In the last few days, I have been sent both a vision from someone in South Africa and a dream from someone in New Zealand about the United States. It is evident that the nations are praying for us! It is also clear that what we are walking through has global implications! Interestingly, they both speak of a STORM and a DARKNESS coming to this nation – for a short time. But, as a result, miraculous things will take place. Consider for yourself:


“While I was running, I saw a vision. I saw an EAGLE. I didn’t realize that the eagle is what’s on the FLAG for the presidency of America. I saw this eagle and it was within the flag, filled with 51 stars. As I was running, I saw the 51 stars fall from the flag. And I saw all the colors in the flag disappear. The only thing that remained was the eagle. And the flag – what was behind the eagle – was complete DARKNESS. And the whole country went into complete darkness – it was just pitch black.”

“But, God SET THE EAGLE ON FIRE! It was the eagle, set on fire itself – it was burning with fire and there were like sparkles behind it wherever it flew. And it flew left and it flew right, it flew east and it flew south and north, and all the different directions, it flew in circles. It flew everywhere – it was SET ON FIRE! And every time it flapped its wings furiously, color started coming back to the flag. And, as it kept on flapping its wings, when the color eventually came back- the blues, and the reds, and the whites eventually came back into the flag – there was ONLY ONE STAR that remained. All the other stars, by the time the darkness had cleared up, there were no more stars. It was a flag still, with the eagle, but only one star.”

“I felt that the Holy Spirit is telling me that there is going to be darkness that will come upon America, but the hope will still very much be alive, and GOD WILL BRING A REVIVAL TO AMERICA during that troublesome time. And that by the time the smoke clears and everything is restored, there will not be 51 “states” anymore. I feel that God is saying that everyone will UNITE and everybody will only want ONE GOVERNMENT. Everyone will only be wanting to be under one – likely basically – one “state.”  This will UNITE THE COUNTRY EVEN CLOSER….I just felt like that even though the darkness surrounded America, God’s FIRE was even more relevant – that eagle was ON FIRE. It was such a powerful picture.”


“A few weeks ago, I asked the Lord what was happening in America, as I live in New Zealand and we watch and read all that is going on. I asked the Lord for a dream about America. That night I had this dream:”

“I was standing in a paddock (a small field or enclosure for horses) in America, as I noticed an American red barn on the property. A huge black cloud was coming towards us. It started to hail and have lightning.  I said to those with me, we better head for shelter – A STORM IS COMING – a real bad looking storm it was.”

“As I watched it, all of the sudden, the back portion of the cloud SUDDENLY WAS CUT OFF – like it had been cut with a knife. Then I saw a beautiful golden curved staircase made of golden light come out of the back of the cloud, and come down to earth. Then I saw TWO BIG ANGELS of GOLDEN LIGHT walk down the staircase side by side and step onto the ground. The stair case and the Angels then disappeared and I woke up.”


It is said that the Founding Fathers specifically chose the bald EAGLE as the emblem for our nation because of its independence, strength, and quest for freedom. The eagle represents the HEART OF AMERICA – and we cannot give up! In the eagle flapping its wings, We The People are keeping the HEARTBEAT OF THIS NATION ALIVE! And, it’s because of a zealous FIRE of GOD that is coming upon this land! THIS is what will bring us back from the brink of death and draw us together as one. Truly, the zeal and fire of the Lord will accomplish this!

In the first vision, there was no indication of how long this DARKNESS would last. However, I personally don’t believe it has to be long. It could even represent a blackout of some kind. I’ve wondered about this ever since December of 2019 when I had a dream where the Lord said there was about to be a “major reset” of the “power grid.”  Just two days ago, a Facebook follower sent me a dream where President Trump was about to make an announcement of some kind and handed him an umbrella – as if to prepare for a storm. One prophet I shared this with had a strong witness to a coming “darkness” to this nation, but again, didn’t sense it would be for a long period of time. The second dream seems to suggest this, as the storm that came did not linger before all of HEAVEN OPENED UP. The fact that the “back side” of the storm cloud was CUT OFF is also significant.

What’s most encouraging is WHAT CAME OUT OF THIS STORM AND DARKNESS! UNITY – ORDER – and HEAVEN COMING DOWN! Wade had also shared that, because of all the exposures that will happen, people will be awakened as never before and we will all finally want the same thing. Truly – ONE NATION – UNDER GOD. (The indication of 51 states could be a reference to Washington DC which is currently vying to become a state.)

