Regardless of man’s pronouncement of the President-elect, we need to stay fixed in our faith in a supernatural God. He may finally have us all exactly where He wants us for the miracle at hand.

Please watch this short video as I share my heart along with a prophetic dream someone sent me last week that predicted what happened in the last 24 hours. We cannot afford to get off our watchtowers of prayer. God is still working His plan and He needs us to engage with persevering trust in His ability to intervene and fulfill His promises.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


61 Responses

  1. Wanda….Thank you thank you for being one of the wonderful voices of truth and encouragement to the body. Thank you for standing firm and not giving up and thank you for believing that our God is who He says He is and He will do what He said He will do……I’m sure I speak for many who will be forever grateful that you did not waver or back down with a fear of people but rather you have been guided by the proper fear of the Lord.. Blessings

  2. I am hearing impaired and unfortunately your video for some reason wasn’t captioned by youtube. Having said that, I was wondering what you thought of the president’ s announcement this morning. It sounds like a confession of defeat. I wonder how God can work a miracle if the person in question has given up. Even the Jews didn’t give up when they neared the Red Sea, so God made a way for them. Even if the sea hadn’t parted I reckonthe Jews would have fought. It seems that Trump May be isn’t the leader we thought he was.
    I’m saddened and demoralized, but feel a strange calm about all of this. May be I’ve given up, too I don’t know…
    Blessings to you, Wanda.

  3. Wanda, I’m sure you and many are faithful follows of Christ. I’ll continue to watch and read your posts. I’ll share a my prayers are with the Holy Spirt. Do Not Be Deceived!
    2 Timothy 1:7 – For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

    1. Praying blessing, peace on your country and freedom for the Christian message to be heard loudly in the United Staates. We need you to stand strong for us too! Much love from Germany

  4. AMEN Wanda!! I STAND WITH YOU!!
    I am in tears with you because I believe as you do when sooo many have given up. I am NOT giving up on GOD. We will be AMAZED!🙌🏽

  5. Thank you for your comments. I can hear the anguish in your voice, that we would continue to stand in faith despite what we see and hear in the natural. My husband and I are grieved at the way things seem to be playing out but there is so much untruth for the unbelievers to follow and we can’t right things. So, we have to stay silent to them as they think us fools. But we “cry” with you and hope in what our heart continues to say, “God is in charge” and He is not saying anything else to us so just keep going and just keep believing. We don’t have any particular ministry but we knew when 17 people were running to be the Republican president in 2015 that Mr Trump was the one we were to vote for. He has followed after the things we also believe in and that is what has counted with us. That same sense is with us. In this election, we’ve just prayed that he would not think it is his doing that he is President but rather that it is “God that puts up kings and takes them down”. It is not about him but it is about the Lord. We’ve prayed that many times knowing that “pride comes before a fall”. So, thank you Wanda; we’ve been glad to hear what you’ve been saying all along. You have such a kind, soft manner of saying things even when you are trying to get us to come up higher that we have liked to hear from you this past year and ponder what you are saying. God bless you for encouraging us. We are your elders in age but determined to live for the Lord despite limitations. (Roger) and Donna Balfanz, WI 1/7/21

  6. Yessss!!! I so resonate with your vlog “This is where I stand.” The Lord had me just this morning journaling all on the theme of standing in faith! I love your heart that beats with the heart of God. I join you my precious sister! We, as His Body who stands, are united in the faith of Christ! 🙏❤️

  7. Last night when I was very low, I “accidentally” stumbled on your video. God always does this for me when I need it the most. Your videos inspired me to continue to hold on to hope and pray for our country now more than ever. Thank you for you videos. You have been blessed with God’s gift of prophesy.

    1. Wanda, I’m 65 years old and in my life time I have never had such a burden for a President. I’m so grieved in my spirit. I’ve taken up an offence for him and can’t seem to rise above this terrible feeling. Do you have any godly advise. Isn’t wrong to stay on FB?
      Thank you Sister

  8. Wanda
    How beautiful your heart is and how you give to us all the encouragement of our God.
    To me faith is victory because we sit in the heavenly’s with our God looking and observing his greatness in the world.
    I too believe He is going to do a miracle so profound that no man can take credit for it, but realize how great our God is.
    You spoke so many truths and I know now how to pray for President Trump the man. May God richly bless you. Elyce

  9. Thank you so much, Wanda! Your perspective and exhortation to trust God in this tumultuous season are deeply appreciated! Bless you!

