As we turn the corner into this next year and the eventual outcome of the 2020 election, I keep hearing the phrase, “…having done all, STAND” (see Eph 6:13). The final determination in January is going to cause a severe backlash – regardless of who you think will be inaugurated (and yes, I still believe President Trump has another four years). National deliverance is occurring, and principalities and powers will continue their assault as their illegal hold is refused and renounced by prophets and patriots, alike. We must stand secure as our foundations are shaken and our faith is challenged. Prophetic promises are being fulfilled and it’s up to us to hold fast to them and align with God’s priorities through the process.

The Lord keeps telling me to remember what He’s already spoken in the past. God has been building a history with us as believers; dropping us hints, giving us clues, and preparing us for this time. As I review the hundreds of prophetic dreams He has given me over the past 7-8 years, and compare with other nationally-recognized prophets and intercessors, I see an interesting pattern. He isn’t necessarily focused on dates, times, or particular events. Rather, He has been preparing a people to rule and reign over every demonic force as we are entering the Kingdom Age now upon us. THIS is what He is passionate about and why I’m so confident of the turnaround to come (All of these words in their entirety are recorded on my blogsite):  

A SPIRIT OF DECEPTION RELEASED IN 2012One month before Barak Obama was elected, the Lord showed me a spiritual toxin being released in high places of government in order to deceive the nation. This was a warning to the Church and a call for leaders to unite in prayer for the next phase of engagement in upcoming elections. God’s directive and priority: THE PRAYERS AND ACTIVITIES OF THE RIGHTEOUS CAN BREAK THIS SPELL AND CLEAR THE FOG.

PERSECUTION OF THE CHURCH (May 2013) – The Lord showed me pastors being questioned by authorities, believers being forced into their homes, and the necessity of corporate worship and the declaration of God’s Word to overcome the opposition. God’s directive and priority: THE SUPERNATURAL PRESENCE OF THE LORD WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

THE NATION BEING TURNED UPSIDE DOWN (July 2013) – In this two-part dream, I was shown a coming tsunami that could not be avoided and a nation that would be turned upside down by unseen forces (economic in nature). Though the impact would be dramatic, it was necessary for breakthrough. God’s directive and priority: BRACE YOURSELF BY GETTING FACE DOWN!

SUDDEN TRANSFORMATION OF THE CHURCH (March 2014) – The Lord showed a sudden and extreme transformation of the Church that would literally turn things upside-down and inside-out. It would result in a cleansing that would affect generations to come. God’s promise: THIS WILL HAPPEN SUDDENLY, DRAMATICALLY, AND WITHOUT WARNING.

THE FEAR AND TERROR OF THE LORD IS COMING (August 2015) In this open vision in a dream, I saw a world map being covered with the glory of the Lord from east to west. Its supernatural manifestation brought terror for the unbeliever, but worship and awe for those who believe. God’s directive and priority: THE MANIFEST FEAR OF THE LORD WILL SEPARATE THE TRUE FROM THE FALSE.

HEAVEN’S JUDGEMENT COMING ON UNRIGHTEOUS PLATFORMS (December 2017) The Lord showed the power of the gavel to bring forth righteous judgments on those who stand opposed to Him. National figures who stand on unrighteous platforms will meet heaven’s justice through the prayers of the saints. God’s directive and priority: EXECUTE JUSTICE THROUGH RIGHTEOUS INTERVENTION.

Through these and many more dreams and impressions I’ve had in recent years, the Lord has consistently revealed a holy people rising up to overturn the enemy’s agenda! REGARDLESS OF THE DETAILS, HIS PLAN REMAINS FIXED. He has been preparing us for this very hour when our faith will be seen and our hopes fulfilled in the midst of IMPOSSIBLE ODDS. And, I believe that THIS is that hour because of the overwhelming corporate oneness of heart, mind, and spirit that has risen from the Ecclesia. For the first time in history, the global body of Christ is connected as never before. Our collective agreement in the spirit and united cry for justice and truth is shaking the heavens – and is about to shake the earth.

The Church Age is giving way to the Kingdom Age.  A supernatural manifestation of His glory and power is coming that will be sudden, dramatic, and unavoidable. He is responding to our prayers and coming with a vengeance. Brace yourself for impact. It may be unexpected and shocking, but will be altogether glorious.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


20 Responses

  1. Thank you Wanda,
    On point!
    My prayer and declaration for weeks now has been: ‘Donald J. Trump is the legitimate President of the United States of America now, and for the next 4 years!’
    Blessings for 2021!

  2. Thank you Wanda,
    My heart is so in unity with what you are saying. What an exciting time to live! I am almost 79 years old and I asked the Lord long ago to let me live to see what he is going to do! I have known for years that something was coming! Hallelujah!
    Blessings to you,

  3. Thanks, Wanda, for sharing your immense spiritual insights. They have helped to strengthen my faith and hope that this country, this world, and our church can receive a badly-needed course correction.
    I predicted via careful and thorough secular thought and analysis the downfall of the US over 30 years ago. It has indeed fallen to something unrecognizable from the 1980s when I was in college. But I never envisaged demonic powers enslaving our country, and God intervening to save it. Praise be to God! All in the world will soon be made right, and justice will prevail!


