WARNING: Truth Ahead. View at your own risk. You are entering a season of troubling information that will be highly uncomfortable. Proceed with caution…

At a time when spiritual warfare is out in the open and demonic influence is championed in the headlines, we are being challenged in discerning what’s true. Many conspiracy theories of past years are now being proven and validated, and there are many more yet to be revealed. Every sphere of our culture is being shaken and subjected to a thorough vetting and cleansing. The Lord is going deep into the root systems of what we have thought was “normal” to show us a very cracked and unhealthy foundation. It’s like living in a beautiful house for years and then finding out there’s a mold problem. It’s been growing for decades and has now contaminated the entire structure. It’s gone unnoticed and untreated for so long, only a major overhaul can eradicate it.

The spiritual mold we’re dealing with throughout the nations has grown through lies, deception, demonic agendas, and godless leaders who have been toying with humanity for personal gain. The controversial issues we’re dealing with go far beyond mere financial misdealing’s or inappropriate relationships. The secrets being exposed are dark, wicked practices that come from hell itself. Even as we are wrapping our minds around the level of corruption in high places, we are just beginning to understand the level of witchcraft involved. And as exposures continue to increase, arrests are made, and even well-known church leaders are convicted, our greatest challenge will be in facing the reality about our true condition.


Because the Church has not been willing to engage in some areas of our culture in years past, there are few Christian witnesses to champion truth. The fact is, many of the whistleblowers and truth-tellers coming out of Hollywood, corporate America, big pharma, and media, are nonbelievers. Though many may be God-fearing with a core value of right and wrong, others have no religious background or doctrinal grid. They simply know that what’s happening is evil. I have a good friend in Christian media who recently told me that atheists are regularly calling him saying how they now believe in demons. They even use the word “demonic” when they see the horrors being unleashed on the young and innocent. Truly, the world is waking up. The question is – will the Church?

In a recent interview with Steve Schultz on Elijah Streams, I shared a warning from the Lord. It was for the Church to prepare for what’s ahead. We need to start talking about the dark side of things. We need to talk about our need for deliverance and the realities of demonic infiltration in our lives. No, we should never be more focused on hell than on heaven or “look for a demon under every bush.” And yet, it’s that very caution that has kept us from equipping the saints to rightly discern between good and evil. We’re now finding that there are, indeed, demons hidden behind many BUSHES (pun intended).

The fact is, we do not have to go looking for demons. They simply get exposed as the light grows stronger. We should take heart that this is what is taking place. Wicked agendas are being exposed precisely because people have been praying. It may appear as if the enemy has the upper hand, but it is all an illusion. During these dark times, God’s presence is spotlighting the demonic strongholds so that we know where they are and can take them out. The intercession of the saints from years past are now being manifest in this global time of deliverance.


If we’re going to become champions of truth, we need to do a better job of gleaning information. A lot of the facts we need to know about child sacrifice, satanic ritual abuse, and human trafficking are not going to come from fellow churchgoers. The real-life testimonies and facts of these cases are not going to be shared from pulpits. Many of the harsh realities concerning what has been happening in secret government operations, satanic cabals, and underground military bases are coming from non-believing, controversial voices in social media who make many religious folks uncomfortable.

As much as we would love to hear and share things that only come from upstanding citizens with a spotless record who only associate with those we agree with – it’s just not realistic. We are not going to be handed truth on a silver platter with everything neatly tied up in a bow. This is a messy operation. Really messy. We need to be prepared for some hard truths that are going to come from voices, platforms, and channels far from the mainstream. Even so, will we recognize truth when it comes in different packaging? Will we be ready to acknowledge the truths that have been hidden from years past?

I am. I hope you are, as well.

I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who call you by your name. (Isaiah 45:3 ESV)


In my latest video below I detail what it means to be a “feeler” or one who operates in the discerning of spirits. I also reveal some hidden insights from Scripture that show how territorial spirits and principalities impact us on the ground, and how we can counter their traps. Watch and share!

