In 2015 I had a prophetic dream where I saw three huge eagles emerge from the Mountain of the Lord. I knew they represented the Three in One – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They had been summoned through prayer as the saints prayed for transforming revival. As they drew closer and closer, the fear of the Lord was felt in their weighty message to the Church – “We come together, or not at all.” 

Responding to our cries for deliverance, the Godhead is calling us to prepare. It is not enough to pursue the love of the FATHER alone, or simply walk as JESUS walked. It is the reality of the SPIRIT and the power of His everlasting Kingdom that must also be displayed in this hour of epic supernatural turnaround. Even as righteousness is being established and integrity of heart is being molded, it is the person and presence of Holy Spirit that will EMPOWER the needed breakthroughs and transformation. Doctrinal accuracy will not be enough to break the enemy’s grip, nor will works of men cause the chains to fall. It is only when Holy Spirit fuels our cause that all other kingdoms will bow to the Most High God. 

As we are walking out this prophetic charge and contending for a greater outpouring of His Spirit, we must be sure that our roots go deep in order to withstand the forces of hell that are assigned to take us down. In the next few years, the enemies of the Kingdom will do all they can to unleash storm clouds upon those who dare to undo their works of wickedness. But for those houses of God who have taken the time to dig deep and sanctify themselves, they will lead the way into this Kingdom Age. 

Many community churches that have been in the shadows will begin to rise up with the zeal of the Lord. These houses that have focused on righteousness, biblical integrity, and purity of heart have been stirred to push into things of the Spirit. Unseen by the masses, these smaller communities of faith have been pressing in for the “greater things” (John 14:12). These houses will come to the forefront and lead the charge, not due to the size of their congregation or the size of their budget, but due to the presence and power of Holy Spirit in their midst. 

“For the Kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.” (1 Corinthians 4:20 ESV)

Watch and pay attention for the changes to come! The dramatic shifts to take place are soon to redefine our very identity as the Church. Because of the upgrades to come, there will no longer be a Charismatic or Pentecostal arm of the church to lay claim to the work of Holy Spirit. Rather, churches across the nations will be known to be either DEAD or ALIVE! No longer tagged with denominational affiliations or doctrinal differences, churches will be either houses of authority or buildings without power; houses of light or gatherings in the dark. This is what will separate the true Church in the days to come! You’ll be either dead – or alive!

Only those who are alive in the Spirit will thrive in the midst of enemy opposition. Only those who operate in the fullness of His gifts will have authority to bring the dead to life. The Ekklesia of God will be marked by the presence of the THREE IN ONE expressing itself in the fullness of Kingdom authority and power.

Let those who are alive in Christ and empowered by the Spirit, rise up! A transfer of kingdoms is underway! Go in the power of His Spirit and bring life to the dead bones among the nations!


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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I SO bear witness to this word. What a confirmation of what Holy Spirit has spoken to my heart. Time is up for lukewarmness to continue. People are beyond desperate for God.

  2. This word is ON IT!!! SPOT ON!!! I’m jumping (in the Spirit 😁) and yelling Hallelujah! I’m with ya!

  3. I have a friend, a prophet who has been through fires I have seen no other go through; loss of family, loss of nearly all material possessions and nearly loss of life on multiple occasions as he has suffered multiple heart attacks/strokes and was miraculously healed of lung cancer.. He recently shared a very similar word with me. He said the Spirit will come in and the fear of the Lord will bring everyone to their knees. If the Spirit isn’t invited He probably won’t be coming in!

  4. Re-blogged with comments: ‘After my recent personal meditations, and with the above picture (of three eagles entitled ‘Eagle-eyed)hanging in our lounge, Wanda’s dream and commentary resonates deeply within me.’

  5. I follow Mike Thompson. I have been fighting demons for almost a year now. During that time I bound a demon on a young drug addict. I believe he was calling out for help at that time and God presented him for me to help. Recently a local pastor was presented to me and I bound a demon for him. I now realise that his demon was guilt where the first was addiction. Afterwards God kept showing me, me binding a spirit of guilt. He showed me calling on all three. “God see this man, Jesus see this man, Holy spirit bind them together. In the name of Jesus I bind the spirit of guilt. I couldnt understand why the three when I fight demons in Jesus name. I did ask the pastor to wait for a few min until I had time . I did just as I was shown. He confirmed I had answered a prayer . You just confirmed to me why the three. Keep an eye out for a pastor from NH . There are big plans in the works for him.

  6. On one of your blog posts recently, you referenced John Paul Jackson. I wasn’t familiar with his ministry, but also heard Cindy McGill mentioning him. So, curious, I found some of his archived conference talks: Power/Authority, Justice, etc. and this morning a talk from 2/28/2009. Like the others, this presentation freshened up scripture that was ‘understood’ in my mind. His comment at the end of his impromptu introduction was, “maybe this is prophetic”. Now, in 2022 it may be. It’s challenged me to a fast leading up to 6/5/22 Pentecost (sort of confirms the fast God’s been mentioning in my spirit, too). Maybe it’s a challenge to more folks to do the same…particularly this year. I commend the ‘Rend the Heavens Conference’ video.

  7. “For the Kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.” (1 Corinthians 4:20 ESV)

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