Crazy times call for some crazy faith. Impossible odds call for divine intervention. For those who are still contending for our president to serve another four years and for miraculous intervention in overturning the enemy’s plans for our nation, our hopes seem to diminish more and more by the day. Yesterday, as I was contending in prayer, the Lord whispered in my ear, “IT’S TIME FOR SOME CRAZY FAITH!”

Noah was CRAZY when he built the ark, telling the people of the coming flood. The fact was – it had never even rained before! Not only was this guy a nut job for building a boat, the suggestion of a so-called flood was…. CRAZY!

Moses was CRAZY to raise his rod above the waters. The people had obviously forgotten all the miracles just performed in Egypt. Now they were trapped at the sea’s edge with their lives on the line, and their lunatic leader was holding up his staff, expecting for dry ground to appear! CRAZY!

Abraham was CRAZY to cling to the hope of a son when his body was beyond human ability to do so. Not only was this physically impossible, even his wife said to “Give it up, already!” And yet he refused to give up hope. CRAZY!

God seems to have this habit of suggesting crazy things that have never happened before. And we seem to have the habit of quickly reducing Him to our previous experience and human logic. O, how quickly we dismiss anything beyond our current understanding and probability of success. As “believers,” I think we’ve forgotten what that even means. Do we actually believe He’s a supernatural being who can do anything He wants?

In spite of all the gloom and doom reports, the clock that’s clicking ever closer to our demise as a free nation, and people of faith dropping like flies – I still cling to a crazy faith. Why? Because I CANNOT DENY everything He’s already spoken and already promised through supernatural means. If we would take a minute to review all the dreams, visions, and words that have been collected for months, and even years, concerning this point in history, we would see a MOUND OF EVIDENCE of what God has CONSISTENTLY spoken about His promise of victory.

Just last night, I read through more emails sent to me by random folks all around the globe. Many of them contained dreams, visions, impressions, and words they had “unexpectedly” received from the Lord. Many of them have never had a dream or vision before. Some aren’t even Americans. And YET – they all say THE SAME THING. The breakthrough for this nation, the inauguration of President Trump to another 4 years, and the enemies of God being defeated – consistently revealed by His Spirit. How do we explain it with our natural mind? It’s CRAZY.

Folks, we have never been this way before. We are most definitely out of our league! And yet, if you are one who chooses to be crazy enough – welcome to Gideon’s Army of 300. It seems we are being whittled down to but a handful of crazy people of faith who refuse to quit or give up hope. God seems to have another habit of reducing numbers to make a point. He’s determined to make the odds of victory so stacked against us that we have no other option but to trust a miraculous – and supernatural – outcome.

It’ time for a crazy faith. Do you dare?

Only hold fast what you have until I come. The one who conquers and who keeps my works until the end, to him I will give authority over the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, even as I myself have received authority from my Father. (Revelation 2:25-27)


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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.

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60 Responses

    1. Hmm… I find it curious that you listen to Wanda’ messages…. perhaps you are unknowingly drawn to her faith; her ability
      to believe in the impossible. I’d urge you to
      continue to listen and remain open …something drew you to her …. but it’s always your choice.

    2. Wanda didn’t remove you maybe because she believes in free speech…But seriously Chase…(if this is your real name) we know you’re not being honest…

    3. Please speak for yourself. There’s staggering evidence to prove otherwise. Courts haven’t heard a whisper of it. Believe what you will, but there’s not much evidence to prove your position and quite a bit to disprove it. No ugly. God Bless.