  5. I stood up for what I believe based on my faith starting for Genesis 1:1. I was mocked by my own friends. I did not even say that I am with my president. They associated my faith and my believe with the president Trump. I believe my friends saw my believe and my faith in the president that is the reason they rejected me.
    God had chosen Moses to be the leader to lead the Israelites. Moses was not perfect but he obeyed and leaf the crowd who wanted to kill him. People are attacking our president left and right. We need to pray and pray and pray for our nation and our president.

  6. The victory will be God’s. People the world over are united in prayer in a way that history perhaps has never seen. The prayer of a single holy person we know is powerful. The prayers of two believers in the name of Jesus have even greater power. The prayers of an entire planet? The power of prayer on this magnitude is unfathomable.

    1. God bless you sister it will be as God has said and as he purposes he rules and reigns not man not the devil but God Jesus our Lord and Savior Who created the the heavens and the earth and all things and his word and will is what stand s and nothing created can stop it keep standing strong and speaking propheticly the truth revealed by God it is a great encouragement and comfort and spiritual revelation to me as well as confirmation of what the Lord has been speaking to me and brings clarity of deep spiritual things God is revealing and has revealed to me God is backing us up all the way and we trumph through him and him alone he reigns and we are victorious now and forever through him be blessed

  7. Why is it so many Christians live in denial, won’t look at the world as it is even if they don’t like it? Trump lost. There is no ability to change that. It’s not healthy to intentionally delude oneself.
    BTW, Obama’s first name has a “c” in it.

    1. The pharaoh of Egypt thought he had the Jews trapped at the Red Sea until God miraculously parted the Red Sea for His people…at the same time setting a trap for the arrogant Egyptians…
      Not because I see the overwhelming evidence that cheating-to-steel took place, but because God has placed it in the hearts of many believers that Trump is not finished yet…he has a mantle to remove the deep corruption…I was shown it will be Historic! Some people have the point of view of the Egyptians!

      1. If you’re watching any of the mainstream media, you would probably believe there is absolutely no proof of fraud. If, however, you start watching other outlets that present the facts and aren’t sold out to liberal agendas, you would find overwhelming proof. Try Newsmax, The Epoch Times, One America News, Citizen Free Press, or Steve Bannon on The War Room. They probably all have their flaws, but they are presenting actual legal cases that ARE making it through the courts demonstrating irrefutable evidence of voter fraud, corruption, and outright treason. For a sampling, go to Intercessors for America (headlineprayer.org) where they share a lot of material for consideration.

      2. Also, watch a few hours of the hearings that are presenting eye witness affidavit testimonies. They are absolutely compelling!

  8. In a night dream, am caught up in the middle of a battle raging on fiercely outside the white house. Both sides were armed to the teeth and strangely all the people in combat looked black. As the battle went on, I see the former attorney general william barr walkout of the Whitehouse and stand outside the gate as if to make a press statement. The dream ends there.
    As I ponder on the dream, asking holy spirit what that ment, in the realm of the spirit, am shown a huge log flying around , a command is then decreed saying ,” turn the tap off.” I see a hand turn off the flow of a water tap connected to the ground.
    I believe the dream speaks of a prophetic narrative in Matthew 7:1-12.
    William barr representative of the legislative arm of the nation, that now has clarity of sight to judge because the log in its own eyes has been removed , so now it can deal with the speck in the ” brothers eye.” I believe the speck speaks of the judicial matters before the courts. It’s from the courts that the decrees are made, hence the command for the tap to be “turned off.” I believe the flow of water from the tap speaks of unrest , iniquity and the civil disobedience from hell. The decree is from the court of the just judge who is our father (abba.)
    Please judge the word and consider for intercession.
    Thank you.

  9. President Trump is truly an anointed President, sent by God to our struggling nation. The evil that entered once Obama entered the scene was like hell unleashed a million demons upon the world. The whole world Church is praying for our nation: it reminds me of the scene in ” It’s a Wonderful Life ” in the beginning when you see the earth and hear all the prayers being offered up for George Bailey. One point I’d like to make is that our wonderful First Lady is also an anointed FLOTUS. Her faith and strength, hidden and belittled by the demonic press, has been there for our POTUS and it shows how God can work through two caring individuals.

  10. I believe you have a heart for God. I heard you talk about fraud in the election. What is the evidence of fraud? I hear a lot of unsubstantiated claims as allegations. I want to stand on the side of TRUTH! I pray truth is revealed, whatever it is.

  11. We are being silentced. Congress in chaos and determined to put Biden.in office. I don’t believe Biden the legitimate winner of election. But apparently will be inaugurated 20 Jan. God help us.

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