is that of the saints of old both in the Bible and those since then that have believed God, who have walked with Him by faith. The pattern is trust and obey, regardless of how hopeless things seem in the surrounding circumstances. Believing that He makes the dead come to life. He is the God of the impossible. He is faithful. He is the only One. His Name is the Highest Name. El Elyon, God Most High.
    Another word I heard in prayer this past month was “rabona”. I looked it up thinking it had to do with a teacher of some kind. It turns out it is a soccer term. Kicking the football (soccer ball) whereby the kicking leg is wrapped around the back of the standing leg–effectively with one’s legs crossed. One reason why a player could perform a rabona might be to confuse a defending player, or simply to show off his own ability, as it is considered a skilful trick at any level. Makes me think of how God pulls things out seemingly from nowhere to get the job done and spectacularly at that. He is awesome!
    Also, In Argentina and Bolivia the term “rabona” refers to camp followers, women who followed the army, cooking for and serving their husbands, and fathers who were soldiers, providing nursing services, carrying their arms and munitions, and gathering intelligence which could assist the military. Women have such a crucial role to play during these times. So many watchwomen God has raised up, contending in prayer and with skills appropriate for what is going on. Lana Vawser has spoken many words regarding women being raised up. I have also come to believe over the past couple of weeks that there is a spirit of offense operating that is keeping back many from the purpose they have been called to and how so much of the indignation directed particularly at the president, but not just him, is rooted in past wounds that have allowed bitterness to come in. It is such a blinding bitterness. I have experienced this firsthand with those that are very close to me.
    So much that you spoke to from this dream and the circumstances surrounding the election and the world leaders and the spirit of offense and the prophetic ministry is so much confirmation. And the call to believe God and place our trust in Him. I needed to hear this.
    Thank you for your continued faithfulness to speak and make Him known.

  8. Having a prophets calling at a time when the average liturgical, evangelical churches did not have a clue about prophecy or prophets and what the difference between the two was and why they needed them to be aligned with Jesus’ order for the church before He departed to Heaven…was a monumental wall to pierce! And on top of that, they needed revival as a result and this, never seemed to connect with them. They were fine the way they operated with the pastor, associate pastor, priest, elders, board of directors etc and Sunday school teachers. Now there are some, black congregation did keep the title apostle…some other churches dropped apostle for denomination superintendents that covered certain territories. This was my observations in my sphere of church organization. Charismatic churches were open to the fivefold leadership like Jesus established… These were few and far between, hard to find where I lived in Montana and Washington. I also was not familiar with them as they were made fun of or ridiculed because they spoke in tongues, many still feel this way. I am not sure that will ever change in my lifetime. Anyway, Wanda I found myself in this situation. Shut up, ignored, no voice. The damage to thousands and maybe millions of Christians as a result of not ever getting to experience the supernatural Kingdom of God’s Holy Spirit’s gifts and callings has burdened me for about forty years…because I know how deep the damage can be for years if not permanently. I shall never give up on prophecy and prophets being honored in any or every church.! Respect returned that Satan has stole restored. So, I started praying for the new prophets that are popping up! It is exciting..I am seeing the internet a place for them to reach believers without the old hierarchy in many non charismatic churches getting in the way of their seeing and hearing the Lord actually speaks, gives visions and dreams, and also the demonic revealed and how we have authority in Jesus name, which was never mention in any church of my experience..until one day I found one. My prayer is these new ones be protected from the spirit of religion and also jealousy. When I say jealousy, I mean seasoned prophets that did find a place to be heard and respected…not get their tails in a knot and abuse them in any way out of fear to lose their prestigious standing among their peers…there is no place for competition amongst mature believers…Instead nurture these new babies. My seeing them and other gifts popping up, like popcorn. Is the sight we have all been waiting for…the book of Joel..the latter and the former meeting up together!!! The older and the newer…embracing each other..yah!

  9. I would like to share this important point:
    God’s ability to act on our behalf within His Providence of Salvation is dependent on man fulfilling his portion of responsibility to obey and unite with God’s Will and God’s Word.
    This is clear from the very beginning when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by not keeping the Commandment. That failure established the Kingdom of Hell on earth.
    Could God just ‘magic’ that away? No! That is why the Providence of Restoration has taken so long, because man keeps disobeying God. Deut 28, 1 Sam 15. The Old Testament is littered with man’s disobedience towards God and the repercussions of that. That in itself should be the object lesson here. How did we miss that?
    Why should salvation take so long if God is totally in control. Does God want to suffer as in Gen 6:6? Did God predestine his own misery? Of course not.
    Whilst fallen man disobeys God, God’s Kingdom and the Messiah couldn’t come, and the Providence of Salvation is prolonged.
    God predestines His Will, but man must unite with that Will for God’s Will to be accomplished.
    Once we unite and obey, then God’s Blessing can come, Deut 28, which means God’s Will is accomplished, not Satan’s.
    Man is the rudder on the ship. He ultimately determines the direction and course of that vessel.
    Frankly this is just common sense, but many Christians have made such a meal out of this, putting everything on God whilst they sit back and do nothing.

