This is a long post – but for good reason! I wanted to share with you some DREAMS and VISIONS about this nation and/or President Trump that various people have sent me in the past two years. None of these people claim to be prophets or high intercessors. They are simply believers who, like most of you, want to walk in truth and see God’s purposes fulfilled on the earth. I felt it was time to share some of these to encourage your faith and let you know that MANY people have received supernatural intel that points to the same outcome of this present war! VICTORY!

I am not providing much interpretation as I want you to receive the initial revelation and let Holy Spirit speak to your own heart about its message. I did comment briefly after each one to share some of my own thoughts. Regardless, you will be VERY ENCOURAGED as you see what God has been revealing to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear…

Darcy & Charles, 1/8/2020:

This vision was given to my husband, Charles. He’s rather new at this, so it was repeated by the Lord many times before he ever shared it with me. He had the same vision over and over. Sometimes during the days and sometimes waking up in it or even in a dream:

It begins at the Inauguration; the day of President Trump being inaugurated. Only a handful of people are coming out of the Capital Building double doors. Around 20 people other than the Secret Service agents and military men. They go before the President. President Trump emerges surrounded by SS and heavily armed military. A few steps later, Melania Trump comes out also heavily surrounded. A few steps later is Barron Trump – so surrounded he can barely be seen. The atmosphere is one of the very highest alert. Not only there, but the whole country and the world. Overhead are multitudes of military helicopters, fighter planes, and military jets. On every rooftop are positioned snipers; out in front, are only about 100 people in attendance. Strategically chosen government officials and only those who “need” to be there to witness the protocol of the ceremony of The Inauguration. Which seems to be only perfunctory to be made the official swearing in of The President.

Again, surrounding the 100 or so people attending, are countless heavily armed and covered military and secret service all around everyone and as far as could be seen. There had been discovered a plot of the various groups like Antifa, BLM, etc., who had joined together to do anything to stop the Inauguration. The military had been given the order to “shoot to kill” towards anyone who was shooting at them. Around 100,000 were killed. President Trump laid his hand on the Bible, was sworn in and then escorted back inside the building with the others and those outside escorted back into Protective Custody.

There were no ex-Presidents there or many people of recognition. Even Vice-President Mike Pence and his family were off in protective custody with many others. Kamala Harris was already arrested as were many other high officials. It was clear in these visions, that the only objective of President Trump as he left, was to protect the country and the people, and to “finalize” the indictments. There was a list in his hand of over 1000 high official’s names.

As he was entering the Oval Office, Joe Biden had seated himself at the Presidential desk. There was quite a scuffle as he said, “NO!! You can’t sit here! I’m the President!  (That part may have been symbolic.) After all this, it was known that there was a great scrambling to fill the seats of Congress, Senate, House and every other imaginable office of government and the judicial system etc., as there were SO many people indicted or in prison. Over the next 2 years, it was still being wrapped up. Both Clinton’s, both Obama’s, and many others were put in prison. Many who no one had suspected were also taken away.

(Wanda): Could this be happening already? Could this be illustrating the extreme spiritual, digital, and bioterror warfare happening right now? Given some of the Executive Orders President Trump signed before leaving office, there’s strong indication that he made provision for the continuation of government (specifically the Executive Branch) in the event of WAR. Given all the arrests being made, political figures (globalists) going down, agendas being exposed, this is a very interesting possibility:-).  

Casey, July 2020:

My perspective was (like) I was flying over an ocean, just soaring quietly through the air over the water. No waves, just calm. The horizon was getting lighter, as the sun was soon to come up. And I heard a voice say “The light of the Kingdom will be seen summer 2022.” It was a commanding yet calming voice. 

(Wanda): Summer of 2022! This dream was from 2 years ago.

Ashleigh, January 2021:

The first dream was on an airplane. The flight was full. Everything was normal until it wasn’t. Suddenly, flight attendants made an announcement that the plane was going down. We all started to panic but they kept telling us not to panic because they knew what to do. They told us they had to open the cabin doors. That was the only way for us to land safely. They told us that things were going to be very scary for a while but we were not to be afraid. This was necessary. Winds would rage. Objects would fly about. It would seem like we were crashing. But this was what we had to do to survive. I felt fear in my spirit in the dream, but I held onto their words that told us it was necessary. They opened the cabin doors and sure enough, the winds raged and belongings were whipping all around us. But I wasn’t afraid. Then the oxygen masks fell in front of us. The attendants came back on the cabin radio and said “Put on your oxygen masks! You need oxygen if you want to survive this!” I struggled for a few moments but was able to do it. This is the part that I found most interesting… The plane landed safely. But I don’t know how. That part was not in my dream. One second I was sitting there with my mask on, the next I’m sitting in the seat realizing the plane had landed safely and that we survived.

