It’s finally done! This NEW video series includes EIGHT HOURS of training to equip believers for prophetic ministry in the local congregation. 

PLUS – to motivate you to take advantage of this amazing resource (think – small group study or special class after the holidsays!) I’m making a special INTRODUCTORY OFFER of 20% off.

This series was filmed at our home church, Crossroads Community Church, in Winchester, Virginia. Instead of just hosting a conference, we are bringing the conference TO YOU!  This training course includes all the sessions in our Prophetic Mentoring Training Weekend to inspire, motivate, and EQUIP you in stirring up the gifts of the Spirit, and especially the gift of prophecy.

I’m assisted in this course by my husband, Bobby Alger, founding pastor of Crossroads Community Church, and Carole Hofmann, a commissioned fivefold prophet with Crossroads. Together, we will be leading you through a process of understanding the principles and practices of prophetic ministry along with real-time applications, both personal and corporate.

Sessions include:

SESSION 1 (32 min): Establishing an Apostolic/Prophetic People (WATCH PREVIEW BELOW) 
SESSION 2 (49 min): Spiritual Gifts, Discernment, and Discerning of Spirits
SESSION 3 (47 min): Becoming a Pure Prophetic Vessel and Voice
SESSION 4 (53 min): Prophecy in Dreams, Visions, and Revelatory Encounters
                     Activation: Giving and Receiving Prophetic Words
SESSION 5 (56 min): Hosting His Presence
SESSION 6 (53 min): Prophetic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare
SESSION 7 (54 min): The Call of the Prophet and Prophetic Accountability
SESSION 8 (53 min): Pastors and Prophets in the Local House and the Nation

This training course is available either as an ONLINE STREAMING version (HD) or a hard copy DVD (SD)


The High Definition ONLINE STREAMING VERSION comes with a complimentary PDF copy of the 50-page TRAINING MANUAL. This makes the course available for you international followers! (Download will be attached to your email receipt upon purchase.) If you would like to purchase a hard copy of the manual CLICK HERE (group discounts are also available – only available in the US).

You can certainly do this training course alone, but it’s SO MUCH BETTER if you can do it with a group! These gifts are best learned and matured within a fellowship of believers. Consider hosting a small group or class for an 8-week study of prophetic ministry within the local church!


For those of you who still like to have a hard copy, a DVD version of this training course is available. (Please note – DVD’s only record in Standard Definition). When ordering the DVD version, a complimentary hard copy of the TRAINING MANUAL IS INCLUDED. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.


ONLINE Streaming (HD): $79.99 – $59.99

                             Includes PDF download of Training Manual

DVD hard copy (SD): $99.99 – $79.99

                        Includes 1 printed Training Manual and PDF download

Training Manual (50 pp) – $12.95

   10% discount for 5 copies = $64.95 – $58.45

   20% discount for 10 copies = $129.00 – $104.00

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


11 Responses

  1. If I order the DVD set, is there a way I could purchase the streaming version for a further discount of less than the current price of $59.00? I am reminded of James 4:2 about not asking!

    1. Pamela – Since both the DVD and streaming series are already available at a 20% discount for the introductory price, I probably won’t make any additional offers at this point:-).

      1. Okay, thanks for responding! I am so very thankful for discovering your ministry. As a 70-year old student of the Word, I find that in retirement from the working world, I’ve been released to devote many more hours to digging deeply into these studies in order to benefit the people I encounter who need answers to their life problems. You are the first teacher since I discovered since Dennis and Jennifer Clark who teaches at such a profound yet practical depth of wisdom. God bless you, and please remember there is a Grammy in Claremore, Oklahoma, who appreciates your ministry deeply!

  2. In your Elijah Stream video (week of November 8, 2021), you mentioned a ‘prayer of the fear of the Lord’ (the prayer that dis-empowers the enemy). What verse is that (prayer of the fear of the Lord)? Thank you so much!! God bless you, your family, and your ministry, always! ✝️🙏

  3. I am trying to order the prophetic and dream series but is requiring a discount code and I am not finding it anywhere. Has the discount offer expired? Also, I am prayerfully considering the intercessory prayer team, how do I get more information?

    1. Yolanda – there isn’t any discount code to the Dream Series – it’s already discounted in the cart:-). I’ll be sending out an email later this week with details about being a Prayer Partner. You can respond at that time. Thank you so much!

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