  10. Get over it. He lost. Stop claiming that He supports your political views just because you’re unhappy with an election result. What you’re doing is Satanic.

    1. Nathan, I am not holding God to any political view. I’m holding to what is true and right. There is overwhelming evidence of fraud and corruption in the electoral process and no future election will be legitimate without addressing the issues. If you claim to live for Christ, I would hope you would stand for the truth, regardless of who won.

      1. There isn’t any evidence. This is borderline delusional. If you claim to live for Christ, Wanda, I’d hope you’d stand for truth, even if that truth is that Joe Biden won. You’re implying that Christ would only want Trump to win, not because it’s what Christ would want, but because it’s what you want. You’re pushing your desires like you know Christ. You’re more of a profit instead of a Prophet; you weaponize Christianity when it benefits your views or if there’s a buck to be made. I’ve been a pastor for two decades and I’m appalled by the con men/women who use God’s word to support their political views and to sell third-rate books.

        1. Hi Nathan. This is not about politics, it’s about the will of man (really the will of the devil) vs. the will of God being played out via the presidential election. God always wins, and He will win in this case. It’s God’s time to bring revival to the church and awakening and ingathering in our country. When Trump wins the election and continues as president, then you’ll know that this was God. (I realize this issue is dragging on and on, and I wish it were over, but God has His purposes for allowing it to continue as He has.)

        2. Nathan, I agree with your post 100%. You would not believe the names I have been called by Chritian friends for saying much the same as your post. I have been a Christian since the early 60s. Served as pastor in three churches in the States and along with my wife and kids, have lived in Kenya and Tanzania to teach Bible. I believe Trump was destined to one term. While I do not agree with most of Biden’s or his parties views, I will pray for him or Kamala should physical limitations prevent Biden’s inauguration. I do not believe the election was “stollen” nor was there election fraud committed to the extent that it could have thrown the election toward Biden, away from Trump. I took a significant amount of heat from otherwise solid friends and Christians for suggesting that in the event Trump is not inaugurated, we’re they prepared, in love to confront well-meaning pastors and prophets who “guaranteed” a Trump victory. Again, in agreement with you, these folks simply will not accept the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Trump was not destined to two terms.
          Perhaps you are familiar with Beth Moore who has suggested that Christians need to be careful of at least two things:
          1. “TRUMPISM” The notion that Trump is untouchable
          2. Christian Nationalism.
          Dan Slisher

    2. So so agreeable! Come together over constitutional republic… and righteousness and platforms for righteousness…
      Lawlessness will abound and many will be offended (even hate toward anti fascist… rather than the spirit)

  11. wowzerz — I question your faith — 2 Timothy 3:1-9 — is eternal hellfire worth the worship and bidding of a terrible human being who uses His Word to fool Christians??? Unsubscribe.

  12. I havent listened to a Godly message in years but He clearly wanted me to hear what He wanted you to tell us (at least me).
    Please continue sharing.

  13. Wanda, I stumbled upon you and your dream video on YouTub for the first time, 2 days ago and was surprised at how thoughtful, organized, articulate, and clear your message was (unfortunately, often lacking in the body of Christ). Most importantly, your message bore strong witness to my spirit—in fact, the HS has previously shown me that offense/unforgiveness is primarily why so many christians are so deceived about Pres. Trump and other things. Also strongly agreed with your (and Bill Johnson’s) message about the Lord restoring the office of prophet which is so necessary for a revived American church—I think there is a sifting of the prophets going on now. Thank you for speaking the true word of the Lord! It is imperative that you stay humble and free of fear of man. Thanks again! Your brother, David Lee

    1. Such a great message thank you. In complete agreement! I would love to speak to you if possible about my prophetic dreams. One which was of today (6January) but I had the dream 2 years ago. Would love some insight into them all.
      All praise to God
      Blessings to all

  14. If calling ourself Christians, at the minimum should we not walk in grace offering charity and love to our brothers? Such harsh critique from some brothers. We are all sinners saved by faith. No one claimed to be messiah here. We live, we love and we interpet what we see and hear. Some are blessed with prophetic gifts, Glory be to God! In all ways we give glory to God. He will reveal all things in his time. Father God loves us, we are not to fret or worry. We are NOT to lean on our own understanding but in ALL WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM, and he will DIRECT OUR PATHS.

  15. Wow I am utterly shocked by what Nathan and Dan are saying here and they are pastors…so this is how church is divided and they are actually saying these? First time actually seeing them wow…God must be hearing it all too. I am new here and I am no person of politics but I know when something is wrong. USA is no longer the country I grew up in (been out to other countries for a while)it has changed so much, in bad ways (government and education in particular), and getting worse and worse…against God’s law.
    My faith is weak but have been encouraged by the leadership of the right prophetic voices, i know who is right because we hear the same voice, the Shepherd’s voice. While many churches close down and not doing much online, God has raised up the prophetic voices to lead his people. This is God’s work, so watch what you are saying, because you would be saying that to God, you are holding Him accountable, and who are you to?

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