As believers we know the power of the Word of God to overturn the enemy’s schemes. Jesus set the example when He rebuked the devil three different times in the wilderness. When offered an easy way out of His suffering, Jesus refused to bow. Armed with the truth concerning His Father’s will and purpose, Jesus firmly declared, “It is written!” The power of that written covenant cut through the counterfeit offers and demolished the devil’s hopes of Jesus’ submission. Jesus set the precedent and came out of His trial filled with supernatural power and authority.

The devil is now presenting new offers to those in a weakened state. Whether through bribery, blackmail, or threats of termination, the political snakes are hissing out ultimatums and mandates in hopes of bringing us to our knees. Assuming we are ignorant of what is written, the enemies of God are pressing in hard. But, just as Jesus did, we can have the final word. Not only do we have the Word of God to demolish every demonic stronghold and argument that stands against us – we have the laws of the land on our side.

As citizens of a constitutional Republic, we have laws and statutes that act as written covenants on our behalf. We the people are not helpless or without hope. The power of IT IS WRITTEN is one of our greatest weapons.

We are not the underdogs here. The covenants with our God and our nation have already been settled and the victory is ours. It’s just time to remind the devil.

In my latest video, I share a prophetic dream calling believers to TAKE A STAND against the demonic threats in our nation.

Catch all of my messages from this past weekend at Christ Community Church in Camp Hill, PA
SUNDAY NIGHT: “Holy Spirit is Moving! Can You See it?
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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. God is bigger than an Evil virus and bigger than an Evil vaccine. He wants us not to fear either one. The Evil One wants us afraid of both.

  2. Amen!! Is is written!!! To God be the Glory!!! He came to set us Free!!! I will clame my freedom in His Mighty Name!! JESÚS!! 💃🏻🎶🎵

  3. One of the most important courses I took during high school was called “Critical Thinking”. I was led by Holy Spirit to publish an article about this today on my website, and then I listened to your “Stand Strong” video. You described the same thing (though you didn’t call it “critical thinking”), praise the Lord! Clearly this is what the Lord wants people to understand.
    There’s an awful lot of uncritical thinking happening today, and this is making everyone’s hardships harder. And at the bottom of it, people are being tricked by the Devil. The Devil is very pleased when a person lets the government (or any authority other than God) decide what’s right and what’s wrong, or what’s a scientific fact despite a lack of thorough scientific analysis, or what should be censored so that critical thinking is stifled. It creates an environment where the truths about faith and salvation are sown onto hard paths where they’re trampled, onto rocky ground where they wither, and into thorns where they get choked out by falsehoods.
    When we fail to use critical thinking skills, we lose what we call “common sense”. Common sense is normal native intelligence — God instilled it in humankind when he created us in his image. But common sense only makes good sense when based on critical thinking. Now take this a step further: Common sense influenced by the Holy Spirit is critical thinking united to Divine Wisdom. Non-critical thinking is blind trust. The only one we should give blind trust to is God. The ONLY one. Blind trust in anything or anyone else is a sin because it’s a form of idolatry and it easily leads us astray.
    Wanda, your videos are my favorites. Thank you!

  4. August 29th I had a dream that I was being coerced by my parents into committing suicide with some kind of injection. The plan was that I would go to sleep in my bed, set my alarm for 2 a.m., wake up, get injected with something, and die and be buried. The idea was that somehow my sacrificial death would help others. Before I went to bed, I opened the closet door at the bottom of the stairs, and a man was inside the closet standing in a deep grave that he had just dug for my body. I was very sad and grieved in my spirit, but I was resigned to the inevitability that this was what I must do. But when the time came for me to go to bed, I had a thought that I didn’t need to go through with this plan. I said to my parents, “No. I don’t want to do this.” When I said that, there was a feeling of great relief and release. I had chosen life. I was surprised that it was so simple to declare and to be immediately set free.

  5. As I was watching the Stand Strong video on Rumble, in the last 2 minutes I had the thought that maybe we needed to pay more attention to the “scary” prophesies that God has given about what the enemy is going to do so we can better prepare to fight. Immediately I saw (superimposed over Wanda on the video!) a large bunch of large grapes and was told to “Concentrate on the fruit.” I knew He was referring to Caleb and Joshua. Though there may be giants in the land, we have been promised that land by God Himself, as well as a magnificent bounty if we will just trust that He will make the way. My natural instincts have always been to try to pre-plan for any bad possibilities so as to avoid them or get myself through them as easily as possible…in this season He’s been teaching me to stop worrying about what might be, and to just trust Him to see me through, no matter what. I guess I needed another reminder tonight…to just concentrate on all of the great things He has promised us that are coming, and He will help conquer the giants and anything they try to throw at us! Stand strong, indeed!!

  6. Thank you, Wanda. This reinforces what I have been sensing in my spirit as well. Ground myself in the Word – seek Him first each morning. Rest in Him. Consider personal involvement in local government and issues. Stand firm in the Lord and support those under attack for their liberties. And I am praying the declarations I am hearing from Dutch Sheets and other trusted intercessors, trustworthy prophets. Praise God for the Body of Christ rising up to educate those of us who have been all too comfortable and complacent! May God continue to bless you and your family.

  7. Just listened to “Stand Strong!” The Lord has been speaking to me about a deep “financial adjustment” in the markets coming. I don’t know when. But I sense it will be soon and sudden. I believe that we will see many false indications of that it is approaching so to lull us into complacency.

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