      1. Respectfully, the evidence is not staggering. The number of claims of voter fraud is staggering. I’ve looked far and wide, these claims only show up on alt-right media. Reputable sources on both the left and right do not consider them credible for a reason. Here’s an example from World Magazine, prominent conservative Christian news magazine, publishing since the 1990’s:
        Also, why didn’t Barr find any evidence of widespread fraud? Seems odd that a solid Trump ally would also agree with election officials around the country. Again, from World:

  1. I am not coming down off the wall.
    I like so many others have had words and dreams about this season.
    I woke up a 1:21am this morning and heard, Stop the presses!
    We wait in anticipation for His plan
    Thank you for your reassuring words to all of us.
    Just got your book today, Moving Sword to Scepter.
    Blessings, June

  2. Thank You so much Wanda, you have just given me the name of my Faith, “Crazy Faith”. I have had so many tell me I am crazy because I have been saying for months that I was holding onto my Faith that God would raise His mighty, mighty hand and set us free. I have to tell you that yesterday while having my quiet time with the Lord as I set in peaceful quietness I heard the Lord tell me “It is Time” and now I hear that you to heard that same message, what a wonderful feeling to know that I am in the company of others who are experiencing “Crazy Faith”. I trust the Lord to show us in a Mighty Way that He is in charge and Always Will Be and once again He is going to reveal to all in a Mighty Crazy Way that He will Never Forsake Us, and President Trump is well protected, Just Wait on Me.

  3. Thank you. I just listened to your video and the following thought appeared in my mind, “I will protect you and those you love.” Other than that, I really did enjoy your video. Please keep up the good work. Again, thank you.

  4. I’m standing on the shore until we see our Deliverance! The global deep state cabal has gone all-In to steal this gift called America and form it into their own image. Lord I pray that our governmental leaders who love your son Jesus will go ALL-IN in their trust and faith in you, and not compromise a single value. Lord, bring a Great Awakening and Spiritual Revolution!

  5. Wanda, I want you to know, even though I have seen many of my friends and close family ready to give up, somewhere in my heart I still have the faith for this President. I know I am one of the 300; it quickened my heart as I read it. I know I believe in “crazy”, because I have lived through many crazy miracles in my life. I know in my heart that God will not leave or forsake us. Praise the Lord, lead me to water and I will drink! I know our Lord does awesome miracles!

  6. I am with you in the 300. God always prevails, even when I have my moments of trembling,
    Then I’m back in my praise chair! Blessings to you. It’s not about Pres. Trump, but about the glory and majesty of Yahweh

  7. Wanda, thank you for your FAITH filled words. I too have crazy faith! I believe and know that God is not bound by our earthy ways. His ways and thoughts are above ours. I want to scream from the roof top how GREAT is our God. God is never late but right on time. This week during my morning time with God, I heard a whisper of Wonderful Counselor and the government shall be on his shoulder, then was I was brought to scripture Isaiah 9:6 (Amplified Bible) For to us a Child shall be born, to us a Son shall be given; And the government shall be upon his shoulder, And His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. He is in control. I keep seeing the word steadfast! I will be steadfast in my faith. God Bless and thank you for you words of encouragement. In Christ, Patty

  8. Timely encouragement for a small band believing the word prophets have spoken aligning with what has been in our own spirits. As even believers fade and equivocate. Yes it is crazy! Count us among the crazy! Trump yes. And Way beyond Trump with worldwide impact. He may be humbled right now to be lifted even higher in God’s use and more consciously surrendered. On a personal note, the vision or dream of the rose on Trump’s face? Previous video. You spoke that Roses have meaning to you. God has “spoken” to me in red roses for decades.
    So this quite arrested my attention.
    And that He apparently does same with you. In this account He is showing me that I am, and we are, on the right path and He is with us. Intimately near.
    Unprecedented times reveal unprecedented ways of God beyond the means of man to the glory of God!

  9. Yes and amen! Everyone around me doesn’t think things are going to be turned around, but I press in further and say “Yes! And Amen!” I believe!

  10. There is one thing I think what should be clear from so many centuries of church history. The fate of the church is not linked to the fate of the government of a country. The Lord works through rulers, through governments, through powerful people. But, ever since Israel, he has not allied himself with any government or ruler. The church, and the church alone, is the new Israel. The church allies itself to rulers AT ITS OWN PERIL. The examples are so numerous that they are hard to count. The Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the church in Nazi Germany, the Orthodox church in Russia, on and on. All of these organizations have had to compromise their message because of their desire to keep political power, to stay in the good graces of the powerful.
    We, the church, need to be different. We need to be approve or reject causes, but not be allies of political forces. This has changed under Trump for many evangelicals in this country. It cost us, as the nation wondered why we stood with the president when he separated families. It cost us when we stood with the president when he lied, and lied, and lied. It cost us when we stood with the president as he turned on his vice president, one of our own.
    We should say: no more! And show the world the true message of Christ.