Obviously, there’s a lot more here to unpack in terms of symbols and hidden meanings. But, I believe the Lord wants to encourage us by showing us the END of the story/storm. In 1 Kings 8:12, Solomon reminds us that THE LORD DWELLS IN THICK DARKNESS. Rather than any darkness appearing like His “absence” – He is actually IN IT, PREPARING us for the LIGHT TO COME. He is the One riding on the winds and coming to set things right.

“The oracle concerning Egypt. Behold, the Lord is riding on a swift cloud and is about to come to Egypt; The idols of Egypt will tremble at His presence, And the heart of the Egyptians will melt within them.” (Isaiah 19:11)

Whatever storms or darkness may come, I believe they are being steered by the hand of God Almighty. No schemes of the enemy can outmaneuver the will of God! They will serve HIS greater purposes, and will bring all of mankind to the full revelation of His Kingdom. I believe the rains of heaven are about to pour. Get your umbrella.


*Please share your comments and feedback below, in addition to sharing this post and blogsite with others. My prayer is that we, as believers, would be united in our vision concerning God’s purposes for His body and Bride. You can help by sharing these posts and engaging others in our journey together! Thank you so much!



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  1. This is definitely what I needed to hear Wanda! Thanks so much for sharing these messages. We’ve been waiting for a turning point to come, and from what I’ve heard from others who have had prophetic dreams, I figured that when it came it would be marked by a very disruptive time for a short time. (These other dreams were given months ago by a number of people I found on YouTube.) The waiting has been difficult, especially remaining in a prayerful state, and having to deal with the attacks of the enemy. It’s been increasingly difficult and very tiring, but these messages give me hope that the wait won’t be much longer. I’m very thankful for that! Praise the Lord!

  2. Powerful Vision from South Africa. So glad folks are praying and I pray that believers will learn to speak in love the wisdom of God for salvation. Have you ever asked Jesus into your life? Would you like tod o that today? So important to plant and take a harvest in One day!

  3. WANDA, I understand how significant eagles are. Just as in the 4 living creatures: one is as an eagle (symbolic of rising above the trials, testing, storms of life on a wing and a prayer.)
    I was more or less forced to move from my childhood home in the early 1960’s. I did not want to go. I was gone for 50 years. I never quit praying to be able to move back home, if it could be the LORD’s will. I got to move back home in 2013 (MY JUBILEE).
    I realize all too well that “things” cannot continue on as they are going NOW. Frightening and sobering to say the least!. BUT I have Faith in GOD. He has proved Himself sure in my life many times throughout my almost 76 years now.
    These dreams and visions are so revealing. I realize that it will take something Big to bring our divided nation back together. Wake-Up Calls can be very tough—but at times GOD HAS TO USE THEM TO GET OUR ATTENTION.
    It is a Great comfort that people around the world are praying for America…We do desperately need it. A MILLION THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHEREVER YOU ARE WHO ARE PRAYING FOR AMERICA. I feel that they hopefully know that GOD’s people here in America are praying for the nations of the world. WE WILL ALL KNOW EACH OTHER AND BE ABLE TO FELLOWSHIP JOYFULLY IN HEAVEN.

  4. This is a video by Jeffrey Prather who is a minister & a former Intel agent. He still trains Military Intel people in martial arts and has Intel sources that have warned him that there is a possible cyber attackbcoming in July or August on our USA POWER GRID. It won’t last that long but will drastically affect our financial system. This sounds so much like your dream Wanda. Go to 39 min and listen to where Jeffrey talks about it. .

  5. Interesting too that the eagle also represents the prophetic. I have heard many of God’s prophets say that THIS is a particular “time of the prophets”. It is interesting that the eagle sees from great heights and as the prophetic moves across the nation, the people of America can be united in a single voice. As it states in Amos 3:7
    “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” Thank you, Wanda…for being one of those remnant watchmen, to provide warning to the ekklesia during this important time. May God continue to bless you with insight and revelation, as you go.

  6. Wanda…thank you SO much for your endurance and wisdom. Your willingness to share information and your Godly insight provides many with comfort and strength while we STAND, PRAY and WAIT for God’s mighty hand to intervene. Praise God and I pray for HIS protection and blessings over you and your family!

