Taking a stand for God’s purposes should not be motivated by stubbornness, but substance. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb 11:1)

God has already provided abundant evidence of His plans for this nation through years of words, dreams, visions, and supernatural encounters by both seekers and seers that cannot be dismissed or denied. The growing collection of prophetic dreams and visions from brothers and sisters around the world concerning God’s victory for our Republic cannot be ignored. There has been a supernatural element to this journey that is incredibly unnatural, unplanned, and unmistakable. I will not – indeed, I cannot – cast them aside simply because we don’t know the terms of their enforcement. Though God is unfailing in revealing His intentions, He rarely tells us when or how they will manifest.

When I asked the Lord about His timing yesterday, He gave a one-word answer, “PROXIMITY.” He reminded me of the story of Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac, and also about Samson in the temple. Both these events give us clues to the critical importance of being in proximity to the breakthrough. The ram in the thicket was only found after Abraham raised his knife over Isaac. What seemed to be a painful walk up that mountain proved to be the journey to God’s lifeline. Samson could only fulfill his destiny to destroy God’s enemies when he was placed in the center of the temple, right in the middle of their demonic revelry. Their public ridicule of God’s chosen vessel ended up being a trap that forever ended their wicked rule.

We don’t need another prophetic word or dream about our future as a nation. He’s already spoken. The hardest part of this nail-biting journey is that it’s out of our hands. That’s why He says, “…so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to STAND” (see Ephesians 6:13). 

We have declared that God does miracles. We have testified to the parting of the Red Sea. Yet, we must remember that God’s greatest miracles happen at the darkest times. I’ve heard from numerous intercessors saying they’ve been waking up around 3:00 in the morning – for absolutely no reason. Wide awake. I immediately think about another 3:00 event. It was the time of Jesus’ death.  And yet, at earth’s darkest hour – it turned out to be the greatest sting operation in all of history.

Pay attention. Sometimes, it’s not a matter of praying harder or praying longer, but simply being in the right place at the right time. What looks like defeat and destruction in the natural is often God’s perfect set-up for victory. We just need to…..

……..wait for it………


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  1. I lit three candles at Mass this past Saturday: one for my mother, one for President Trump and then I thought who needs prayers and Wanda Alger popped into my head. Then I thought to myself, “why Wanda, why would she need prayers? You don’t even know her.” Lo and behold, as I’m reading your latest entry.
    you end by asking for prayer…..Love your words. Love your messages.

  2. a couple of years ago the Lord graciously downloaded Psalm 27 into my heart and it has been an anchor to me in all the days that followed. But the scripture that was so forceful in its presentation was 13-14. It seemed to clothe my heart and it was the declaration constantly welling up ” I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord: be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”
    Paula in Kitty Hawk

  3. I just wanted you to know that, after reading the above, I went to my daily Bible reading. I’m reading the Bible through, chronologically, in a year in 3 different versions. Today’s Scripture is Genesis 22-24, beginning with the story of Abraham and Isaac. “Now after these things, God put Abraham to the test, and said to him, Abraham; and he said, Here am I.” etc.

  4. I’m often wake at night ~ usually around midnight but last night I woke up at 3 . So interesting that so many others did too 🤔

  5. Sister I’m standing strong in the prophecies from years ago to recent about the POTUS being Donald J Trump for 8 years… God said it I believe it that settles it… I don’t know how and that’s not my place to worry about it! But it is my place to have Faith in God… or have the God kinda Faith! I stand strong along with you and it might not be until a bit later that this stuff gets figured out but no matter what happens tomorrow I’m still standing on the word of God that has come forth!!! I don’t go by what I see or feel but what He said!!!!!!! He is the master planner!!!!!

  6. Around 12:30 a.m. this morning (1/19/21) I was awoken to pray. This is not a usual occurrence for me but non the less, I started praying in the Spirit, then read my Bible, and sang praises for over an hour. Before I fell back to sleep, I thought wow, something is going on.

  7. Wanda.
    Amen What looks like defeat and destruction in the natural is often God’s perfect set-up for victory. We just need to…..
    ……..wait for it………
    To me walking in the Spirit. Always.! Galatians 5:25 Since we live by the Spirit, let us walk in step with the Spirit.

    1. The book of Amos is as much a timely word today as it was the day it was written. 9 chapters full of the LORD’s decrees. GOD’s Judgements are unavoidable. He wants “…justice to roll down like waters, & righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”(Amos 5:24). [That’s an illustration of humility: the water (never stagnant), seeking the lowest place. Jesus humbled Himself twice: God becoming man, then humbling Himself to the point of death—Phil 2:8]. “The eyes of the LORD are on the sinful kingdom, & HE’ll destroy it from the face of the earth…” “The house of Israel (USA?) will be shaken as grain in a sieve, but not a kernel will fall to the ground.” (Amos 9:8,9). “Righteousness & justice are the foundation of His Throne, lovingkindness & truth go b4 Thee” (ps 89:14). He’s a covenant-keeping GOD Who sometimes uses natural disasters to wipe out His enemies, but protects His beloved. Amos 1:1 speaks of an earthquake. Scientists today, believe it was a major quake of 7.8-8.2. God promises to shake the heavens & the earth. Zechariah 14:5 makes a reference to Amos 1:1. Therefore, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus much like a mig-missile is locked on its target. Consider ps 45:7: “HE loves righteousness & hates wickedness; therefore God, Thy God, has anointed Thee w/oil & joy above Thy fellows.” The last full measure of evil & Father’s judgements are at hand. We must be the good & faithful servant who watches & waits for the Master’s bidding. Be of good cheer, HE has overcome the world. Your life is hidden in Christ w/God, those who believe. We don’t need to know everything b4 it happens. GOD will have the last word & the last laugh. Lol!