(Wanda): Seems to describe exactly what we’ve been experiencing! (And we thought it was bad a year ago!!) But, look how “suddenly” everything seemed to shift.

I had another dream. It might have been the same night or the following night. I don’t remember. I was standing in front of the inaugural stage (but was off to the right-hand side) and Joe Biden was taking the oath of office with his hand on a Bible. I could only see the left side of his body because there was a man in a suit standing in front of him. Don’t know who it was. Never saw his face. They were looking at each other, and Biden’s eyes looked empty. He wasn’t speaking, but I remember feeling defeated. Why was this happening? And more importantly, why was I at Biden’s inauguration when I didn’t vote for him and don’t support anything he stands for? Then I moved to my left a bit and saw who was holding the Bible. Typically, the spouse holds the Bible. But in my dream it was Donald Trump. I remember thinking it was strange. Why was Trump standing there holding the Bible? And why wasn’t Biden saying anything? And why didn’t Biden have his hand raised as he took an oath? As I continued to watch, I noticed Biden looked at the random man in-front of him, his side to the people. I can only describe his demeanor as robot-like. In contrast, Trump stood tall, staring out at the crowd that stood with me but before him with a resolved look of pride on his face.

(Wanda): This would confirm that Trump knew exactly what was happening – and planned for it – when Biden assumed “his role” in this electoral drama.

William, 1/10, 2021

At 7 0’clock in the evening, I decided to watch the message from David Blanton, titled “Run to The Roar”. As soon as I clicked on it, I experienced a vision from the Lord. It was very clear and the presence of the Holy Spirit was powerful. I told my wife, who was sitting near me, “I see it, I see it plain as day, I know what is going to happen now!” I could hardly get the words out; I was overwhelmed with emotion. I sensed a presence, like the Lion of Judah, I could feel the authority, the fierce power, and the strength. 

I saw the backside of a person, at this point, I could not tell who it was for sure, but he was glowing with a brilliance of gold. He was standing and I could see like a sea of small figures out before him, they were dark. As he spoke and stretched out and waved his arm, it was like a mighty force of wind of power went out over the dark figures and they cowered down to submission to his decree, almost like being swept away. I have no words to describe the force and power. At this point, my spirit was overwhelmed with a burden for President Donald Trump. I sensed that God was putting him back into his rightful place, but this time he was not the person of before, but redeemed, transformed into a mighty apostle of God. I sensed that he will not speak the words of man; he will speak God’s Word and the WORD will come out as fire and burn truth into all people who hear it. They will tremble over the anointed words. They will have no choice but to declare that this man, at this time, is appointed and anointed of God, to lead his people out of darkness. (I felt that this vision wasn’t just for the United States, but for all the world.)  

(Wanda): Open visions are extremely powerful since there’s little to “interpret.” Sounds like continued prayer for President Trump is needed so he can finish the assignment God has given him. What was started by the Spirit must finish by the Spirit!

Ron, 4/8/21:

A few weeks ago I asked the lord what was happening in America, as I live in New Zealand and we watch and read all that is going on, I asked the Lord for a dream about America. That night I had this dream:

I was standing in a paddock in America, as I noticed an American red barn on the property. A huge black cloud was coming towards us. It started to hail and have lightning and I said to those with me we better head for shelter, a storm is coming, a real bad looking storm it was. As I watched it, all of a sudden, the back portion of the cloud, suddenly was cut off, like it had been cut with a knife. Then I saw a beautiful golden curved staircase made of golden light come out of the back of the cloud, and come down to earth, then I saw two big angels of golden light walk down the staircase side by side and step onto the ground, the stair case and the angels then disappeared, and I woke up.

(Wanda): Darkness being “cut off” – indication of God’s overriding purposes and glory coming from the madness! Yes, Lord!

Gene, 4/4/21:

I walked outside, and the sky was filled with angels, as far as the eye could see, I think like there were billions in the sky. Then I woke up, I asked God what does this mean? The following night I was taken back to the same dream. As I was looking round the sky was filled with billons of angels as the night before. One of the angels appeared closer and blew a trumpet, and then a different angel appeared and said, “Let the Divine Justice begin.” At that moment an angel was standing next to me, like he knew that I was going to ask questions. I asked, what is happening?