    1. This is one of the few posts that I can agree with. And I would say that false prophets need to be called out. Most of these dreams and visions are nothing more than imaginations of their own mind. (Jer. 23:26)

    2. So families were not divided under Obama or D vs R before Trump (versus Hilary who didn’t divide anyone ?) was president ? Mine was. What nation have you been living in ? So Trump lies and lies and lies ? Care to list them so we can be aware ? As opposed to the Obama’s crimes : killing US citizens with drones, spying on political opponents, etc. Let me not forget all the Democrats and DC (Comey, etc) swamp that said for years that Trump was colluding with Russia when they knew that he wasn’t. You know what we call that ? Lies.
      Trump exposed the politicians and DC – if that split families then I guess some of them need to seek the Lord for the truth (not saying it’s only on Trump’s side)
      Jesus is indeed our Lord and Savior and that unites us – attacking Trump does not. Pray for your leaders

      1. Thanks for the reply. I look forward to discussing this with you. 🙂
        I guess my point was not to compare which team (R vs D) is more righteous. But, to point out that both parties have flaws in their official policies and in the leaders they have selected. This is something you seem to say too. When we as the church align with one party or another in order to gain more political power, we corrupt the church and the gospel.
        We saw this so clearly on January 6th. In the crowd, there was so much Christian imagery (Jesus Saves signs, shofars, Christian flag planted outside the capitol). These symbols were right alongside a gallows meant for Pence and certain members of Congress. Christian imagery was also right alongside people breaking down barriers and attacking police officers. How does that message help further the gospel? How does that show our un-believing neighbors that we love them and want them to go to heaven?
        I can’t see that it does. It seems that it would only tell them that us Christians are willing to physically attack others if the stakes are high enough. Not pray for them and turn the other cheek as Christ asked us to.
        Now, perhaps I see things incorrectly. If so, can you point out where I mis-perceive the situation?

  11. Thank you Wanda! The message you have posted, and shared in your video above, echo throughout the world, and we have heard them here in South Africa. We stand in faith as members of Gideon’s 300 and look forward to the miracles the Lord is about to reveal to the world. Over here we have a different way of expressing our “crazy faith”, over here it has been written about, and is called “Faith like potatoes”. Finding your blog site and listening to your YouTube messages has helped to clear the thick fog of deception that Satan had laid upon me and I cannot thank you enough. I encourage you, your community, your subscribers, and the nation of America, to stand firm in what the Lord has laid upon your heart. I too believe that “crazy” miracles are about to happen.

  12. I think it’s important to remember that God does not work on our calendar. President Trump may indeed have another term, but if it’s not this Jan. 20th, we must continue to trust God, and obey Him. It may be in 4 years, with all of us growing for God’s glory, in the meantime. Let us all be found faithful. Thank you, for the encouragement in this blog.

  13. Hi Wanda!
    Today I watched your video and how UPLIFTING it is…you had me smiling right along with you! YES!! And its funny because after you mentioned about the dreams you’ve heard, I wanted to share the one I had the night before I saw this video. I was watching a marathon race from the side lines and I saw a person running but noticed dark hair but couldn’t see his face because half of him was cut out of my picture view, but as I looked up coming behind him was the President and he was smiling as he ran catching up to this person. I got so excited to see him that i started waving to get his attention and when he looked over I smiled and wanted to take a picture but instead he ran over to where I was and someone standing next to me and he hugged us like a group hug and kissed me on top of my head and jumped back in the race and kept going!
    The way I see this is that dark haired person that I could not see a face on, was a sign of evil or darkness. But the President’s smile was one of confidence. And when he came over to us(the people) was a sign of love for the people as well as reassurance. Not to mention, that he took the time to greet us with a hug and kiss. Then he jumped right back in the race and kept going!!

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