  8. Okay now, this IS getting spooky. A half an hour ago I told my wife about the series of strange dreams I had all night long. They were strange because they lacked a physical setting (place) … no people, and no story line. There were three different images that just kept hanging around: the first was a container (coffee can size) of soft shell macaroni, light brown in color. I have no idea what it was about or for but the sense attached to it was that it would be, and is at the same time, comfortable for the feet and yet strong enough to support someone standing. A second image was of a container a little bit larger, a little bit darker brown, and smaller granuals, about bb size. It had the same sense about (regarding the feet and standing) except that it was known to be stronger. The third image was of a plastic bowl, about one gallon size, that contained a mixture of pea-size, round somethings. The majority were dark brown but there were also mixed throughout many colorful ones. There was no sense, as with the other two, what it was about or for in the dream.
    When I awoke, I pondered the dreams and whether they might have some significance. As I did, one word kept coming to me, the only one that I could think of that described what the three had in common. The word was SUBSTANCE. All three containers held some kind of substance. I gave it more thought throughout the morning and was disappointed I could not come up with anything more interesting or suggestive than that.
    Well, I took my shower, got my cup of coffee, checked my email, clicked on Wanda Alger, and wham! There I read: “Taking a stand for God’s purposes should not be motivated by stubbornness, but substance. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb 11:1)”
    I feel like Thomas after checking out the nail marks: “My Lord and my God.”

      1. todd, Paul writes in Romans 1 that when anyone embraces homosexual sex their hearts become hardened against God and that you can only choose acting on those feelings by refusing to acknowledge God. Biden’s policies declare that God got it wrong: that homosexual sex is not only “not wrong”, it is good. Like Lucifer, Biden is telling you that God is a liar. Biden is in agreement with de certifying any Christian school that refuses to teach “gay is ok” or refuses to tell a boy he is actually a girl. That too is in opposition to God. Also, as you already know, Biden fully supports the murder of a child inside it’s mom…even while the child is being born…even after the child is born. Whatever god you feel is ok with that..isn’t God.

    1. I think He is. He always is. Whether it was FDR, Teddy, Lincoln, Bush, Clinton, or Obama in office, God is always the sovereign of the universe. He will work through Biden. He might have a misguided view on abortion and LGBT, but he seems to have a heart for the downtrodden and the alien. We’ll have to wait and see to know the particulars, but let’s be hopeful rather than abusive.

  9. Thank you very much for your wise words. It uplifts my family so much when we read and hear your messages. If we can’t be able to give you hugs right now, we’ll be able to give you hugs in Heaven. Praise God!

  10. I too woke at 3am and could not understand why I was so wide awake, thank you for your post, I feel honoured to be amongst those who the Lord has been nudging awake, Praise the Lord, Amen

        1. Please note that Wanda is not talking about Trump, but about the destiny of our country. She is focusing on the will of God and righteousness prevailing in this country and the world. Refusing to look at what the “other side” represents is the most appalling hypocrisy ever. Look not at an individual man as much as to what he represents. Are you a “Christian” who is okay with abortion, human trafficking, pedophilia, endless war, sexual perversion, destruction of the family, drug trafficking, open borders leading to millions of illegals voting, thereby destroying our nation, persecution of true christians..just to name a few??? These are all things a Biden administration will support. If this is the “christianity” you support, then the word has completely lost its meaning.

        2. And why did you feel the need to comment with such negativity, being a Christian as you claim? Being a Trump supporter may not be synonymous with being a Christian, but being a Biden supporter IS SYNONYMOUS with being anti-Christ.

        3. What about politeness? Do you think that is synonymous with being Christian? If you can’t say something nice, then stay quiet. What about being respectful instead of rude!

    1. I don’t look for feel stupid today. I know God is sovereign and will bring about His will. No man, inauguration, nor media content can thwart God’s plan.

      1. Wanda may look like a Fool at the moment to some ….but I believe she was, she is spot on …..God’s perfect set up for Victory
        will unfold and is unfolding…. Trust, Believe and have Faith ….. some patience is required…🙏

    2. It’s not about whether Biden got sworn in…They allowed this to happen. Maybe to allow christians to see for a short time just how evil this party really is…I’m actually ok with waiting a little longer just to allow evil to come out 3-D in color. Maybe then this Nation will want God’s ways…

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