At that time, all the angels came to the USA. The angel started to tell me. They came to bring Justice to the USA, from the church boards to city officials, state department, mayor’s offices, school boards, Governor’s offices all the way to Washington DC. All the corrupt politicians in Washington were taken down and dealt with and taken to jail. Some of them died on the spot. At that moment, the sky was filled with angels again and I asked why are they back? The angel said, they are not back, this is for the world.

Another angel blew a trumpet and another angel spoke, “Let the Divine Justice begin on the rest of the earth.” And all the angels flew all over the world and declared justice. I asked what next? The angel said, this will cause the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to fall on all flesh. This will cause the world to look like it is in total chaos, but fear not, this is the time for my people to reap the great harvest. And as this happens the USA will return to its divine purpose, as the City on the Hill. And the USA will declare that God and Jesus is the Lord of all the Earth. Then I woke up. And then had the dream again on the following night.

(Wanda): Not only is this a profound dream encounter – it was repeated the next night. In Scripture, when someone has the same dream twice, it is very significant – imminent, in fact. God is emphasizing His plans. (Same thing happened in some of the other dreams I’ve mentioned!)

Nicole, 6/2, 2021:

I was in the White House with President Trump and Melania. Initially, we were in a room watching TV, and I think it was watching the vote. We stopped watching the vote, and he was still President. It was like he was still making all the decisions. There was a feeling of caution. He was acting, but he was careful to not be seen. I told my husband it felt like there was oppression with us in the White House. At first, it was just like a haze/dark cloud, but at some point I saw Barack Obama’s face in it. I knew I was in Washington in the dream because when I stepped out of the White House to get something to eat the sandwich was like $1,000. I remember thinking “…man, things have gotten expensive in Washington” (but I think this was meant to show the effect of inflation under Barack).

Then, in one day, everything changed. The spirit that was dark/evil left the White House, and the relief and environment was so free! Everything was running like a well-oiled machine. Somehow, now I was Melania’s personal assistant. While I know I won’t be her assistant, what I remember is being paid by President Trump. He put his payment in a card and wrote a message to each of his employees, but in the envelope there were like two checks (only one was needed to pay for being assistant) and extra cash money on top of that. I think God is saying He is going to redistribute wealth or bring blessing to people. I tried to thank him, but he left the room as if he hadn’t done a thing for anyone, but he had overplayed everyone in that room.

(Wanda): President Trump “…still making decisions…careful to not be seen…” Many believe Obama is a chief player behind the scenes and the economy is tanking. “In ONE DAY, everything changed!” Gives much hope for transformation and economic blessing.

Sarah, a dream from 2017:

I was in a supernatural landscape with a sunset gold sky, a perfectly flat ground made of shiny solid gold. This ground had a channel of liquid gold running down the middle. The channel was 1-2 feet wide and its sides were perfectly parallel. I understood that the liquid gold flowing was extremely hot. A man approached me, dressed in gold robes and wearing a headdress made of gold. He was dressed like the images I’ve seen of an Incan emperor. This is kind of a silly example, but the head dress was exactly like what the main character in the Disney movie “The Emperor’s New Groove” wore. That style and solid, shiny gold. In the dream I knew he was an extremely powerful religious leader and that he represented a spirit that was ruling the nation from behind the scenes. He was full of pride and arrogance. VERY haughty and very certain of his power. He stood with a foot on each side of the channel of liquid gold. He acted like no one could oppose him. Though he had a “friendly” face I knew he was evil.

Next, from my right, Superman flew into the scene. His right arm was outstretched like he is shown flying in the movies. In the dream I heard and felt a huge celebration, it was the whole people of America saying, “Hooray, here comes our rescuer! Superman can surely defeat him.” I felt the hope of the nation in this rescuer. However, as Superman flew at the proud ruler, in a flash the man slammed his fist down on top of Superman’s head and he immediately fell into the channel of liquid gold. The implication was that he was dead and I felt the gut punch of the nation… feeling absolute shock, disappointment and hopelessness. The one they had confidence in was easily beaten. It wasn’t even hard for the ruler, and he had a laugh of pride and looked at me defiantly, and I heard in my spirit, “See, I can’t be opposed.” 

