The 27-page PDF document on Freemasonry that I referenced in my video and last post, has been updated. Somehow, some major material got left out:-(. So, here is the new link to the 50-page PDF that includes a LOT more information and details, specifically prayers that are very targeted towards physical, mental, and emotional issues.


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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thank you, Wanda!
    God bless you for revealing the truth…
    My father was raised in freemasonry… but, he was raised among Mennonites in Pennsylvania. After WWII, he and my mother moved to Northern VA…
    I was born in Arlington and raised in Alexandria and Fairfax. As a teenager and young man, I drove by the Masonic Temple many times never knowing what it was!
    Other than it was an impressive tower sitting on top of a hill overlooking DC…
    Now I know…
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you Wanda for the info very much I have been praying for this info and Holy Spirit led me to you God bless you and your family in Jesus name amen ❤️😇🙏

  3. Many thanks! I came out of a spin-off of the Mormon church rooted in both sides of my family. Freemasonry is in my family line. While I have prayed through several versions of freedom from freemasonry prayers, I am still open to different versions due to the legalistic nature of the devil who uses every available loophole. Great job, Wanda!

  4. Many years ago my husband decided to join the Masons. I thought it was ok, Some of my family had been Masons. I had only been saved a couple years, but all of a sudden I got this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach every time he went to a meeting or the masons were mentioned. I didn’t understand why, but I knew it was God. I talked to quite a few ‘christians’ and they acted like I was being foolish, seems like there were a lot of masons in the church. Thankfully my husband lost interest and never went after a time or two. I’m 80 now and this was back in my 20’s. That feeling has become my alert from God that something isn’t from or of Him. I had never heard of Obama, but was in kitchen cooking and a man was on tv talking and I had that feeling. I walked in the other room to see who I was hearing and it was Obama when he was beginning the race for president. I knew immediately he was wrong for America.

    1. I had that same feeling in my gut about Obama the first time I heard of him and saw a magazine article. The photos of him turned my stomach. I sensed evil in his eyes.

  5. I would like to share my testimony about freemasonry. I have two sons and both were diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at a young age. Tourette’s is uncontrolled motor and vocal tics. Someone at my church asked me if anyone in my family was a mason. I had never heard of freemasonry. I asked my father who told me my grandfather was a mason and high up in the ranks and that the masons are good people. I was then given a book to read and prayers to break the curse. After faithfully praying over my sons they were both healed from Tourette’s. They no longer have motor and vocal tics and we’re also healed from severe learning disabilities. Praise God!

  6. Question about breaking the generational ties…If I pray the prayers of renunciation, etc., and I have 2 daughters and a grandson, will they also be released from the generational ties or do they each have to pray to break the ties on them personally?

  7. I have googled Robert E Lee and I can’t find where he was a mason. His father was a mason. Can you share what lodge he belonged to.

      1. FYI. I contacted the Grand Lodge of Virginia and they said there are no records that General Robert E. Lee was a Freemason. So you may want to correct your information about him being a mason. Only his father was a mason.

        1. I appreciate your attempt on the clarification of General Lee and him being a Freemason but the truth of the matter is he was not a Freemason well known or not well known. He could have attended Hiriam Lodge as a visitor before the meeting started. That is no proof that he was a mason. I follow many prophets and I am learning to research for myself the words that they say. John Wayne was a well known mason and Kat Kerr says she has seen him in heaven so we at least know that some masons do make it to heaven. I would imagine that Norman Vincent Peale is also in heaven.

  8. I left this message on Telegram under comments but wasn’t sure you would see it, so I’m trying it here as well! Blessings to you!!
    Wanda, it is so encouraging to hear more notable prophets like yourself speak about Freemasonry. My husband & I have studied for years about Deliverance from Freemason curses since my husband & many of our generational line were masons. It wasn’t until my husband began to rise within the society that he realized how it was more than just a community organization. He renounced his oaths & openly speaks to others about why its deceptive and dangerous. Many denominations including our own condone this “philanthropic group” since many pastors are members. The lower levels are very unaware of what the upper levels represent.
    Since you always have such a balanced perspective on almost any controversial issue, I would like to address a backlash I’ve witnessed this last year to the recent uncovering of Freemasonry. Most of us know the Lord is about to expose many church leaders as false Pastors & Prophets (perverse immorality & abuse, child trafficking, freemasonry, etc). However, many in their zealousness to expose the truth are naming names they have no actual proof of their involvement in such activities & crimes. In fact a courtroom might label their evidence as circumstantial … Ie. a picture with a questionable pose or hand gesture or standing with another wellknown Freemaso, etc. The tone of many of these sites has turned from cautionary to condemning. I’m reaching out to you so that you might eventually address the other side of justice once our eyes have been opened to the truth. Recently I felt led to respond to a list of names of “condemned” Christian singers & Pastors (including LeCrea) on one particular site. Some admittedly do seem to be guilty as charged. However, there were other names that we just don’t have enough information on. I am posting my response to one of the posts in hopes it explains a little better my plea as we maneuver these waters:
    “PLEASE BE CAREFUL & HUMBLE on this journey – I’m speaking to ALL of us including myself. They are not all Freemasons. I was an independent Christian bookstore owner in Denton, TX & knew LeCrae before he was known. He came out of a fundamentalist Bible church that started a Christian rap worship team to reach the drug infested black youth in our area. It grew beyond all expectations into the whole community. He was extremely humble and influenced my teen daughter greatly because scripture was throughout all his early songs. My daughter played on a volleyball team which warmed up to raunchy rap, so she’d sneak LeCrae’s CD in, & everyone loved it. In her public school they began praying as a team b/c of the music influence. LeCrae would come into my Christian bookstore when no one was in there, & I would find him praying on the floor between aisles.
    I saw another example of overzealous accusations recently with a prophet that plays guitar, having a snapshot of him with the “666” hand gesture (circle w/3 fingers up) w/his right hand. Yet he CLEARLY was holding a guitar pick which created the same sign while he was talking btw songs. The photo was blurry b/c he was moving his hand as people do when they talk. We need to tread carefully because the Word says “Touch not My anointed; do my prophets no harm.” Even David took this very seriously with regard to Saul. Are there many Wolves in sheep’s clothing? – ABSOLUTELY! Yet others may have been just swept up in the current of success. Still others may be falsely lumped in. Do we truly believe a heart that began in truth & humility God would not or could not restore? Should we follow blindly? -ABSOLUTELY NOT! Yet the missing link here for those Christian celebrities that get swept up, those fans that blindly follow, AND for those that accuse without mercy or discernment is Holy Spirit discernment & empowerment.
    As a Christian Bookstore owner I had a helicopter view of The Church & this I learned: no matter what tradition, doctrine or denomination held to – Catholic or Protestant, Fundamentalist or Pentecostal, Traditional or Independent – WE ALL NEED A FRESH BAPTISM OF HOLY SPIRIT POWER & LOVE. He IS the Spirit of Truth & will guide us into ALL truth. Jesus is equipping His Remnant Army to be the clean up crew after the Fallout of Justice & Truth coming. It’s time we do what we have been called to do … “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers & cast out demons.” Be Jesus to the broken & repentant. NO ONE CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! 🔥 His Glory is coming & JUSTICE will prevail; yet let’s not get caught as Job’s friends did on the side of accusation & self-righteousness. When the FALLOUT comes – and it will – let’s be caught on the side of LOVE.🔥🔥🔥”

  9. Hi there the link for the doc here is broken. Also the link posted by Wanda is also broken?! It gives a 404 error? I really require this document ASAP please many thanks.

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