  10. I mean this with all respect but I think you are part of the reason for the terrorism in the Capitol Building. Hear me out and please respond because I desire this debate. Your rhetoric has emboldened a group of people, making them believe that they were wronged because their person did not win. You have appointed Trump as God’s chosen candidate which has misinformed thousands of your followers. Trump has encouraged the terrorism on social media and has been banned because of it. He may be impeached. My question is: How on Earth can you defend this? Where is the line where you MAY admit that you were incorrect? Does any of this trouble you?
    God Bless You and this Nation. I hope your new year is beautiful.

    1. Karl,
      Thank you for your honest question in kindness. I’ll give you the short answer:-).
      1. I do believe that President Trump has been approved and anointed from God to confront the enemies of the state – both in the spirit and in the natural. He’s doing his job – and doing it well.
      2. President Trump has never condoned violence. Though his speech is brash and his condemnations of wrongdoing quick, any violent reactions from people have been on their heads, not his. You may not be aware that he sent a Twitter response last night immediately following the breach, asking people to go home in peace and stay peaceful. It was banned from Twitter. Hmmmm
      3. What troubles me is the blind eyes and blatant denial of fraud and treason now proven through mounds of tangible evidence which the mainstream media, compromised courts, and bought representatives refuse to look at.
      4. What troubles me even more is the lack of spiritual discernment in the body of Christ to see the spiritual forces aligned, not only against this nation, but the Church at large. The Strongmen are taking us out, yet many sincerely blind followers are falling in the trap.
      There’s really no room left for debate. People have made their choices and heaven has it on record. Now we wait…

  11. I was comforted by your message and had a comfortable sleep and woke up this morning feeling peace. This morning I prayed for great strength to be with Donald J. Trump and his wife. His wife will help him I am sure. She is a strong woman. God bless!

  12. God is moving, there is no doubt in my mind or heart. God is about to do something big! I too believe He has each of us just where we ought to be to see His Glory! Last night, I was devastated due to the darkness across the land. Today, strangely and unexpectedly, I am encouraged to the point of exuberance! Why? Holy Spirit has been with me all day, telling me, “Keep Watching”! The disciples and the family of Lazarus were devastated for a few days, then a whole new world began. I believe we are on a similar threshold.

  13. Thank you for sharing your heart that has been transformed by Jesus. Your words encourage my faith. Faith is the victory!

  14. Dear Wanda, I found your words to be an encouragement to me. I wanted to share with you what the Holy Spirit has shown me through your video on the Electoral Drama Unfolding. This morning the Lord had me up at 4am, troubled by what God was showing me regarding my youngest daughter. During the pre election season my daughter has carried a very distasteful attitude toward our president and has caused some separation and strong words from her. I truly feel the Holy Spirit has shown that she has carried a spirit of offense toward President Trump from an encounter with him when in College as one of his sons also went to college with her. Basically his remarks were very disrespectful. She was always a very quiet child and when she was 12 was raped and went into PTS not to ever reveal to us. In her senior year attempted suicide, recovery was a process but I believe as a young nurse God brought her to the place of healing, which is a long story of God’s intervention. During these last months I have felt the Lord wanted to go deeper in her recovery, as I found a very strong resentment about President Trump. I know the Lord has helped me to see that holding onto an offense becomes a bondage in ones healing and deliverance. My heart is now quiet before the Lord to know how to approach such a subject with wisdom and love. My prayer is the Glory of the Lord be shown for truly the Lord has used your exhortation to bring revelation and deliverance in her life. Also, as encouragement to you the Lord has given me three words, to stand, to wait and to watch. We are to stand in faith, to wait as those who wait will be renewed in strength and to watch for the Glory of the Lord will be seen. Thank you for being an encouragement to so many. Your words are built on a close relationship with the Godhead and tis brings a stability and trust for those who listen. In His Name Toni Kushner

  15. hi Mrs. Alger. Ive been a longtime member of crossroads an have loved every moment but lately ive noticed that your words are full of hate an love of trump. I don’t care for politics but I don’t u derstand why you defend trump. it makes me think you got hate in your heart…. im sorry. I dont want to reveal my self bc Im afraid of you kicking me out of church but I just cant keep it in. Some of what you saying is scary stuff. Love you tho