Finally, just after this, my attention was drawn to the spot in the channel where Superman landed. The liquid gold was stirring and bubbling…then out of the gold rose the Statue of Liberty, wet and shining brilliantly in gold. It rose dramatically and the atmosphere instantly switched to one of total triumph. The ruler was shocked and instantly terrified. He and I both knew his rule was over. In his pride he thought he couldn’t be defeated, but he was now crushed. – End of dream –

(Wanda): Sarah had this dream 3 years before the stolen election. She indicates later in her email that she believes Donald Trump will yet resume office, but that “… we put our hope in him to single-handedly rescue us, and for a time, it appears that he has been defeated. But God is doing something MUCH bigger.”

Consider that these few dreams and visions are just a drop in the bucket compared to what I’ve seen and heard from other prophets, intercessors, and faith-filled believers who have been sharing their experiences in the past two years. Please know, dear saints, that our God is a supernatural God who delights in showing His people His plans and purposes for OUR GOOD. Don’t let any present darkness or temporary setback rob you of God’s promise to OVERCOME EVIL and REWARD the FAITHFUL! He knows the beginning from the end and has been planning His own “comeback” for MANY years.

If YOU have had a dream or vision about this nation or President Trump that would encourage others, feel free to share it in the comments below (try to keep it less than 3 paragraphs:-) Then – pass it on!


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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.



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  1. Friday, January 21, 2022 1:35 am- I am awakened and told “It’s time to write down my battle plan for my intercessors for this hour.” Here is what he had me type: “I am waiting for the right time to strike hard at the plans of the enemy. When all the voices of my intercessors are worshipping together, believing in my words, in the Bible and prophetically in my growing ekklesia it will reach a crescendo until it will be like a trumpet call to my ears. It is time to pray when I call you to prayer, anytime I call you away and not when YOU feel like it. I’ve called to my bride often and she has loved her slumber and has turned over on her bed and said, ‘later.’ But I say to my slumbering bride, ‘Now I need my bride to be on full alert, praying unceasingly, worshipping unceasingly until the shaking begins. That is your sign that I have entered the battle with my host. It is no longer time to go your own way. It is time for worship and dance, declaring and proclaiming. Vengeance is mine,’ says the Lord, ‘but don’t rejoice in the vengeance, rejoice in the harvest whatever form it takes. The wicked will drop dead unexpectedly yet those who do not, will cry for the rocks to fall on them but they will not because the fear of the Lord will fall so heavily on them that many, yes I say MANY will repent, fall on their faces and begin to do my bidding. The shaking will be in my house and in every sphere of influence. The rebellious and resistant ones who stubbornly persist in closing their ears to my chastening hand and go their own way will drop dead or be found on a sick bed for I will give them over to the enemy for a fortnight until they see the errors of their ways and will repent. Only I know which hearts are too hard to repent because they have not heeded multiple warnings to stand up and be counted and to stop resisting my spirit and my leading. In some churches people will be dropping like flies while in other churches one or two untimely deaths will awaken the rest of the bride in that church. After my bride is fully awakened by the shaking and is worshipping me, seeking my face with all her heart and no longer going her own way, I can act on the other 6 spheres of influence in this nation and in other nations as well. it WILL start in the house of God first. In fact it already has but it will accelerate in this hour. Stay close to me, keep your ears wide open. Don’t turn from the right or the left unless I say so, don’t speak unless you are sure I have given you the words. It is time to be silent before me when you are not worshipping or following my lead on declarations, decrees, proclamations and orders for your angel armies to follow. There will be no recess for awhile. There will be no time outs. Remember the American Hero who had to stay in a battle for 71 days without stopping. That American Hero Series on Elijah Streams is prophetic. That series came out yesterday and is prophetic for the season you are entering. YOUR worship will shorten the days, YOUR persistence in praying unceasingly will also shorten the season. YOUR trust in my timing, YOUR refusal of fear, YOUR refusal to back down and keep going forward one step at a time all will shorten the days of battle. If the battle drags on, know that it is because my bride has resisted her role and many remain missing in action.”
    When I was awakened and again now after this prophecy there is a song running through my head. I heard Holy Spirit say: “Write down the words to that song.” Here is the song to check-out lyrics: Braveheart (Dear daughter) by Tasha Layton
    “I hear your protest to these words (in the song).” ‘You said some will die suddenly, yet You never harm how can that be?’ “But I say, ‘The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, I HAVE COME THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT ABUNDANTLY.’ “Those who die suddenly have resisted my spirit so long that I am giving them over to the desires of their spiritual enemies because they loved darkness rather than light. Those who are placed on sickbeds have not wanted my gentle rebukes and I have given them over to their spiritual enemies that they will NO longer WANT that enemy. As soon as they cry out to me with true repentance, agreeing to no longer resist My Spirit, they WILL return and can experience My abundant life kindnesses in glorious ways that waken these slumbering brides who would not be aroused by gentle nudges as my Ekklesia has done. Welcome those parts of my body with open arms. Remember now there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

