This is a follow-up response to yesterday’s inauguration and my video released several weeks ago about the unfolding electoral drama. In this new video I share what I got wrong, but also what a lot of us are getting right. Regardless of HOW we got here, we now have another opportunity before us to respond rightly to what the SPIRIT OF THE LORD is saying and doing.

God is not sending this nation into years of communist rule with no way out. Though we may have to endure “for a night” God still have a plan – and it’s for our good! As many have already prophesied, His Spirit is about to be poured out upon the NATIONS of the earth in an unprecedented way. But, the Ekklesia must be of one mind and spirit in order to receive it!. This is what we must learn in the coming days – to recognize where the spirit is moving and partner with Him THERE.

The devil will fight this tooth and nail. The religious spirits, along with Jezebel and Leviathan, are going on a hunting spree to KILL the person and work of Holy Spirit. The prophetic voice of the Ekklesia is being beaten down because these demonic strongmen are trying to silence the voice of the Lord. We must discern carefully in the days ahead as counterfeits continue to increase and platforms of men promise empty hopes that only lead to death.

Please watch this video below to hear an update on a previous dream I shared, along with a powerful vision someone sent to me that suggested something else taking place. God is working a plan and He has been preparing many of us for this very hour of radical transformation and reformation. He has also given us HIS SPIRIT so that heaven and earth can come together to release the fullness of His Kingdom for THIS amazing time we live in!



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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I am rooted and grounded in faith to the words given by the Lord to his prophets. After
    a rough Wednesday I woke up to the words exploding in my heart. A stand is a stand and WE SHALL STAND!!!!!

  2. Wanda, I so agree. This finetuning of our discernment is the most important thing we can gain through this experience. It is indeed preparation for what’s coming and a training as well as a test of faith.
    Absolutely, I agree with you 100% in EVERY point you make here. I so needed to hear this confirmation to settle the matter in my heart. There is more coming and I know it will look like nothing we’ve ever seen before. I thank God and bless you as we wait on the Lord.
    With love and belief, Jill

  3. I stand with you in crazy faith that pleases God! I believe the word of the prophets! Donald Trump SHALL serve consecutively a second term.
    Have you seen the below link? 20” into the video- Mike Lindell shares of hard data of election fraud info he delivered to president Trump –Great encouragement to NOT give up!
    & Loved how this interview with Jeff Jansen and Kat Kerr gives such encouragement, and sheds light into the times and God’s purpose in the delay,
    I SO appreciate you, Wanda! Keep standing, sharing, and prophesying! You are such a blessing to the body of Christ!

  4. Getting chills and goosebumps. Perry Stone say’s you could almost read the goosebumps like brail. Just trying to be light hearted. Love you.

  5. Wanda I would like you to know I am clinging to the word of God and several prophetic voices like yours as a lifeline right now! God has used you in a mighty way in my life! Please know there are many of us who are standing with you❤️

  6. Thanks for this word, Wanda. I don’t know what will or will not happen – I too am hopeful -but I too am concerned about the future of the prophetic. I am especially concerned about the revilers of the prophetic in the Church itself, people who hold themselves up as the judge and jury of God and spew insults with inflated righteous indignation. I love the prophets I have seen who exhibit sincerity and humility – and also boldness. If they speak the words of God, that’s all I care. Yes, they might get it wrong by unknowingly adding their own worldly concerns but I value their sharing of the word they received. Not only one prophet, but a contingent of prophets. This is not over by any means but it is a moment to pause and reflect. May God bless you richly.

  7. Thank you for being so honest and candid. This season has made me feel so kindred to a company of people I don’t even know. You confirmed and affirmed so much for me (God has been having to encourage me every couple of days to continue standing on what he has told me and many others in this hour). It’s certainly been a wild ride but I know God, ever the teacher, is using the current dilemma to sharpen our discernment and hone our spiritual senses. Praying for you and proclaiming alongside you!

  8. Wanda I greatly value your prophetic words and your heart! Thank you for sharing!! And I agree with you. I want to be fully trained by the Holy Spirit and fully free of all that taints or clouds His image in me. I also fully agree that Donald Trump WILL be our President these next four years. (based on my history with the Lord ). It is not over!!
    On 11/20/20 I had an encounter ( half asleep, as I was waking.. dream or vision ) I was experiencing going to my French doors and opening up the curtains but as I did, I knew God was involved.. like He was ” saying, I want to show you something..) as I did , I saw red – which turned out to be a red balloon then as the curtains opened fully, a string of red balloons were on my patio.
    I know this was the Lord showing me the Victory! God’s Victory ! Like a surprise! Our agreement ( covenant) with Him is our part. I BELIEVE! May God bless you, His faithful, beloved servant! Our BEST Days are just ahead.. even at the door!

  9. Did you see this? Pretty cool!
    tonight at 9:21 pm, it will be the 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century. Happy 21st!

