How do we as Spirit-filled believers discern what is true and what is not? How do we accurately assess what various public figures are telling us to know who and what to believe? It has become apparent that this is not just a war on a virus or a war on corruption, but a war on truth.

One of the challenges for evangelical Christians in this war is that it’s hard for us to comprehend a “good guy” lying or being deceptive for good reason. We presume that if someone has integrity, everything they do and say should reflect that. We usually don’t consider any planned strategy to communicate something different from the actual truth – for the purpose of national security.

The reality is that we are right in the middle of a deeply coordinated military intelligence operation, requiring a measure of deception – even from the good guys. We are at war with an enemy both natural and spiritual that is using deceit as its greatest weapon. For many God-fearing patriots who are involved in this massive sting operation, they are using this same tool for godly purposes – as a decoy. When national security is at risk, there are legal contingencies in place that allow for strategic deception in order to protect the Republic.

One example of mixed messages is President Trump. Can we take what he says at face value? Or is he speaking in some kind of code to operatives embedded in the enemy’s camp? Is he telling us what he believes to be true, or is he purposely giving misinformation to take the enemy down a fox hole where a trap’s been set? Would he actually appear to be ignorant of the facts in order to fool his enemies?

I believe there are moves and counter moves being made between various God-fearing patriots and leaders that appear to be one thing – but are an entirely different matter. When there are supposed feuds or “conflicts” between major players, is it a real feud or are they reading from a prepared script that’s setting up something totally different? When supposed intel comes out implicating a particular individual from a seemingly credible source, is it all true? Or has it been strategically staged to form a false narrative to throw the enemies off the trail? Worse yet, has it been total lies fed by the opposition through paid actors appearing as our friends? These are questions we must consider if we’re going to engage in this kind of warfare.

This is a high level, high stakes military operation, both natural and spiritual, that cannot be understood in just one dimension. This is why prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit are our most powerful weapons against enemies we can’t see, and a plan we can’t possibly comprehend.

So, would God condone this type of strategy? One interesting example of “disinformation” coming from a good guy is David in the Old Testament. Remember when he pretended to be a madman before King Achish?

“David took these words to heart and was very much afraid of Achish king of Gath. So he pretended to be insane in their presence; and while he was in their hands he acted like a madman, making marks on the doors of the gate and letting saliva run down his beard.  Achish said to his servants, “Look at the man! He is insane! Why bring him to me?” (1 Samuel 21:12-14 NIV)

This is David the warrior, the great leader who “slew his ten thousands!” Now he’s playing a madman and foaming at the mouth!? Though David may have acted insane to protect his own skin, he knew he was anointed to be king and would do anything to protect the throne. Talk about ingenuity and guts!

The Lord gave me a word several years ago describing Trump as another David. He said that Trump was His “man of war.” Not a warmonger, but a warrior anointed to defeat God’s enemies. Having the heart of a David, Trump too has a love for this nation, and I personally believe he would do anything to protect it. He, along with many other God-fearing leaders of the Republic, are doing their best to counter God’s enemies with strategic initiatives and narratives in order to destroy their demonic plans. We may not always understand these sophisticated rules of engagement, but we can be sure that God is using them for good.

We can take heart in that God has been preparing us for this kind of warfare. We’ve rarely seen the kind of leadership that totally surrenders their own public persona for something greater than themselves. But, I believe that God has been raising up those kinds of leaders in our midst. Even now, there are those behind the scenes who have laid it all on the line in order to see God’s purposes fulfilled on the earth. When this is all said and done, we are going to be shocked and in awe to realize what some of these men and women have done in order to serve God and save this country. I just pray we will celebrate their sacrifices more than criticize their methods.


“Exposing Religious Spirits in High Places”


I posted this on my TELEGRAM CHANNEL for those asking how I discern who to trust and who to question. For those going down rabbit holes of discussion threads on various patriot channels, there is much misinformation to sort through. These are just some of my own observations as I have gone down some holes of my own:-).

From a practical side, what’s the difference between a patriot purposely spreading misinformation for the greater good, and an infiltrator seeking to destroy good people? How can we tell when a well-known public figure (who seems to be spreading misinformation) is working for the good guys instead of the bad guys? Here are some of my observations.

