Though secrets and hidden agendas from deep state political players are just now coming into the light for the American people, heaven is revealing its own secrets. God never forgets. He places markers in our timelines as a reminder that justice has yet to be served and truth has yet to be seen. This dream encounter reveals such a marker.

I was in the White House, but it was like walking into a museum. I knew I was seeing it from the time that JFK and Jackie were there, and everything looked exactly as it was when he was president. I was watching a going away party of some kind where they had invited friends and family.

I heard a beautiful a cappella song around the table with friends watching and I thought how beautiful all the harmonies were. Jackie was at the center of it, and it was evident that her presence was nurturing something powerful and timeless.

Jackie was also giving away some treasures from the house as it was being closed down. She was in the library and entrusting some special volumes to close friends. As she gave one to a particular young man, I heard her singing over him that he was the prince. It was very powerful – actually prophetic. It was clear that this one had a destiny to fulfill. The depth of the declaration struck me.

While they were upstairs in the library, I went to the kitchen. I knew this was a sacred space but wanted to see it first-hand. It was dark because the lights were out, but I could still see the layout in the shadows. Somehow, I knew that time had stood still in this place. It was as if suspended in time. It had not been touched since their presence there (I was seeing it from the present). Everything was still in the exact spot as it had been years ago. I could make out a blue and white floral design throughout and I could see the shimmer of marble and porcelain. It was a wonder that nothing had been updated or touched.

Then Jackie came out to greet me to say she was done upstairs. As we headed downstairs I looked and saw that the steps were actually suspension steps. They were extremely steep and held loosely by cables with no handrails. We had to be very careful as we took our steps. At one point, she slipped and almost fell through. I remarked how unsafe things were – and she agreed.

We got to the bottom floor and someone remarked how there were only two men standing guard in the whole White House since it was basically empty. It was sitting unoccupied, dark, and barren. We know that it’s been that way for a while. Close friends and family know the situation, but those on the outside don’t. As we look through the windows to the outside world, it seems we are locked in time somehow. The full story, hidden from view….

The morning of this dream, July 3, I began to do some research on the Kennedy’s and was surprised to find that the JFK Library and Museum had just announced their Phase One of reopening – on that very same day – July 3. Interesting coincidence? I also discovered that Jackie Kennedy was instrumental in renovating the White House and working with Congress to declare it as a national museum in September of 1961. I knew I had been given a glimpse of time suspended in this dream and a mystery that must be revealed.

I believe Holy Spirit is speaking through this to mark a time in history, as well as reveal a prophetic message about this dynasty and how it affected – and still affects – the destiny of this nation. Not only was the Kennedy tenure a significant turning point for this nation, but the prophetic purposes initiated through their leadership are still alive and active – even yet to be fulfilled.


The overriding sense throughout this dream encounter was to LOOK and REMEMBER. I was taken there to OBSERVE. A significant shift took place when JFK was taken out of the White House by dark forces and heaven wants us to look carefully at this point in time. It set in motion a chain of events that must be stopped. It’s as if time “stood still” after that event that affected the destiny, and the heart, of this nation. The suspension steps reveal that certain things were “suspended” and have become dangerous to those who have tried to establish their steps in this place. The cables (“cabal”) have only led to good people “going down” and losing their footing.

It also reveals various aspects of this House “going dark” after the departure of the Kennedy’s. Kenney’s assassination effectively stopped a God-ordained plan and rogue agents hijacked the People’s House. Because the kitchen often represents the heart of a home, I believe the dark kitchen shows that the heart of this nation “went dark” at that time. The love for this country and those who serve it was cast aside for nefarious selfish ambitions and political power. These dark agendas must be addressed if the shadows are to be lifted from the People’s House and the lights turned back on.


It was known that Jackie Kennedy loved books. In her later years, she worked at a publishing house. She also loved history and sought to preserve the best of our national heritage in renovating the White House and then establishing the JFK Library and Museum. Her actions in this dream certainly illustrate her life, but also offer some clues concerning the present.

I believe there is information, secrets, and treasures from that time in history that have been entrusted to people who are still here. They were entrusted with information and sacred truths that are yet to be revealed at an appointed time. I believe the Lord would have us pray for these who have held these treasures and faithfully watched over them for all these years. Their time of coming forward is yet to come – perhaps soon – and it will help to turn the heart of this nation back to its God-given purpose.


The prophetic promise sung over a son in this dream is still reverberating in heaven. Was it JFK Jr? Was it another? Was it over an entire generation that has yet to fulfill a God-given mantle and mandate? I believe the truth will yet be revealed in days to come as secrets are unveiled and promises fulfilled. It stood out in the dream for a reason.