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I’m with you sister. My heart has been very heavy for friends and family that refuse to open their eyes. Things are really going to shock them and maybe some of us. I’m feeling the need for even more intercession. I’m praying that God will use me to help in their disillusioned minds and hearts. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Thank you, Wanda! So true. It sounds as though you have intel concerning the military and so forth that I have yet to hear, but I believe you. God bless you and your family. And God forgive us Christians who have been so slow to wake up, Thank you for Your mercy Lord. Heal and bless our land. Amen

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!
    We, the Church, have too long had the mentality – even the teaching – to never give satan any credit, never even mention his name – lest he get any glory. Talk about hiding our heads in the sand!
    Ask any good, war-time General how they stratigize to win a war; I GUARANTEE studying (knowing) the enemy, and how the enemy operates, is high up on the list!
    Does that mean they fratenize with the enemy? Absolutely not! But it does mean they know and understand how the enemy behaves, how the enemy works, possibly even how the enemy thinks!
    Am I saying we should be intimate with satan so we can “know” him better? Of course not! In fact, the best way to know and recognize a counterfeit is to know the real! Spending time with God, in His Holy presence, is the key. BUT, we do need to be aware. Satan IS out there; he DOES have an agenda (to kill, steal, and destroy); and we have power and authority over him in the powerful name of Jesus and His blood that we MUST use.
    Thank you, Wanda, for this ever-so-needed eye-opening!!
    Bless you!!

  4. Good. This has to happen.. Jesus spoke to a whole synagog of people and his desciples and they still didnt get it. So a boy came up and Jesus said such as this boy is the kingdom of heaven to come from the heart as this little one to enter the kingdom. Big heads and no heart..every evil work
    …..thank God, thank God, thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its time…Wake Up!

  5. Your message is spot on. I have been sending Christian friends information about certain people that have been shrouded as truth and now being exposed as the enemy they serve.
    Praying constantly for discernment and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal anything that is a lie.
    Thank you for warning us and giving understanding that what we thought has been real in our country is not.

  6. Thank you, Wanda. I have been reading, listening intently since I first read a piece written by you for IFA in 2020. Altho a seasoned veteran in the faith, I have felt ‘alone’ for awhile now & am extremely thankful for your clarity & firm faith. Speak on, sister, there Are many of us who are listening and Holding the Line with you.
    Connie Carty
    Wright, AR

  7. Wanda I so appreciate your discernment in these times! I have been listening to you for quite awhile. I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist more times than I care to mention, even by my pastor in a indirect way. But I can’t lie to myself or live life like I’m not seeing what’s unfolding by Gods hand. The church is asleep for the biggest part. Blessings and thank you!!

    1. Thank you Wanda for acknowledging what I have been seeing with my own eyes. I was recently…. how do I say…. mocked out of my own church for speaking the truth regarding the inability of the church to teach anymore. I have attended for years and learn nothing if God. I have learned more from you and others via YouTube then I ever learned in church. My eyes were opened via my dreams… this is what lead me to you. Even the Lord showed me in my dreams that there is a Dragon lurking in the bowels of “organized mainstream” religions. The dream was spot on. The church members ability to discern has been clouded.
      Now here I am… alone and churchless… it’s just me and my mother standing in faith with the Lord. No one else in our area. These are indeed unprecedented times of shaking.

  8. The level of corruption and evil goes far beyond what we ever imagined. Many will not believe it even when they see it in front of them. It seems too evil to comprehend. I have taken many “red pills” myself lately, so I understand just how shocking it will be. I agree with everything that you have been speaking out about and writing. Thank you Wanda. Blessings

  9. Years ago and we’re talking about late nineties or early 2000’s, I saw Jesus saying “They chew ‘m up and they spit ‘m out”.

  10. Wanda, I receive your posts and watch all of them. I love your calm spirit, and calm voice. What I am hearing from you and several others, Kat, Johnny for example, that celebration and joy are coming, that God is going to act against wickedness and bring in His Kingdom. I think so too, BUT I understand, from scripture, that it will be the Millenial Kingdom Age, when Christ reigns as King, and all nations honour Him. This takes place after the Tribulation’s seven years, and Satan is imprisoned during that Kingdom Age.
    I see what you, Kat and Johnny are saying is about that Kingdom Age, after the 7 years of Tribulation. What am I missing???

  11. I am looking for the video you said you would attach on your utube message about the woman who was delivered and is revealing the information on this evil system

    1. Here is the post from Wanda on her recent Telegram channel regarding this issue at https://t.me/WandaAlgerOfficial It was posted April 7. This is a snippet of it. Check out her Telegram site for more discussions.
      “She (Jessie) has shared her story in many videos and podcasts in the last two years. I would like to offer the first of a 3-part podcast interview she did in 2020 with Sarah Westall. In this interview Jessie gives a brief overview of her background and describes how this system is organized. This reality alone should let people know that there are real people in real time working with Lucifer to destroy the world.”
      -Theresa (Admin Asst)

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