I was awoken at 2:22 this morning, feeling an unusual amount of heat in my feet and legs. As I was trying to figure out the cause, I saw in my spirit the Trump Train that was being held at a station and building up steam. I could tell that its boilers were getting hot as it was being held back from its assigned track. I could sense the restlessness in the air as the engine was awaiting the signal to run its course. As I asked the Lord what this was, I knew He wanted extra prayer for the president in this leg of his race.

We are at the point when executive actions from this president may be vital to securing the integrity of our republic. It is critical that he is given full support to do that which is both constitutionally authorized and morally right. Drastic measures may need to be taken from his office and he cannot be second-guessed by those who are supposed to serve him.

Kim Clement prophesied in 2007 about a future president, and many believe he was referring to President Trump. He described this president as having “hot blood.” I believe this is because God has given President Trump a righteous zeal that burns in his heart like a fire. Seeing the enemies of God trying to destroy this nation and those who fear Him, this President carries a Spirit-fueled indignation that few understand or even recognize. Just like the prophet Jeremiah, President Trump has been given a task that burns in his heart. He has been appointed “to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant” (see Jer 20:9). This is his call, and this is his mandate.

But there are those who are trying to neuter him. Those inside the Church have tried to emasculate his zeal and bridal his passion. Calling him too bold and brash, the religious right has sought to mold him in their own image and quiet his tone. Those in the seats of government have tried to control his actions and curtail his drive for breakthrough. Caring more about their careers than this country, these short-sighted advisors try to rob him of the very strength God has given him. I can’t help but think of Job’s friends whose counsel sought to weaken the very faith God had given Job:

“Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind and said: “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? Dress for action like a man…” (Job 38:1-3)

Donald Trump was created to be a steamroller. He has been given a God-given power to run down the enemies of God and not hold back. Just as Samson’s strength was in his long hair, President Trump’s strength is in his “hot blood.” That which is misunderstood by the flesh is anointed from heaven to take down the opposition and destroy the devil’s strongholds. The ways and means of God need no approval from man or acceptance from the elite. He just needs an obedient vessel to act. I suggest we pray specifically for this steamroller president as he makes some critical decisions in the days and weeks to come:

*Pray that out of the whirlwind of activity, he would hear the voice of the Lord to remind him of his role and purpose in this hour.
*Pray that his ears would be shut to misguided counselors and open to Spirit-inspired patriots.
*Pray that his quest for truth and determination for justice would outweigh the criticisms and betrayals.
*Pray that his obedience to the Lord would be decisive and anointed from heaven.

Many have been praying for the fire of God to come and revive this nation. Perhaps this prophet in the Oval Office is the spark that will get the fire going – if we but allow his heart to burn and do what he was created for.


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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thank you for the exhortation! We must not get distracted during this Christmas season with our usual traditions but we must stay focused in prayer, petition and proclamation!

  2. this reminds me of we were at Bible study a couple years ago, when speaking about trains, I seen in the sprit a train station and the conductor came in and pulled his pocket watch out and than when went over to the big clock on the wall and opened the glass cover and corrected the time with his watch I have seen other things about trains it must important to the Father just wanted to share this with you my the Lord bless you and your family this Christmas

  3. Excellent comment and interpretation I believe. Have always seen Mr. Trump as a sort of bull in a china shop, and I believe the Lord has chosen him to be just that. I pr;ay for him and your country every day. I live in the UK.

    1. Craig – not in the sense of having the office of a prophet (as some would understand it) – yet he carries a prophetic mandate (as referenced from Jeremiah) and operates in a prophetic grace to fulfill God’s assignment on his life.

  4. Hello Wanda, you and I have never met. But what you said today is exactly what the Holy Spirit has been saying to me for many years. Our president does have hot blood! He is who God made him to be. People have not excepted him for who he is and the way that God has made him to do what nobody else has been able to do. Perhaps 20 years ago the Lord gave me an open vision I was new to this sort of thing and I didn’t understand the vision , Until a year ago. I saw the president as a train upon I track the train was an ancient one, with A cow catcher, a big bold Light and front engine and it was a steam engine. The scene was in the summertime and it was steam rolling quickly down the track. It came to a tunnel through bed rock mountain and hasn’t went barreling throug light and front engine and it was a steam engine. The scene was in the summertime and it was steam rolling quickly down the track. It came to a tunnel through bedrock mountain and as it went barreling through I could see the other end and the light shining out of the tunnel. As it approached the end of the tunnel suddenly and snow avalanche came upon it as it was breaking out of the tunnel. You could not see the train for quite a while I’ll go out in the open vision it didn’t seem lon I could see the other end and the light shining out of the tunnel. As it approach the end of the tunnel suddenly and snow avalanche came upon it as it was breaking out of the tunnel. You could not see the train for quite a while, Although it in the open vision it really didn’t seem that long. When suddenly immense power forced it through this avalanche and The train went barreling down the track as if nothing had happened. I send this now to encourage Others I have waited for this moment to share it God bless all who seek his will

  5. Yes! Exactly what the Lord has shown me! Praying more and more for Donald “the beloved John” Trump!
    A wrecking ball to political correctness!

  6. My prayers exactly.. thank you for confirming what I have been asking for.. God bless our dear and strong President.. he will come through on his assignment

  7. Amazing the criticism from the so called “Church”. If these churches were really Christ centered they’d know that God says to be careful when criticizing anyone possibly connected to His Church. It’s been said that Christians eat their young. A sad truth, and its always Christ who gets the bad name. Lord save us.

  8. The simple fact is the Democrats broke the Law to steal an election. They violated the Constitution, yet they want Trump to play by the rules that they so flagrantly broke.
    When the Judiciary, the Legislature and Law Enforcement won’t do their job, then the President has the right as Commander in Chief and the head of Law enforcement to act and uphold his oath of office.

  9. I don’t agree with your views on this but I hope you have a Merry Christmas, some on here are being to hard on you

  10. Great word sister, we MUST rule over anti-Christ, Jezebel spirits that are trying to steal our Country! Lion of Judah Roar!

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