I wanted to take this opportunity to share some important updates about this growing ministry. Scroll down for 1) A change coming to this blog, 2) Special upcoming events to consider, and 3) My latest word and video…


This year the Lord has been directing me to focus even more on my speaking and not just my writing. This means things are going to shift in how I interact here on my blog.  Since starting my own YouTube channel this past January, I have already reached over 1 MILLION VIEWS on my channel! This has been such a God-sized surprise and I am thrilled to see the Lord’s favor on this new media platform. I have over 28,000 subscribers already and hundreds continue to subscribe on a weekly basis. It’s the favor of God – pure and simple. I am really enjoying speaking to this entirely new audience on YouTube that is HUNGRY for the things of the Spirit. Something happens when people see your face and hear your voice. Not only can I share a lot more content – people really catch my heart. And, that’s gold to me:-). Currently, I am posting two videos every week.

Because of God’s favor on this new YouTube platform, I will now be writing just one blog a week and then sharing one of my videos each week. For my subscribers to this blog, you will still receive two blog posts each week (on average). But, instead of two written articles, one will be written and the other will be a YouTube video with some bullet points. Given the time needed to manage this new platform, I need to focus my time accordingly. I’m not doing less – I’m actually doing MORE – just in a different format:-).

If you want to receive the “full measure” of what the Lord is giving me, I highly encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel. Though they are generally longer than most Facebook videos (between 25-35 minutes long), they have a lot of material to chew on:-). I know some folks say they don’t have time to watch videos. Personally, I often listen to them while I’m on the road in the car. They also might be the perfect fit for some of your younger family members or friends who don’t like to read. Please pray for me as I steward this new opportunity!



SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 8:30 am – 4 pm: For those close to Winchester, Virginia, we’re opening up this one-day women’s event for anyone who wants to join in. I’ll be teaching on Becoming God’s Woman of Power and Authority. I would love to meet any of you women who might be able to join our fellowship for this special time of teaching and ministry!


AUGUST 19-21, 2021 – PROPHETIC MENTORING WEEKEND WITH WANDA ALGER : This mentoring weekend is designed to encourage, equip, and empower any and all to prophetic ministry. From beginners to those who are seasoned in ministry, these sessions will help reframe and refresh our corporate understanding of this gift and ministry as a prophetic people. (*The event will not be livestreamed, but it will be recorded for later purchase.)

There is limited space and an early bird special if you register before June 30!

September 12-14, Camp Hill, PA
September 24-26, Telford, PA
October 14-17, Seymour, IN
November, 4-6, New Castle, WA


I had a dream the other week about Q, the anonymous military intel phenomenon. Regardless of your personal feelings of its legitimacy or accuracy, it has impacted millions of people and caused many to wake up to what’s happening in the world. As I have prayed into this, I sense a shift happening as God’s hand is reaching even deeper into the intelligence community. This is what I believe God wants us to pray and prophesy:

Where many Patriots have looked to Q for primary intel in past months, Holy Spirit is about to take center stage as words of knowledge and prophetic revelation go to another level. Insider information will now be sought, not just by those with military or government access, but to those who have heaven’s. Things in the natural will give way to things of the spirit as human limitations will become more and more evident. Though many in the prophetic community have pursued this heavenly intel, unsaved public figures who have national platforms will have an increased hunger to know what Holy Spirit is saying more than what the experts are saying. The word of the Lord will not be some sideshow of misfits, but the most accurate source of truth for any honest seeker!

God-fearing citizens will become fueled by the Spirit of Truth and run on high octane revelation instead of mid-grade military intelligence. The Awakening is building its momentum and reaching the highest levels of influence! Even some of the false prophets in media will have a dramatic turn-around as they encounter Truth from a supernatural source that is undeniable. Not only will the word of the Lord be sought after; it will be celebrated and honored.

God will not be mocked, but neither will His Spirit be sidelined. Heaven is touching earth and calling us up. High level security clearance to throne room agendas is being issued to any and all who seek it. The Awakening is shifting into high gear. Prophesy this upgrade and see what the Lord will do!




Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your YouTube channel! It has been such a blessing to me and my husband during this time. We are learning so much from your messages. I believe the Lord is using you in a very powerful way. Thank you so much for your hard work in getting us these messages and videos!

  2. after listening to your video on Q I could not help but to bring to mind the song “HEAR I AM LORD, IS IT I LORD. so in line with your video

  3. “The Awakening is building its momentum and reaching the highest levels of influence! Even some of the false prophets in media will have a dramatic turn-around as they encounter Truth from a supernatural source that is undeniable.”
    Awesome info! I am one of your YouTube subscribers and I am one of those who LOVES to hear vs read:-)

  4. Wanda, I believe you are absolutely on the right track with your Gospel prophecy and deployment avenues of internet videos and in person teachings. May God strengthen and bless you with the energy and find rest when you need it. I would like to mention that the John Birch Society has put out credible, vetted, information about the criminal oligarchical bad actors within in our own government and around the world for decades. There is a plethora of information on their website. Myself, being a used book dealer for over 25, I have been exposed to many aspects and tactics of propagandists- fake books, fake news, fake gate keepers. I could say a lot about this particular Q video. The writers on Wikipedia have credited me with being the first Q following U.S. Congressional candidate wannabe. Fl cd5. I was $1800 short on a filing fee and did not qualify.Please permit me to say these things. As nice as it is to support local civil government, dear reader and American patriot please seek out getting on the U.S. House or US Senate primary ballot , our Country desperately needs you on that ballot. Einstein dropped out of college, there are no education qualifiers for candidates, you dear reader, if you hear my voice, please get on that ballot. In Florida, a plain qualifying fee of $10,600 will get you on the House of Representatives primary ballot in Florida. Check your own State. Please look closely, 60 percent of our highest office holders know themselves to be criminal. Is it not in Christian keeping to displace them without bloodshed?
    Some think the latter rain occurred in the early 1800s, I personally believe we are now on the verge of that watershed Biblical moment in history. The Gospel is being delivered to virtually every single nook on the globe. Israel has returned, It is written that God rains on both the just and the wicked, so one should expect to see more freedom ahead and more pitfalls. May we all seek God in prayer and support one another in love and guidance. Thanks for this ministry, Matthew Lusk

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