  2. I have had only 3 dreams about Donald Trump- two in 2021 and one on Jan 7, 2022. (Most of my dreams have to do with the problems in God’s church, His intention to fix them, and my role in that plan.)
    In the Jan 7 dream, I was sitting in a chair in Sunday school. There was a row of chairs in front of me with folks in the all the chairs. Donald Trump was in front of us with his back to us, teaching or giving a speech. He had a military haircut, short on the sides and longer on the top. The long part of his hair was blonde while the buzzed sides were black. He wore grey slack that were shredded/mostly gone/worn away so that you could see his knees and lower legs. (He had my grandpa’s legs, lol.) I could see the word BABY on his behind, like I was seeing through His slacks. Everybody treated him like he was the real Donald Trump, but I could tell he was an imposter and said so to someone beside me.
    Interpretation: Sunday school is where you go to learn and share what you know about Jesus. Trump is a “baby” Christian who is also teaching, which indicates a growing maturity. Grey slacks: Grey is a combination of black (sin) and white (purity/holiness/righteousness); grey is also the color of maturity/old age. Either way, the torn grey slacks likely indicate Trump is growing spiritually mature very quickly. Exposed legs probably relate to strength through foundational Biblical teaching. The military haircut ties in with his role as our military leader during this silent war; I think the blonde hair signifies the anointing and the short black hair that he is sinning less and less as he grows in the spirit. The reason he seems like an imposter is because the President is being sanctified as he learns to walk with Christ. Sanctification changes us-it makes us look a little ‘different.’
    Numbers: I awoke at 6:43 a.m. from the dream. (Interesting that #43 is Clinton’s number as President.) 6 is the number of man and 4+3=7:rest. 4=God’s approval/harvest eve and 3=God’s plan. (Rest for mankind. God’s approval/harvest time.)
    The date: 1-7-2022 — 1:God, 7:rest, 1+7=8:New beginnings, 2+2+2=6: the number of man. (2) 7’s is a witness to God’s rest. (2) 6’s is a witness to man.
    (God is bringing new beginnings and rest for mankind.)

  3. God Bless You Wanda for your spirit, your fire, your smiling presence and voice of a friend (don’t we all need one more these days?) and truth, and your joyful obedience to God and to the Word both spoken and written. Your ministry has greatly blessed me and my husband through these past two years, during which time God has greatly increased our need for Him and at the same time our love for and trust in Him. We have never been thirstier for His presence. My husband has far longer and more detailed dreams and visions than mine (maybe he will share them here…) but I will share the vision I received one morning last year just before opening my eyes. There were no words, just a glorious vision of Jesus lifted up on magnificent clouds in a blue sky filled with sunshine, his arms up high in a clear victory sign and a brilliant, beaming smile lighting up his face. I knew in my spirit-man that this pertained to the 2020 election, this nation, but also the world. There have been others but this is the one that I have returned to time and time again and which has sustained me through every sadness over all that we have learned about the enemy’s plans and goings on and has kept any fear away. God knows exactly how to speak to each one of us. Thank you Father, we love you and desire to do your will for all our days! We sing your praises and thank you that you are forever undefeated!

  4. In December, 2020, right before Christmas, I had entered into spontaneous praise & worship while listening to an instrumental version of ‘Deck the Halls’. It was a triumphant, jubilant production! As I entered in, I had a vision of a kind of cloud or fog, and a face took shape coming out from it. It was President Trump. He was wearing a crown on his head, I think it was gold. I heard, “Donald Trump’s victory is accomplished.” Later, recalling this vision, his face seemed to merge with a lion’s, which I believe represented the Lion of Judah.

  5. I was randomly reading my Bible in fall of 2017. I had just returned home from a trip and trying to acclimate to being home again. I was reading to the end of Job. At least, that had been my plan. I got to around verse 10 of Job 34. It grabbed me and I knew that God was showing me the harvest that resident bi-den and all those behind and around him were going to reap from the seeds they had sown. It was down through verse 30. Made my heart beat hard. But I believe this is going to literally happen to those who hate Israel and all that is good and life, and all that is holy. So, not a dream or a vision but I accept it as the Word of the Lord to me, even though no one I have shared it with concurs.

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