(In the case of Dobbs vs Jackson Williams Health…)

Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression, to turn aside the needy from justice and to rob the poor of My people of their right… For all this His anger has not turned away, and His hand is stretched out still. (Isaiah 10:1-4)

While in prayer for this landmark case, I felt the extreme weight of the Lord’s heart and a fierce resolve in His Spirit. I knew this moment was a mark in time – but one that had already come at great cost. I knew it was His hand that was about to settle this decision…

I heard the Lord’s determination that the judgement in this court is not a decision for the unborn, for that decision has already been rendered in the courts of heaven. The people have cried out and repentance has been heard. God’s Word has been declared and the verdict has been rendered. The shedding of innocent blood will no longer be allowed to stain the ground of this nation.

What is being determined in this case is the fate of these justices who now stand before the Righteous Judge of all men. Eternity is recording each of their decisions for their choices will determine the course of their future. For all the previous decisions rendered that have condemned the innocent to death, this court must now answer for its crimes. It is not the merits of this case that are in question. It is these justices who are being weighed in the balance. It is these justices who are being examined and judged. They have been found wanting and given warning with time to repent for their defiant edicts. They must now choose – life, or death.

In heaven’s eyes, they can no longer speak for the innocent. Because they have exercised duplicity and corrupted God’s laws, they have lost that right to determine the course of future generations. The people of God have proven their case. The pleas of righteous intercession have been heard. Sin has been confessed and repentance for past iniquities have been accounted for. These justices must now answer for theirs.

Heaven’s court is now in session and issues this charge to the highest court in the land: “The Fear of the Lord is at the bench and the gavel is about to fall. Choose you this day whom you will serve! It is not the fate of the unborn that is in the balance – but yours!”   

Can wicked rulers be allied with you, those who frame injustice by statute? They band together against the life of the righteous and condemn the innocent to death. But the LORD has become my stronghold, and my God the rock of my refuge. He will bring back on them their iniquity and wipe them out for their wickedness; the LORD our God will wipe them out. (Psalms 94:20-23)


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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Many of us have been praying for the Lord to speak to these justices . To withhold sleep etc…..
    Praising Him, that through your strong admonition to them from Him- our prayers are being answered this day!!!! Hallelujah to the Righteous Judge!

  2. A pro-life decision would simply return the abortion question back to the States. While some states have enacted pro-life laws in advance (SC, for instance), others have not. This battle would not be over in that case.

    1. Not necessarily, the court could take this opportunity to affirm the right to life inherent in an unborn baby. By affirming that right to life the court could preempt any state law that continues to allow for abortion. If the right to life of the unborn baby is affirmed then the whole balance shifts.

  3. Such a Timely Word an Exhortation for NOW! These past months, and even just this Morning… before I read this..
    It seemed haphazard, but we know better than that..
    The Lord had me in Psalm 94.. I have it dated and marked, as “For the unborn and U.S Justice”..
    Total reconformation Wanda!!
    Thank you for your Obedience and Courage to Share the Word of the Lord through your Sphere of influence👏🙌 Darcy and Charles Myhre

  4. Your message bears witness with my spirit dear Wanda. I believe we are entering into harvest time; I believe harvest time at the end of the age that Jesus refers to with the tares first being burned up and thrown into the fire. For those of His who have allowed Jesus to burn up the individual tares in their lives, they will not have to endure great pain in these coming days but for those who have resisted the Almighty, their path will be more difficult. The Lord is coming with unquenchable fire to clear the threshing floor. He is shaking all that can be shaken so that it is His Kingdom that will remain.
    This is so very sobering but God’s glory will burst forth and He will be merciful in these times of judgment but He has said “Enough!!” No more will my little ones be harmed. Some will escape the fires of hell because of the intercession of the righteous, but they will not escape physical death or great loss, at this time.
    Dear sister, you are a beautiful seasoned watchwoman, who has been a blessing to the body of Christ. I so appreciate your teaching and insight and the prophetic and intercessory mantle that you carry. Brings me to tears. God bless dear Wanda.

  5. Sister Wanda, thank you for bringing this to our attention, so encouraging!
    What great comments from others that bring about continued conversation, prayers and petitions we can make to a gracious LORD and Saviour, Who is more than ready to receive and answer for His glory.
    God bless you and your family.

  6. Thanks Wanda – well spoken and shared. I had a dream a while ago about how the Lord deals with the issue of abortion and would be at peace to share it if you feel suitable, regardless of the outcome of the Supreme Court. .

  7. I thank you for your obedience to The HOLY SPIRIT. That is a heavy Word and carries tremendous Justice. It is a difficult time for this nation, but it is due season.

    1. So be it. Thank you, LORD. We don’t even know which justices will still be on the Supreme Court by the time this Dobbs decision is to come, probably at the beginning of Summer.

  8. WANDA, I have felt that if the Supreme Court Justices do not Repent and Overturn this TERRIBLE EVIL, which was put into LAW by their Court Actions that AMERICA will see GOD Lift HIS MIGHTY RIGHT HAND OF POWER, JUST LIKE HE DID ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, when HE Lifted “HIS hedge OF PROTECTION” off of America. I HAVE FELT THAT SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 WILL HAVE BEEN “A Walk in the Park” compared to the JUDGMENT GOD WILL SEND ON AMERICA NOW.
    AMERICA IS “Weighing in the Balance”—-It is in the hands of the Supreme Court Justices whether or not “America will be Weighed in the Balances and found Wanting………………”—–OR America will return to the GOD of THE HOLY BIBLE—-THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB….

