Leviathan has been on the rampage again. The old twisting serpent has always sought to squeeze the life of God out of us. This time he seeks to divide and conquer through miscommunications and word shifting. He’s stirring up mistrust amongst leaders and creating factions out of fiction. I’ve been watching it all week and when I started to write it down, it came out like this:

You need be aware
of a deadly snare
coming straight from Leviathan’s head.
He is shifting words
and statements we’ve heard
and twisting the things that we’ve said.

Every word that we speak
is a chance for a leak
that his henchmen will twist and contort.
So please stay alert
to those words causing hurt
and test them by heaven’s true court.

He loves to divide
or say someone lied
so watch for his hooks and his bait.
He’s releasing a curse
hoping things will get worse
bearing down on the saints with his weight.

So be watchful with care
to this scrupulous snare
that is seeking to tear us apart.
Determine to wait
as you stand at the gate
and look at the state of the heart.

Refuse to believe
every message received
and take time to determine its source.
Reject the offense
and use godly sense
to untangle and straighten your course.

I think we are near
to the enemy’s fear
that the saints overcome him at last.
So, watch for his traps
as you stand in the gap
he’ll be vanquished with saints holding fast!

Watch this video below where I share more about Leviathan and a series of prophetic dreams I had this past week that are time sensitive regarding a Supreme Court case next week!

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  1. In the last few months I’ve been having what I call “Body of Christ” dreams. And I agree that one of the things I saw in my most recent BOC dream was distrust and suspicion among believers, it did not feel right. In my dream, I also had something green and soapy in my hair which I was trying to wash out. (perhaps that represents envy or jealousy) There was another section where there Believers were in boats and paddling along a river around an island and on the outer shoreline there were people crying for help but we ‘believers’ were suspiciuos of them as well and did not stop to help.
    I had several dreams where Believers I knew where self-focused or only looking for help from famous leaders and not interacting or ignoring ‘normal’ fellow Christians.

  2. Intercessors for American (ifapray.org) has had a 51 day prayer format as well as daily prayer calls Monday-Friday leading up to the December 1 oral arguments in the Mississippi abortion ban in the Supreme Court. They are a great resource for the current events and agreeing in prayer about them.

  3. Thank you so much. This fits what I have been experiencing for days and these last few with great pressure on my head. I welcome the needed guidance to get free you sent. It’s providing great counsel. May His grace and peace abound in and through you!

  4. Very pertinent- only I perceive that the interpretation of waiting for the military is much wider in scope, signifying the Lion of Judah
    Coming with His angelic army together with God’s remnant army.

  5. I wanted to confirm what you said about intercession key to God moving.
    Beginning November 21 I had a series of dreams about this time and the future. In part God said, “I am ready to move, they (God’s peole) must move with Me in intercession. I can move when My people come into agreement with Me.”
    Thank you for all you do and give.

  6. We are seeing how this stronghold is attacking marriages as well. Intensely, marriages in the Remnant, who are listening to the Lord’s voice. Those He is calling to rise up for such a time as this. He is attacking every mountain. Family being one of them. Where the family is strong victory is won.

  7. Wow! I’ve just landed here for the first ever. Wow! I’ve got sooo much to share… I really feel like this is the place where my words will be understood. First of all I need to say Mrs Alger is so likable. She is clear. Open, transparent and I love that. She reminds me of the belated Kim Clements, who I followed holy… It was through him that God set me free from Leviathan. Right there in the middle of a prayer gathering in our home. Kim was live in Jerusalem. Israel is forever! Maybe you remember it? God showed me that evil snake inside of my tummy, laying in wait. Silent and not visible. Anyway long story short.: The works of this beast are as Mrs Alger describes and so much more. I’m 57 years old today, not today but now. I’ve recently, we’ve sorry, lost our first born son Danny Smeets, he died in an car accident. Outside if the fact that it was his own fault, God caught him up, in the air as he was destined for hell, as we call it, a place of suffering and darkness beyond imagination, but caught him in thin air in His mighty arms and soothed Danny into total peace and restoration…
    Amazing truths. I could go on and on.
    But the reason why I tell this, is because Danny is not my only child in heaven. He is my 9th. It all started at the age of 6, when I met Jesus and later at 7 when Satan started his scam to distroy any thing that was good in my destiny and promised life. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. Abortion, miscarriage after miscarriages. First child to my first husband, at 15th months old, died and was taken to heaven. Heaven opened up for me to see where my baby was. He is fine! They all are.
    But Leviathan!! He is. Killer. Not just of babies, in the wome and out but of anything that has anything to do with Love. God’s ordained Agape Love…. This is his mandate and mission. Satan has many many appointed attack systems. Like an army ranking. He has low level little foxes and high quality control demons. It’s a complex net work of distinction… Right now I am suffering terribly to speak. My voice is under attack. I used to be a worship leader, my voice was heavily. Now! I’m struggling to get a sentance out. Why? Leviathan. He is attracted to me. Like Mrs Alger said. We have to be careful not to be a magnet…. As soon as she said that! Bang! I New it was my fault. I’m not focused on the truth. The reality is, I’m a daughter of the living God. I’m born again, filled with the holy spirit. My name is known in heaven…..
    Thank you so much for your video Mrs Alger.
    I’m inspired. Refreshed and reminded of just how I Am…. Yes like God said… I Am…
    He is the all mighty I Am and I am in Him. Like Him and loved deeply by Him. Amen…
    If you would like to know more about my story. Please ask. Dawn Stanmore Smeets. FB.

  8. My victory song!
    You know the tune!
    ROE, ROE, ROE, the vote,
    is bursting at the seams.
    Never worry, never doubt
    God will intervene!
    WADE, WADE in the stream
    of intercessory pleas.
    God will answer people’s cry
    when we’re on our knees.
    Life, life abundant life
    God’s standing in the breach.
    Fairly, fairly, fairly, fairly
    Life’s within our reach.
    Life, life abundant life
    We’re standing in the stream
    Of intercession since that time
    In 1973.

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