You ask Me what I’m doing. You ask Me why the painful process. You wonder what has changed? I’ll tell you. Though the prince of darkness has sought to change the rules, I have not changed! My standard has not changed. The plumbline of My Father’s house has not changed. That which was created and formed from the foundation of the throne has not changed. I am HOLY and I am SPIRIT! This cannot be altered. It cannot be compromised. It is only in My holiness that you can access My grace. It is only through My Spirit that you can have true power. Without My holiness and without My Spirit, you have nothing! The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life. (Job 33:4) And yet, there are peddlers of My Word that have sold you out! They have heralded righteous works that are void of My Spirit. They have marketed a message without holiness. They have compromised My standard and tried to alter the plumbline.  They have told you that knowledge and kindness is enough. They have told you that reaching souls is enough. But, without a full immersion of My … Continue reading I AM HOLY AND I AM SPIRIT!