Taking a stand for God’s purposes should not be motivated by stubbornness, but substance. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb 11:1)

God has already provided abundant evidence of His plans for this nation through years of words, dreams, visions, and supernatural encounters by both seekers and seers that cannot be dismissed or denied. The growing collection of prophetic dreams and visions from brothers and sisters around the world concerning God’s victory for our Republic cannot be ignored. There has been a supernatural element to this journey that is incredibly unnatural, unplanned, and unmistakable. I will not – indeed, I cannot – cast them aside simply because we don’t know the terms of their enforcement. Though God is unfailing in revealing His intentions, He rarely tells us when or how they will manifest.

When I asked the Lord about His timing yesterday, He gave a one-word answer, “PROXIMITY.” He reminded me of the story of Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac, and also about Samson in the temple. Both these events give us clues to the critical importance of being in proximity to the breakthrough. The ram in the thicket was only found after Abraham raised his knife over Isaac. What seemed to be a painful walk up that mountain proved to be the journey to God’s lifeline. Samson could only fulfill his destiny to destroy God’s enemies when he was placed in the center of the temple, right in the middle of their demonic revelry. Their public ridicule of God’s chosen vessel ended up being a trap that forever ended their wicked rule.

We don’t need another prophetic word or dream about our future as a nation. He’s already spoken. The hardest part of this nail-biting journey is that it’s out of our hands. That’s why He says, “…so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to STAND” (see Ephesians 6:13). 

We have declared that God does miracles. We have testified to the parting of the Red Sea. Yet, we must remember that God’s greatest miracles happen at the darkest times. I’ve heard from numerous intercessors saying they’ve been waking up around 3:00 in the morning – for absolutely no reason. Wide awake. I immediately think about another 3:00 event. It was the time of Jesus’ death.  And yet, at earth’s darkest hour – it turned out to be the greatest sting operation in all of history.

Pay attention. Sometimes, it’s not a matter of praying harder or praying longer, but simply being in the right place at the right time. What looks like defeat and destruction in the natural is often God’s perfect set-up for victory. We just need to…..

……..wait for it………


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  1. I often wake up during the night, and last night it was around 3. I tossed and turned for a bit and then prayed for our President and his family before going back to sleep. I work to focus on all of the promises of God found in His world to keep my spirit trusting for what he has in store for our country. CRAZY FAITH!!!! It encourages me when I hear of Christians all over the world praying with us because they know how important this is.

  2. 3 am has a lot of significance in the spirit realm…3-6 am is the fourth watch of the day….a time to set the day in motion and declare things in the earthly realm. This is is time to establish order, find favor, and consecrate all events of the day into the Lord’s hands, to expose the dark hour , uncover and remove veils of covenant agreements. To pray for God’s divine protection, to proclaim life and victory as heaven waits to fulfill words uttered as a command, and a time to transform history by calling things which are not as if they already are. If you are awakened at 3 am..it’s definitely to pray with purpose. ..it should not be ignored

  3. Amen sister Wanda! That encourages my heart to hear of the Lord stirring the saints at 3:00am to be about our Father’s business. I have long been called to that hour for the last shift of the night. And in the last year it’s been with increasing frequency. Along with increased dreams. This past week in 1 of my dreams, I stood at the top of a very high mountain. In my hand was a lighted torch. And although it was the darkest hour of the night and the land was covered with mist and fog. I could see all around me countless lights burning away. Even as I looked as far as my eye could see, there twinkled pin points of light and fire. My eyes welled up with tears of relief when I was aware of the saints that surrounded me. When I awoke, the comforting voice of the Lord reminded me that He is the center point for His church, from which we receive light and fire. We move and have our being in him. No power on earth can ban us or take away the communication of the Holy Spirit. In a nano second we can receive all the guidance, direction and provision we have need of. We’re linked by the all knowing, ever present and all powerful Spirit of God. So sister Wanda, I thank you and appreciate your encouraging exhortation and I stand in agreement with you!

  4. Hello Wanda.
    I’m Christine Ross from Belfast.
    As I was praying last night, I clearly saw Samson standing between the pillars and I began to pray that God would raise up His Samson’s in this hour. Men and women who will take a stand for righteousness and justice without regard for what it may cost them personally.
    Also, you may have already seen it, but Veronika West had a very clear word from the Lord last night comparing the situation with Donald Trump to Abraham and Isaac.
    She felt the strategy now should be to pray in the Spirit over this situation.
    On the day of the election, the Lord told me to keep on praying as the battle wasn’t over. He hasn’t yet told me to stop.
    He gave me 2 Bible scenarios. The one where David enquired of the Lord and he was told to go after the raiders as he would “recover all that was taken from you”.
    Also Lazarus where Jesus performed an greater miracle in the face of an impossible situation.
    Also, when I see Joe Biden, I don’t see the Lords anointing on him for the role if president.
    Continuing to pray.
    Blessings in Christ.

  5. Our President Trump is not finished yet…It will be historic…The military would not even fly Biden to the inauguration. Trump is giving us clues…1776…He will clean out the corruption…What the Dems are doing is all fake. Nothing is real. It’s not important, but see how loony they really are. Trump is coming back very soon!

  6. I’m sorry Wanda. I think all of us, prophets and all, have been deceived. And that all the dreams, visions, etc have meant something different from what we thought. I still believe you are honest and sincere, so I am not going to throw stones at you.
    With Biden’s ascension the demons of hell now hold sway over America. Trump has abandoned us, showing that he wasn’t the fighter we all thought he was. “Give me liberty or give me death?” I guess Trump shrugged that one off, as he could have used the executive orders and the insurrection act to try to save us, but didn’t. For sure the military has been corrupted by the Left, or Trump would have used it.
    Terrifying times likely to come, unless several old testament style miracles somehow happen in our favor, the types which haven’t transpired in 2000 years. Good luck with hoping for His intervention on such epic scales, unless we are in the Apocalypse. Just my .02…
    My plan is to accept that we are now under socialism/communism overlords, and to fight against them in the flesh. I would rather they slay me on my feet than live under them on my knees. I pray God gives me, and millions others, the courage to resist tyranny with blood. Our blood is the only thing we have left, and it may take decades, like it did Russia in the last century, to get our country back from thid awful evil.

  7. Thank you so very much sister Wanda, a much needed encouragement for this hour. God Bless you 💖🤗😊🙏🏻

  8. I think after so many prophetic words, it’s perhaps prudent to now provide prayer points, so intercessors and believers can pray what God has ordained into existence.
    I don’t think all the prayers and tears of millions will be in vain. God will move in His own time.
    I am in South Africa, and my wife and I and many friends pray for you all on a daily basis. We will continue to stand with you in prayer until Goliath has been overcome.
    Remember, ‘they’ are taunting the armies of the most High God, and God is not mocked. You will see victory! Hang in there…
    Read Hab 2:3-12.
    God bless you all…

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