A true patriot says only what is absolutely necessary to lead a (false) narrative. Their storyline will SUGGEST possibilities without necessarily filling in all the gaps. They are deliberate in their word choices by implying things without necessarily giving details. It’s not only what is SAID that is critical, but what is UNSAID (Trump is a master at this). Statements dropped by these patriot influencers will be carefully crafted and targeted by avoiding words that would legally hold a fellow patriot liable. There will not be any character assassination of a fellow patriot. It’s their SUGGESTION of a particular idea or plan that is meant to lead people to a certain conclusion. They do this for the sole reason of trapping the opposition.

An infiltrator (just like our spiritual adversary) purposely seeks to destroy individuals. They target bold and fearless leaders in both the patriot movement and the Church in order to discredit their reputation and their message (MSM is a master at this). The accusations will be nonstop and fairly general. When specific instances of supposed wrongdoing are brought up, they are based on suppositions and interpretations, and not any hard facts. Taking a statement, photo, or headline, they will spin it to their own conclusion, fueling doubts and concerns among those who don’t do their own research. When asked for proof, they will imply they “have it” without ever producing it.

The one who conceals hatred has lying lips, and whoever utters slander is a fool. (Proverbs 10:18 ESV)

I’m certainly no expert here, and these certainly aren’t full proof, but they are some of the initial indicators I look for as I partner with Holy Spirit in discerning the spirit behind various public figures.

There are so many players on both sides who’s colors are yet to be revealed. But I believe that’s on purpose. While we are still trying to figure out who’s on what team, the coaches for the patriots are already 10 plays ahead, preparing their team for the next play. Personally, my prayers are focused on these coaches and team leaders who are daily making life and death decisions for the good of the nation. I can’t imagine being in their shoes.

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


12 Responses

  1. Rahab was also involved in a covert operation, hiding the spies. Moses was “hid”for a season, as was Jesus in Egypt. There are are other examples of people of faith having to “hide” the truth to fulfill the promises of God. So by the Spirit, teach us to discern the hearts, and when we cannot, to pray for Holy Spirit direction and hold it until we have a confirmed witness.

  2. WANDA, this is food for deep thought, as we are living daily with deceptions all around us. Your example of David was a Great Example.
    Honestly, I keep praying that we will have some kind of breakthrough with Mike Pence. I cried and cried when he betrayed President TRUMP. I have prayed for Mike Pence. I always saw him as a “smooth talker” and at times he just seemed “too good to be true.” But I am still praying for him. He is a professing Christian, and if
    he does not repent and get right with the LORD he will be chastened.
    I keep saying: Oh LORD, could it be that he is a “plant” within the Camp of the Enemy” to be a whistleblower and expose the REAL TRUTH about all of the evil that has been and is going on?
    Chastenings from the LORD come at a high price. I am continuing to pray for Mike Pence, I knew he was a smooth talker—–but I so wanted him to be GOD’s anointed and for Pence to be LOYAL to President Donald John TRUMP,

  3. Thank you Wanda for this article. This so resonates with what I have been sensing for a long time. This word is so encouraging amongst all the lies disinformation, misinformation that clouds the atmosphere .

  4. Wanda, thank you for this encouraging word! Last year, Holy Spirit had me write a series of letters to the leadership of a church that I had just started attending a few weeks. I did not want to do it, it wasn’t “my style”, but He gave me the words and I did it. Interestingly enough the 2nd letter dealt with some of what Holy Spirit gave you in this post. Spirit of truth. We are called to “walk in truth” and in these days, that is challenging for the best of us! So, God bless you for these posts revealing truth.

  5. Thank you Wanda spot on! This morning in my quiet time reading of Mark 5:9 about the Demoniac’s deliverance which comes after the storm on the Lake. I have faced my own demoniac and the Lord gave me the victory spoken by the demoniac! Through out life there will always be storms and I realised that there is always a storm before deliverance! We are in the storm, hang on deliverance is coming Praise God!

  6. Think about it, when we started attending the stores opening up on the Lords day, putting money first, the workers had to go to work and that left less people of God to worship fully . Things started going downhill in America.Lets give God His time in our lives. Starting now?

    1. I think there has to be a very real determination that you are not going to compromise at all. The enemy will test you on that and you must be prepared to stand and make the sacrifices.


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