I believe God is looking to establish family lines that carry generational blessings. These spiritual houses are meant to endure for generations. As each generation carries the call and blessing of the previous generation, their influence and impact grows. The spiritual adversary has sought to kill off the sons and daughters of these houses, generation after generation, in order to thwart these generational blessings and rob their increased authority on the earth. This is not a matter of hierarchy or ruling over others. It is a matter of covenant blessing, and it brings honor to the Father’s house.

There was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David. And David grew stronger and stronger, while the house of Saul became weaker and weaker. (2 Samuel 3:1)

It is significant that Jackie was present throughout this dream. As a mother, her love and devotion to a generational heritage is noted. Where the fathers have traditionally established the direction and focus of the family line, it is the mothers that nurture the heart. Heaven smiles on this and gives special heed to the prayers, songs, and prophetic declarations of these mothers determined to leave a legacy that goes straight to the heart – an important message throughout this encounter.


This dream seems to confirm the significance of this time in history. Various conspiracy theories concerning this point in history are now coming into the light. Dark secrets of cabal powers are being exposed and long-laid plans for a global reset are being revealed. From eternity’s eyes, these plots and plans have not gone unnoticed. Heaven has placed a marker in our timeline and is revealing God’s intent to hold accountable those who were a part of these dark agendas from the start. Their works of destruction have been recorded and justice is on the way.

I believe our response is to watch and pray. We have been given clues to watch for and people to pray for. Heaven is hovering over these secrets from the past and is getting ready to turn on some lights. The dark counsel that has infiltrated our national governance will have to answer for their crimes. That which the White House represents will soon come to life as the heart of this nation comes out of the dark and beats with destiny once again.



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8 Responses

  1. I just read online in a Southern Living article that the Prince of Wales suite in WH was redone by Jackie to include a kitchen and dining room for a private sanctuary in 1961 !

  2. WANDA, I was in high school when JFK was elected President. Though young and immature, Jackie Kennedy touched me in a Very Special way. I felt deeply connected to her—though I did not understand why.
    I was a freshman in college on November 22, 1963. That terrible day in Dallas “wiped me out almost completely.”
    I watched Jackie Kennedy Stand Strong for her children, her husband, and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. NO ONE—NO ONE was broken and hurting more than she was—and yet—JACKIE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS CALLED TO DO….AND GOD GAVE HER THE STRENGTH AND THE COURAGE TO DO IT. Jackie collected crosses throughout her lifetime. I believe that she was deeply spiritual as GOD HIMSELF HELD HER UP and she PRESSED ON.
    Jackie did what she had to do to protect her children…………………………….
    My father and General Douglas MacArthur were deeply troubled. General MacArthur died in March or April 1964, and Daddy died in July. Both TRUE PATRIOTS— this evil act, I believe, shortened their lives.
    I have Mother’s book: THE WHITE HOUSE signed by Jacqueline Kennedy in my safety deposit box. It is a sacred piece of history to me. I go down and take it out and see Jackie’s beautiful work she did in THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE. I find a quiet nook in the bank and look at the pictures and read and tears Always flow freely. It never changes.
    GOD says in HIS Word: “There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.” GOD TRUSTED YOU WITH THIS DREAM. It tells me that the time of “revealing” is VERY NEAR NOW. GOD TRUSTED YOU, WANDA.

  3. It was in 1962 – 63 – 64 that America’s Supreme Court Justices took Christian prayer & the Bible out of the government education system – kindergarten through doctorate degrees. This opened a dark SPIRITUAL door —- this released what is seen now – a godless lawless culture and government. 3+ generations have been educated thru the spiritual darkness over the federal education system. This is the fruit of the 1962 – 63 -64 US Supreme Court Justices decisions. Carol / Colorado

  4. Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets about the Bush family is an eye opener. May He disarm the mighty. Job 12

  5. As I listened to your dream it brought to mind a Scripture verse I read a couple days earlier. When I read it, I felt a power in it. I felt that I should share it with you in regard to this dream. (I’m sorry if this isn’t the appropriate format to do this.)
    Psalm 49:4 TPT. I will break open mysteries with my music, and my song will release riddles solved.

  6. Could this prophecy with Jackie and her singing over this young man be the current Robert F Kennedy that is coming out with a new book soon called “The Real Anthony Fauci” which exposes many lies about this Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent fear and vaccine push that we have seen?

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