I posted this word below in early 2016 when the majority of us were just waking up to the corrupt systems aligned against us. Who would have thought that the truths I outlined would become so tangible and consequential in just a few years. I encourage you to consider any “covenants” you have made with lesser things and determine to focus on the power of God’s covenant. He always fulfills His promises, but we must do our part in preparing the way…

This is a new season that requires a new perspective and new strategy. I believe the Lord is asking believers to “reset” their hearts and minds in order to properly interpret what is happening around them. There are dark forces at work in the root system of this nation due to unholy alliances and covenants between individuals who seek power and control. These are anti-Christ alliances that have been at work for decades slowly infiltrating our collective mindsets causing widespread deception and unbelief. Though we have rampant immorality in the land, the major problem in this nation is not a morality issue, but a covenant issue.

Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments. (Deuteronomy 7:9)

God is looking for believers who are free from control and manipulation in order to pray effectively and discern rightly. If we want to walk in the Truth and rightly distinguish between what is of the Spirit, the flesh, or the Devil, we must clear our own hearts of any ungodly alliance, covenant, or soul tie that would hinder our ability to perceive correctly.

Just as we can have soul ties with individuals (Proverbs 22:24-25), so we can have soul ties with organizations, denominations, genders, races, even ideologies that are no longer applicable (see Scriptures below). Some of these alliances may not even be “bad”, yet if we depend upon them for security, reputation, or identity, we must free ourselves from their hold on us. Even good causes can become idols in our lives if we let their influence become greater than the current working of the Holy Spirit. Much of the lack of discernment in the body of Christ right now is because of these types of alliances (agreements), both in mind and spirit, that are keeping many in the dark.

To be specific: if you have pledged allegiance to a certain denomination, the enemy can use that to blind you to any other expression of truth. If you are bound to a particular political party (because of family history or lifelong record) the enemy can use that to limit your ability to see any other perspective. You can also be bound to social issues that keep you so focused on one idea that you are not free to see anything else (social inequalities, racial justice, sexuality, etc.). Causes are not necessarily “wrong”, but they can have a hold on us.  If we are not able to adjust to a new perspective because of past affiliations, agreements, or alliances, we are bound and have limited spiritual perception as well as limited spiritual authority in prayer. Until these unhealthy agreements are broken, God’s blessing cannot come.

For when Solomon was old, his wives turned his heart away after other gods; and his heart was not wholly devoted to the LORD his God, as the heart of David his father had been (I Kings 11:4).

Make sure there is no man or woman, clan or tribe among you today whose heart turns away from the Lord our God to go and worship the gods of those nations; make sure there is no root among you that produces such bitter poison. When such a person hears the words of this oath and they invoke a blessing on themselves, thinking, “I will be safe, even though I persist in going my own way,” they will bring disaster on the watered land as well as the dry. (Deuteronomy 29:18-19)

God blesses covenant relationships where parties are walking in obedience to His Word and submitted to His Spirit. Any covenant or alliance that puts the influence of others over and above the Holy Spirit will not only block God’s favor and blessing but also work against it and blind us to His Truth. This is true on a personal level and it is now being played out on the national level.

Here are some prayer points with Scripture that address this issue. Pray these over yourself as well as the nation so that we, as believers, will be truly free to have the mind of Christ, the heart of the Father, and a heavenly, eternal perspective on the days we live in. Renounce any unholy alliance or mindset and declare your allegiance to the Lord Jesus and the Spirit of Truth.

Ask the Lord to help us…

  • Break free of any relationship that yokes us to an unbelieving spirit or idolatry. (2 Corinthians 6:14-18)
  • Break free of media mind-control by setting our hearts on Truth and seeking out wisdom. (Psalm 1:1)
  • Break free from foolish talk and endless controversies that lead to strife. (2 timothy 2:23-26)
  • Break free from divisive people who are not teachable. (Titus 3:9-10)
  • Break free from unhealthy familial allegiances that block our ability to hear and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. (1 Samuel 3:13; Matthew 10:37)
  • Break free from influences that seek to lead us away from freedom and into law. (Galatians 2:3-5; 3:1)
  • Break free of past vows to any organization, denomination, cause, or people group that binds up our ability to hear and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. (Numbers 30:2; Deuteronomy 23:22; Ecc. 5:6)
  • Break free of ungodly mindsets that pull us into pride, greed, fleshly ambition, and personal gain. (Galatians 5:19-20)
  • Break free of words spoken that bind us to the past such as “I’ll never…”; “I’ll always…”; “I won’t ever…”, etc. (Mark 7:11-13)
  • Break free from any unbelief regarding what God is able to do on our behalf. (Hebrews 3:12-19)
  • Break free from any favoritism towards a particular group or ideology that limits God’s full wisdom. (James 3:17)

Declare that we would love the Lord God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength and that no other force of our flesh or this world would draw us away from our full devotion to Him, alone.

Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. (Psalm 86:11 NIV)



This is just one example of unhealthy soul ties that I have personally experienced. Written at a time when I needed some emotional healing at home, this study guide will describe how a soul tie works, especially among family members. The same principles can also apply to relationships outside the home. Prayerfully read and consider if you need your heart to be set free!

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you! This is so helpful. I believe increase intimacy with the Lord is the first step. He will expose what you’re ready to deal with. Family dynamics create lots of opportunities for growth. Don’t make other’s issues yours. My father in law, a godly man, has issues with the prophetic. It’s a trigger, he’s not ready to deal with. I finally feel free of his attitude and not esteeming the prophets.
    I’m pressing in for all God has for me in this amazing season 🙏 🙌 ❤️

  2. WANDA, Psalms 86:11 is my heart’s cry…….We needed this message so much. It is so personally enlightening to me—and I know it is and will be to each person who reads it. Thank You so much for sharing this message again…..I did not know about you in 2016.

  3. This is absolute ministry to me! I printed the PDF and took it to my prayer time with the Lord. After a long season of repentance, seeking the Lord to help me get free of a spiritual blockage that had drained me of all hope, a (fear driven) soul-tie was exposed and this teaching was like turning the flood lights on! Praise the Lord!

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