Men will fail you, but I AM cannot!

Expectations will go unmet, and predictions will fall short, but what I have spoken remains true. Don’t be dismayed at the times of distress or the seeming delay of My words fulfilled. It is not My pleasure to prolong your breakthrough or postpone My promise. I do not try men’s souls for needless cause.

Rather, I am drawing you – not just to My WORDS, but to My HEART.

Where you have clung to My words and promises as a lifeline of hope, I long to bring you past your desperation into a revelation of My GOODNESS – not because I have said it, but because I AM. This storm is trying your faith and testing your soul, but it’s your confidence in My goodness that I desire most. It is this absolute surety in your own heart that will overcome the darkness and defeat your greatest foes.

I can perform My words without hesitation. I can fulfill My promises without fail. These demonstrations of My sovereignty and right to reign are easy. But I am not out to prove My authority or defend My throne. What I am doing – is coming after YOU.

The Dark One seeks to rob you of My goodness. This fallen adversary is desperate for you to deny My name and question My ways. He drags you through the mud to frustrate your faith and destroy your hope. His mission has been to change your perception of Me – of who I AM and the goodness I possess. Your anxieties and doubts empower his frenzy and fuel his ambitions for demonic supremacy. Don’t let him succeed! It is in the midst of these contradictions that your beliefs about Me have power in the spirit to SHIFT THE BATTLE. Your faith in My overriding goodness has power to disintegrate the lies and disempower control. Devils can’t function when there’s JOY in the GOODNESS OF THE LORD! This is your greatest weapon in this battle for your mind.

Many are still clinging to man-made lifelines to give them hope. Though I am using many in this hour of the Ecclesia rising, it is I who must be your greatest Lifeline and Anchor of hope. No leader, no court case, no election, and no military force on the earth can be preeminent in your heart or mind. Fix your eyes on Me, for I AM your hope, your joy, and your crown.

Before My resurrection, there was a time of darkness. Hope was deferred and doubts abounded. Little did My disciples realize what had already occurred. Little did they know the plan for which I had truly come. It was so much bigger than they imagined and so much greater than their perceptions and ideas.

This time between death and life is not without activity. It is not without hope – IF you but TRUST IN MY HEART. As you hold fast to My heart and trust in My goodness, the glory to come will outshine the darkness, overwhelm the opposition, and outlast your enemies.

Men will fail you, but I AM will not!



Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.

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28 Responses

  1. What a powerful Word. He has also been impressing this in me this week. The next move will be HIS.
    He told me on January 6th that the victory will NOT come from man, but by His Spirit. No man will get the Glory.
    This was just a confirmation.
    God is ABSOLUTELY Good!!!
    Thank you!



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