  10. Hi Wanda! I had started watching your YouTube channel a week before the inauguration and it has helped me a lot in my relationship with the Lord. It is so weird how it took an election to snap me back on track. I know this inauguration put a damper on everyone but last night something crazy happened to me. My mom has been separated from my father for over 10 years and she has been bitter towards him or men in general. What I have seen is that the enemy uses things that people need healing from the Lord and showcases it on MSM so it triggers people. So a lot of the ugliness people say about Trump is a symptom of the hurt they need healing. I hope that makes sense. Anyways my mom texted me about divorcing my dad and all of a sudden I felt the holy spirit tell me that her feelings of bitterness is a way to keep her guarded from getting hurt again. I called her and she confirmed it. And the truth finally came out its not my dad she is feeling bitter towards but it’s God she’s feeling bitter toward. She felt she needed to be the perfect wife for God and when her marriage failed she thought it was God who hurt her and it made her close her heart off to him. Right then and there I felt God’s heart to her that he’s right here waiting for her and he’s a gentleman and she can take baby steps and if she needs to stop he isn’t going to force her to keep going forward but he’s right there and he wants her. This is just the beginning the best is yet to come. I’m telling you if it wasn’t for your videos confirming what the Lord has been telling me I wouldn’t be here. Take Care!

  11. Don’t back down Wanda. If you heard, you heard and I believe you heard. What is a date? Who are we to call it at Jan 20th. God has His own calendar. This cheat was way too massive to stand. It was a worldwide cheat. It cannot stand and I don’t believe God will allow it to stand; it’s far from over. Do not back down.

  12. I had been thinking on this today also, knowing in my spirit I shouldn’t let this get me down. And also thinking about the Kim Clement prophecy that there would be 2 presidents one was a stately man & one was hot blooded like king David. And the stately man would be removed. That Trump would be for another 4 years. That it would be a new thing that would be established in the people of God & government because it would become God’s government not mans, it’s would become evident in the spring & I do wonder if that means spring in our spirit or spring time or maybe both!

  13. I believe you and the other prophets are spot on. That curtain hasn’t closed!!
    But even if every prophetic voice missed it and every Christian is wrong, including me, I will Praise God! We are human but he’s all knowing!!

  14. Wanda, found your blog about a month ago. Your video from today was a needed word of wisdom. You said something that I’ve often thought is key which is about our responsibility as believers to also hear from the Lord ourselves and have His voice to us be a second witness to what other prophetic voices are saying. The heart attitude that sits and waits to cast a stone at another is…terrible and heart breaking.
    In the midst of this battle over the Word of the Lord relating to the Presidency..I’ve done sooooooo much praying. I was in Coudersport, PA with Dutch and his team and at Independence hall in Philadelphia praying according to dreams given to intercessors. Its so funny how I’ve found an unexpected result in my heart with all the praying about our National crisis and situation …..the growth in my heart of love for Jesus, the man. I know that Love of Him will be central to the coming Awakening and Holy Spirit era we are entering…guess I never expected the Spirit to work and grow this love in me while I was praying about America!
    Anyway, I appreciate your work and the time you take to share your perspective and what the Lord shows to you. Thanks and God bless!

  15. Still standing, still believing, still trusting in the Lord and His prophets.
    May the Lord bless you, may you find your encouragement in Him and confidence in knowing you recognize his voice and another you will not follow.
    I have never made an online comment and I am not a wordsmith but I wanted to do my best to encourage you,
    At no time in that Dec 16th video did you remotely insinuate that Jan 20th was when “the curtain was coming down.” It may have been in your heart or your deepest longing but you never put God in that box.
    We have all been carried along by natural events, times, people involved. If you watch the news it is easy to be influenced. There have been several times (now is one of them) during all of this that I feel as if the Lord has said not to watch the news.
    I have only been following your blog since December but each post and video has been an encouragement and a blessing. Your humility, love, calmness and faith shine through like a beacon. You may have been disappointed by the events of the 20th but you didn’t miss God in your public postings. The curtain may still be up but I can’t wait to hear the crash.
    We-bles may wobble but they don’t fall down they STAND.

  16. Yes, we all need each other. But I think prophetic voices needed to not listen to other prophetic voices because, just like the the Bible. Jeremiah 23:30 “Therefore,” declares the LORD, “I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me.
    Now this is really hard with the internet. It is seductive and addicting. I’m up to 2am everynight on youtube. It’s not healthy. I’m afraid the prophetic voices got affected too and began borrowing words from each other.
    I was never able to completely sign off on a second term for my beloved President. Right now my focus is that they cannot hurt him even more and that the Lord will continue exposing evil and if he chooses to use President Trump more, that would be lovely.
    God does all things well. We are all growing in the Lord because of this crisis. Evil is being exposed more this way. Has anything miraculous in your life ever happened exactly like you thought it would? Stay strong and courageous

  17. Hi, Wanda, I’ve also been following Chris Yoon. It’s cool to see several very different prophets agree on one big thing like this. But I notice that both of you got into a bit of trouble going beyond what the Lord gave you. So it would help the credibility of the prophets, I think, to stick with the word the Lord gave you, and just say, “I don’t know” with the rest of us on things He hasn’t revealed, such as actual dates. 🙂 I think you realized that in this video. I’m still believing.

  18. My heart sank when I watched the swearing in ceremony… thinking how can God allow this…I fell asleep feeling dejected and hopeless…. I awoke with the realization that God has a different strategy way bigger than we can imagine…. we all have that tendency to give up so easily ..
    God wants us to dream big, really big !

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