  9. May the Supreme Being watch over the Supreme Court. May the justices’ eyes be opened before it’s too late.
    My victory song for the babies!
    You know the tune!
    ROE, ROE, ROE, the vote,
    is bursting at the seams.
    Never worry, never doubt
    God will intervene!
    WADE, WADE in the stream
    of intercessory pleas.
    God will answer people’s cry
    when we’re on our knees.
    Life, life abundant life
    God’s standing in the breach.
    Fairly, fairly, fairly, fairly
    Life’s within our reach.
    Life, life abundant life
    We’re standing in the stream
    Of intercession since that time
    In 1973.

  10. Wanda, this is a powerful word and thank you for sharing this, our God is a God of judgement and He will have the ultimate say, I pray these justices will do the right thing.

  11. I agree whole heartedly with your blog. I believe the Lord told me that like Mordecai told Esther, if you do the wrong thing or fail to act, your own life will be in jeopardy. These justices need to realize that their decision not only speaks for today for their own children but for their future posterity as well. They won’t escape the judgement.

  12. Thank you, Wanda! I had never thought of how God’s judgement will fall on the Justices for their decision today. I am always blessed and encouraged by your words.

  13. Wanda, What a powerful word to the Supreme Court Justices. Only Holy Spirit could have placed this message on your Heart. My hope & prayer is that each Supreme Court judge does serious heart wrenching soul searching in their individual heart before making their final decision.

  14. Thank you for posting this!! I saw the video you posted giving this word on your YouTube channel and tried to submit this comment but for some reason (gee I can’t think why…) it wouldn’t allow me to post it. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that this is confirmation to me regarding a dream I recently had.
    Please keep in mind: I do not have TV (cable/streaming svc) and I do not pay attention to the news (conservative especially not fake news) so I’m not aware of what is the current status of the Dobbs case (I’m only aware of the case because I’m a paralegal and get a lot of conservative email spam–my head’s not in the sand but I’m not actively keeping watch on this case). Nevertheless I know that God spoke clearly to me through this dream and when I woke up I immediately grabbed my phone and dictated this on my “Notes”:
    I had a dream the night of December 4 (2021) and in my dream I saw, what looked like a live broadcast watching the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs. It looked like it was a “real time” live feed but it was just in a picture-in-picture type of graphic on the right side of the screen. I saw on the screen, as they [the Justices] started rendering their decision, the numbers were changing—but it wasn’t announced. The numbers started changing and if you weren’t paying attention you wouldn’t have noticed because there was other things being shown on the left side of the screen in the larger picture. I had the sense that this was very unexpected (when the numbers started to change). And when they started to move, they moved on the screen in a way like the numbers on an old gas station tank did or like how the pictures on a slot machine change—how it “spins”—but this was on the TV graphic. But the numbers didn’t change all at once. It changed [only] as each judge was the rendering their vote. I don’t recall if the name of the judge was being shown, as the votes were rolling in, but I could see (or maybe in my dream I understood) that the first vote that was cast was Clarence Thomas’s vote because I saw his face. Then I briefly saw [Justice] Gorsuch’s face. I sensed (in my dream) that they were intending to show how each judge voted (like showing their name or their face) [*perhaps an intention to doxx them?] as each vote was coming in, but then they stopped doing that after the numbers started going up faster. [in my dream I felt like they didn’t like that the numbers were going up–like the media was expecting a different showing] I could see the numbers changing and it was going from 2 to 4 to 5 to 6 and then it’s a seven and then it got static* and it went down back down to six. [the way it got static was like on an old TV how when you were changing a channel and the picture wasn’t tuned in yet–and maybe you had adjust the antenna for the picture to adjust–that’s how it was…it went static and twisted and then blinked on] and the final decision vote was “6 [out of] 9″*.[*this is not how they announce their decisions, it is usually written the number who concurred and the number who voted against]. And once the numbers stopped, we knew that was the final decision and everyone in the place that was watching this started shouting and praising and praying when we realized that Roe v. Wade was finally over turned by the court.[in my dream I realized I was watching this “TV” through like a store-front window…like how back in the day, stores would display their TVs for sale by having programs showing; and the people who were inside this place, it looked like they were watching it inside like in a rented space/storefront–and what I noticed was one of the women’s hairstyle was like an older hairstyle it was a flip-out and she was wearing a skirt] and then I woke up.
    Take it for what it’s worth but in the past, when I’ve had dreams like this [number’s showing on a screen] it was in relation to the presidential elections–starting back in 2012. I saw in my dream the outcome and in 2012 God told me in my sleep (I heard “Obama won”) and then I woke up at 3:33 to see it on my phone (in that case I immediately cried out “why God” and he said: I allowed this. “they have rejected me”).
    I don’t claim to be a prophetic dreamer but this is what it was. Thank you for letting me share it and thank you for being obedient to the voice of the LORD.

  15. Hi Wanda. My wife and I have watched you for some time now and hear a voice of reason. So thanks.
    This am about 2:30 am while praying for the abortion case I saw a vision at night. It was a clear night with the moon and stars out over me and while declaring the word over these things I heard a terrible lions roar. I did not know if I was terrified or full of joy at the time but when I turned around I saw it was The Lion Of the Tribe of Judah and His roar was going out over the the battle field. The powers of hell fled out if sheer terror because of the Lions roar and I could tell the field of battle was devestated because of the long battle. I then saw a woman sitting in the mud mostly disrobed who had her hand out over her shoulders towards Jesus and myself with the look if being totally violated and defeated. Vision ended but presence of the Lion of Judah was still very strong.
    I asked the HS about the woman and He said these are the woman who are devistated by abortion. They will need help and counseling to be restored to life. The devastation is hidden in their souls.
    They need miracles of deliverance and restoration.
    Thank for your blog and allowing me to share.
    I appreciate your prayers and counsel for my part in ministering to these families.

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