In worship this past Sunday we were singing about the power of our God to slay giants. In a vision, I saw this giant that was standing before the people of God in this day. It represented all the principalities and powers that are aligned against the Kingdom of God in our nation. This giant seemed intimidating, yet I could tell the spirit of David was strong within the remnant. As I continued to watch, I knew that things were not as they appeared. This presentation was but a display.

Then I heard “Trojan Horse.”

At that moment I realized that the enemies of God that were standing behind this giant were not as fearless as they presented themselves. They were actually hesitant and unsure of what was happening. They were standing behind this giant Trojan Horse, knowing it was a false representation of their strength. I could see inside this man-made machine which was hollow and empty. Void of any substance. I saw one lone figure inside operating the mechanisms controlling this machine.

As we continued in worship, we sang about the Spirit of Truth coming to expose the lies and reveal what is true. I saw the Spirit as a bright light overshadowing this entire scene. As the praises were lifted, I saw the Spirit then move behind the enemy lines and turn around to face this Trojan Horse from the other side. The brightness of the Spirit of Truth continued to increase as the people worshiped.

Then I saw that the light from the Spirit not only shone upon this Trojan Horse, but through it. His light caused all to see the many cracks in this supposed war horse that was made of decaying wood. While the army with David was standing without fear before the giant, the Spirit of Truth was exposing the Trojan Horse for the shell of lies it truly was. The weakness of this man-made structure was evident and ready to fall. The stronger His light became, the more fragile this war machine became. The longer the standoff, the hotter the glory. Finally, as the Spirit fixed His gaze upon this giant projection, fire from His eyes touched the dead wood and ignited it into flames.

Fire goes before Him and burns up His adversaries all around. His lightnings light up the world; the earth sees and trembles. The mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth. (Psalm 97:2-3 ESV)

The giant of globalist agenda and luciferian rule that is challenging righteous rule in this nation is built of nothing but magnified lies. Their false projection of greatness is but hay and stubble. It cannot stand in the light of the Spirit of Truth. Lies are being exposed from behind enemy lines and revealing all the cracks and holes in their digital world of falsehoods and pretense.

The zeal of the Lord has risen from those with the heart of David, fueling heaven’s armies for the takedown. The fire of the Lord has been kindled and His righteous indignation grows hotter and hotter. The sorceries of secret societies and bloodline families are coming to an end. The wizards are being divested of their robes and the warlocks being stripped of their magick. Look for a soon and coming day when this trojan horse, and all who have built it, will be lit by heaven and consumed by a holy fire.


In my latest video below, I share a lot of prophetic intel concerning recent events:
* Testimonies from many of you concerning freedom and deliverance from Freemasonry!
* Additional resources and recommendations for those seeking deliverance.
* My prophetic dream about snakes and the warning to “Watch Out! Stand on Guard!”
* My comments on the groundbreaking documentary, “2000 Mules” – and what do to about it.
* An unexpected call in the night to pray for Atlanta Georgia and the exposure of fraud.
* A prophetic insight into the surprise win of Rich Strike in the Kentucky Derby.

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


12 Responses

  1. WOWEE, am about to blog several updates and asking how to include photo of Luke 8:16-18 on exposures of political rot and corruption (published over 200), switch to Telegram and spot this of yours dear Wanda, just published!

  2. We are living in Alice and wonderland. The Wizard is the trojan horse great and powerful but really weak and scared. And Dorothy actually calls him a big O bully. And we know how BULLIES are

  3. Flicked on my internet feed this morning and was treated to the scowling face of Kissinger with finger pointing into the camera – something about ‘warning Putin’ [ha]. First thought – he’s still alive? Second was, if you put on a poster the faces of all the ner-do-wells of Davos pulling the strings, you’d have a real Halloween display. So, obviously the folks they’ve made the face of their movement (Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Biden, Boris, the has-beens of Hollywood, eg. Cher) haven’t done the trick. It’s said ‘beauty is skin deep, but ugly is to the core’, so apparently, gruesome can’t be contained under any facade. The picture of Dorian Gray in the attic must be looking pretty handsome these days.

  4. Wanda,
    I was just reading your May 11th news letter. Reminded of your article on the Free Mason. My dad was a Mason in the 70’s. Although he decided he no longer wanted to be involved with the group. And he would not tell us why. After reading your article, I pulled his Mason ring out and put it on my dresser. Well today I picked it up and threw it in the trash! At first I thought I can’t get rid of it because it belong to my dad. But today I had no problem throwing it away!
    Thank you for giving me the truth!

  5. Wanda, when you mentioned the dream about the snakes, immediately his spirit brought a scripture to my mind that I have read many times. Jeremiah 9:21 “Death has climbed in through the window, broken into our bedrooms. Children on the playgrounds drop dead, and young men and women collapse at their games.” (The Message) The mental image he gives me is the same every time I read it. I see a child’s bedroom window with the enemy crawling in while the parents sleep. Why is he crawling? Are the parents “sleeping” or are they “a-sleep”? He’s crawling because he is a snake! If he can’t kill them with abortion, diet , lockdowns, suicide, occult indoctrination, etc., then he’ll get them with venomous vaccines. The enemy has one VERY focused goal in his sight right now– he wants the innocent children and the family unit. He has climbed in unnoticed through every spiritual, mental and physical window the parents and the church (yes, the church) have left open. We have left our children totally vulnerable in every way. The parents and believers ARE the watchmen surrounding these kids, it doesn’t matter if they are ours or someone else’s. He has given me a visual of a wagon train circling to protect the weaker ones of the group–the pioneering Watchmen. When our children struggle, we should pray not just for our own child, but pray for all children that are struggling with the same issue-be inclusive in our prayers. Being an orphan myself, I KNOW he placed prayer warriors that prayed me into my mature age, there is no other way to describe the miracles in my life. So encourage your followers to ask the Lord how they can be a spiritual adoptive parent OR a watchmen for the spiritually unprotected, the widows (single parents) and the orphans (children in single parent homes). They hold a VERY tender spot in the Father’s heart!

  6. WANDA, what a powerful and informative message….this whole series has been Very Eye-opening.
    I thank you LORD for the SPIRIT OF TRUTH. Thank You, LORD, for Wanda. Help us Oh LORD, to Remember about “THE ZEAL OF THE LORD!” In the precious and holy name of JESUS CHRIST, my Savior and my LORD. Amen

  7. Wanda, your use of the Trojan Horse in this vision confuses me. The Trojan Horse worked. It was not hollow, but full of soldiers and Troy fell. Troy thought it was hollow so were unafraid. Am I wrong? Please explain. Are you saying that satan ,being the father of lies, is lying this time and there are no soldiers in the horse? I am so encouraged and enlightened by your posts. Please believe me when I say I’m not trying to add confusion. But I don’t think I’m “getting” this one. Thank you!

    1. I can only share what I saw in the vision and what I heard. I think the main take-away is that things are not as they appear. I never saw this as a parallel to the “real” Trojan Horse – merely a reference to a man-made machine designed to produce fear. That’s it:-). Blessings!

      1. Yes, thank you. I agree! I love the part about God burning it all up soon. What a glorious day! Thanks for taking the time to answer me. God bless your day!

  8. From The Epoch Times, May 24, 2022: “Whether or not monkeypox poses a large threat to public health, it presents a serious threat to public freedom. The virus could act as a Trojan horse, carrying inside it all the justifications to grant the WHO a dictator’s dream of global power, and give the CDC a system of surveillance beyond anything Orwell could have conceived.”
    Thought of your vision, Wanda.

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