  7. This is very encouraging to me because for the last month or so the Lord has been speaking to me about the darkness and the light and how He is working in the darkness. I have written some posts on my blog. Bless you.

  8. These Visions are like the one I had 10 years ago concerning the United States.
    I had a vision on September 21, 2011. In the vision I saw the United States starting at the east coast. What I saw was a thick black fog and it was rolling in over the ocean and blanketing the country, as I said before, it began at the east coast and moved across the entire united states. The thing that I know about fog is that usually when the sun comes out the fog dissipates, however, this fog blotted out the sun’s light. Next I saw beams of light punching through the fog extending heavenward; these were intercessors praying for America . I believe that the Lord is issuing a call to prayer to believers

  9. One night in December I had been praying about the election situation here in the USA, as I often do.The next morning as I drove to work , in my mind I heard the Lord say “ Not every victory is easy or painless”. I believe the days ahead may be difficult but ultimately things will turn out according to God’s will.

  10. With the vision pertaining to the eagle and 51 states… We have 50, not 51… so he may have seen something different (DC is not a “state”). Also with “one state and one government”, this would be a complete removal of the constitution as it pertains to states rights and a one state rule… which is completely against the constitutional fathers vision. This would be the first time I am aware of any one sharing a vision that actually removes our constitutional system… which also removes states rights thus… United States.

    1. Two nights ago, my husband was watching this video. I was asleep on the couch and when he woke me up to go to bed , I told him I remembered a part of the dream that I had just woken from.
      I was in a living room in front of a Christmas tree and I was telling my son Sam to get his Nintendo switch ready because God’s glory was coming really soon!!!
      My husband said that he had just heard that on your video !!! I have never experienced a dream like this- let alone confirmation from a source I wasn’t even watching!!!!
      Thank you track you thank you!!!!

  11. I’ve been having dreams periodically that I believe are from the Lord. In the last dream I heard these words, “the mission is, taking kings, queens, princes and princesses down.” I didn’t think much about it until price Philip’s death.

  12. I just listened to your video about a blackout with a power grid. Yesterday 4/13/21 Texas got a warning about preparing to conserve energy even though there hasn’t been high temperatures! Thought you might want to know.
    Thank you for your messages!

  13. I had a dream the day before the nov 3rd election and the day after. The first was a dream where we were living in 2 realities or 2 different ways of receiving information and understanding. It was like many were living a life of deception and were not looking. The other reality was one of searching for truth and information in’underground’ sorts of ways.
    The day after the election I saw a man standing atop a high wood structure lean forward and open the top off a tall bird house that we have in our backyard. All fell immediately as light went into the house. It was catastrophic. The man fell but when the dust settles he was upright and fine. The structure he was in was obliterated. The birdhouse looks just like the Mai building in the forbidden city in Beijing China.

  14. I believe the one star represents we will still have 50 states (not 51), and the 50 will be united under God by a rebirth of this nation according to (acts 2), and the early church. The darkness is a revealing of every hidden thing against God, the sanctity of life and every thing we hold dear. When the Spirit of Truth comes and lays all things bare we will be set free, and in Him only is there liberty and freedom.

  15. Thank you so much, Wanda! I appreciate very much the discernment and wisdom you have been sharing in the past few months. I am wondering if you could share your current view on the vaccines? What do you think we should consider or what should we look out for?

  16. Wanda I saw your ElijahStreams. You said something about God coming to earth I have been haven visions for more than 2 weeks. I am new in my faith and I have no idea how to let people know that God’s Glory and the Holy of Holiest and the Spirit of God are coming with an army of angels to free the world, the underground cities and tunnels. The sound and frequency of God together with constant rain was extraordinary. I saw God’s Glory come over America first and move around the world from west to east and north to south with very strong rains as God cleansed the world. As the Holy Spirit move through the states there will be a message. Arizona, your tenacity will deliver you your desire election. Florida, One Nation Under God. As the Holy Spirit moved over every country there was a judgment. Finally I saw the eagle make a movement like diving but up towards God and when the eagle unfolded its wings I heard “America is Free” then “God has free the world”. There is more to the the vision but I needed to shorten it. Next day God cleanse the underground cities, tunnels and sacrifice alters. I tried to send you an email to discuss the whole message from God. Involves His infinite love for His children and the new resources that are coming to earth.

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