    1. HH89 – Please know that I/we would never “kick you out of church” just because you don’t agree with something:-). It’s OK to have another perspective. I’m sorry that you think I carry “hate.” If you’re suggesting that my support for President Trump is because I “hate” someone, that’s certainly not the case. If there’s any righteous indignation in my heart, it’s towards the devil! Ultimately, we are in a spiritual war with powers and principalities – not each other. I do “hate” what the devil is doing and how he appears to be getting the upper hand. It grieves God’s heart – and mine. I hope you reconsider your perceptions and continue to enjoy the fellowship at church:-). Blessings!

  16. Wanda,
    A few nights ago I was searching for something current from Sidney Powell. It led me to flashpoint and then to you. Or I should say, God led me. It is very obvious that Gods heart is in your heart! Thank You so much for the words of encouragement you are giving us. I believe they are straight from the heart of God. I have been praying profusely for guidance on any thing we can do, as believers, to help President Trump and , in specific, the man. You have given me the answer. I will be praying for his
    Spirit to yearn for the Lord and seek him out. I pray that he will find courage, healing, guidance, and strength in the Lord and that God will continue to use him to fight for
    right and Gods heart for this country. Thank You for your honesty and your desire to
    Impart Gods heart to us. I will be following you for the guidance he is giving! Thank You!!

  17. God reminded me today of the Israeli 6 day war in 1967. We cannot forget what God can do in a day. If you can accept a link, here is a 10 min. video recalling the numerous miracles that God did in only 6 hrs. of that 6 days. God can do anything to accomplish His Will. We cannot give up, we must continue to call on the Lord.
    20,000 Arabs died, less than 1,000 Israelis. The IDF took out all the enemies planes, runways and it was accomplished not by their might but by God’s doing!!!
    America is Israel’s friend and has her back right now. President Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem. God is pleased with that and we have His blessing for our care for His land and people.
    We must remember the 6 day war where miracle after miracle returned land and precious Jerusalem to God’s people, and He can save America.

  18. Thank you so much. Your words are a great encouragement to me. My faith is still firm, and I have had dreams to build up my faith. This whole unbelievable banana republic scenario has actually drawn me nearer to Christ and the person of the Holy Spirit. I still have the joy of the Lord and hope. Actually, a movie that ran this whole story of the election would be laughed at as unbelievable. But I think God is laughing because He knows what’s coming. I will keep President Trump in prayer and focus on the things you stressed for him. So glad I found you on you-tube! A voice of wisdom …..

  19. Wanda God Bless and Happy New Year (what a start huh?). There’s some seriousness in my brain right now but don’t tell my wife! Wanda I must say that I ain’t too pleased with your views, of course this is what is splendid about USA (I won’t storm your home because we don’t agree, like some terrorist).
    I think you got some backward ideas. Your a holy woman but you’ve been seduced by this out of touch millionaire who says he’s Christian. He’s leading a cult of bizarro lunatics storming The Capitol Building (treasonous!). How’re you defending a man with such anti-American values and who is the epitome of lust, greed, entry, gluttony, and wrath?
    Have you seen the interview where he said that he’d run as a conservative if he was to be President because conservatives are the dumbest group of voters??? That’s us girl. We going to give the boot to this Nazi Trump.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts. I love ya God Loves ya I just don’t see how you’re so infatuated with this man who loves sinning.

    1. Herbert, you are totally mischaracterizing the President. Stop looking at misrepresentations from his past. The man you describe is not the man in the Oval Office. Nor is it the man that has stood with people of faith since 2016. He has stood for life, freedom of religion, Israel, and so many other values of conservative Christians, unashamed to declare the gospel of Jesus from the White House and this nation’s allegiance to God. Psalm 1:1-2.

  20. serious question how is Trump the chosen one if he lost the election? Lol it seems kinda redic See you on Sunday

    1. Stay tuned, I don’t know where you are getting your intell, but you will find out Trump absolutely did not lose the election and God is arranging one of the most amazing interventions in Biblical history to save this nation. People have often thought God was being relied on to do something “redic”….He has always done it anyway. Again, stay tuned.

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