There is a growing number of modern-day revolutionaries crying out for justice and calling attention to the threats coming against our Constitutional Republic. Knowing that this is more than simply calling back our duly elected Commander in Chief, this battle concerns the life or death of our nation. Unless the lies and coverups are corrected, there will never again be a free election, or a nation led by the people and for the people.

And yet, there are those who continue to call out these concerned watchmen as Trump worshipers who are crying wolf. Convinced that they are idolizing a man and forsaking a greater call to evangelism and social equity, these voices are being told to stand down and be quiet; not only by hostile legislators and politicians, but by various sectors of the Church.

I can’t help but think about the early disciples and a similar challenge they faced when trying to wake up the people of their nation. The religious leaders of their day were similarly concerned about all the noise they were making and were calling for the whole movement to be silenced. It was a respected Pharisee, Gamaliel, who suggested they leave them alone and let the results up to God.

“So in this situation, you should just leave these people to themselves. For if this plan or undertaking originates with men, it will fade away and come to nothing. But if this movement is of God, you won’t be able to stop it. And you might discover that you were fighting God all along!” (Acts 5:38-39 TPT)

What an idea! This movement might actually be of God! We should ask ourselves why it is that the questions and concerns raised about the election, our president, and the pandemic create such a stir. If there’s really nothing to the claims and conspiracies suggested, why does it cause so much consternation, not only on social media, but in the mainstream news? If these issues have no merit, than they should have no power and be of little consequence. And yet, they continue to create tension, strife, and division. You’d think the devil was involved, somehow…

I am certainly not suggesting that every conspiracy claim is true or that every challenge has merit. The ongoing issues require each of us to do our own homework and give prayerful consideration to the facts. But, if we’re going to have any corporate authority against the demonic agendas in our nation, perhaps we need a reminder of the requirements necessary for God’s blessing to fall.

“Blessed is the man (nation) who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.” (Psalms 1:1-2)

If we want our nation to be blessed, we are instructed to avoid the counsel and advice of wicked men. We are not to stand alongside their twisted agendas or godless plans concerning our future. We become guilty by association when we simply go along with their deception. Worse yet, when we refuse to take a stand against their darkened plans, we can come under the same spirit of ridicule and scorn that fuels their agendas. Before long, we are no better than they are when we ridicule and criticize those who are simply pursuing the truth.

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” (Ephesians 5:11 ESV)

There is a God-given passion for truth that is compelling many God-fearing citizens and Spirit-fueled believers to sound an alarm and expose the works of darkness. Just like the early disciples, these radical visionaries are willing to confront the status quo, ask some challenging questions, and rattle the cages of some sacred cows. Can we recognize the zeal of the Lord at work – even if it pushes some buttons? Do we dare take the risk of challenging their cause if, in fact, it’s a work of heaven?

Before some folks get knocked off their hi-horse like Saul and get confronted by a voice from heaven (see Acts 9:3-4), perhaps a second look would be in order. For those concerned with all the noise these revolutionaries are making, perhaps we need to heed Gamaliel’s advice. If it’s motivated by human agenda, it will have no power to change anything and will eventually fade away. But, if it is Spirit-inspired and fueled by heaven – nothing will change it, and nothing can stop it. What side of history you’ll stand on, is up to you.

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  1. Marlene Kelley // April 14, 2021 at 4:58 pm // Reply

    Today i listened to an interview of David Horowitz by Eric Metaxas, this month, and one by David Rubin in spring of 2017. I highly recommend both interviews to anyone wondering how serious the danger is to our nation. The screeming opposition is designed to intimidate and cower those speaking truth and who play by the rules of civil society. The enemy is not civil!! It is demonic! The Church needs to get some backbone and stand up with courage against the bullies!!

  2. God is on His throne with our Precious Lord and Savior seated at His right side just waiting as our ever appointed Warrior and already won battle. All of what the power of the Holy Spirit is said through Wanda and God’s appointed strong faith believers is absolute. Though dark blinders are on the eyes and souls of so many that have turned their backs on America, may they be shaken to their core for God is to be feared in awe and love. Surrender your lives to our Precious Jesus before it’s too late. God wants every ear to hear and every knee to bow that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and the all powerful Son of God. This is His calling and I stand in confident faith and hope that His return is eminent and to His discernment. God bless America and all those who surrender to the will of God, and God bless the rest of the world who believe and are praying. We who believe, surrender, and stand in our faith have nothing to fear for He that is in us is GREATER than he that is in the dark hearts that choose the misguided blinders of the evil one. Death is a privilege for all of eternity that willingly choose and surrender to the salvation of Jesus Christ. Trump was a part of God’s shaking to America, but also the timing involved was a warning to the world. Now we as believers continue to pray and stand in the hope and confidence of our faith and salvation.
    Thank you, Wanda, for being sensitive to God’s calling as He has used you as a vessel to give His servants and followers a glimpse of His glory to come. My heart, my mind, and my soul sang inside as I read Wanda’s words and the replies of all that love the Lord, and the blessings upon America and the rest of the world for all that believe in Him. Hallelujah and to God be the glory, Amen.

  3. Torey Goodson // April 14, 2021 at 11:33 am // Reply

    Agreed!!! What is all the fuss about if it’s all not true?? I’m still praying for exposure of every evil plan of the enemy, all fraud and corruption…

  4. Diana Burton // April 14, 2021 at 10:57 am // Reply

    What an amazing word! Thank you Wanda.


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