The recent release of 2000 Mules was a huge boost for the patriot movement and those calling for election integrity. The facts presented in this documentary film by Dinesh D’Souza provided irrefutable evidence of election fraud. Even for hardline skeptics, the film forced them to see the carefully planned and executed criminal actions that took place in 2020. Using state-run cameras with over four-million minutes of video evidence and highly advanced geo-tracking capabilities, the truth presented was undeniable and fairly conclusive.

But even as many patriots are hopeful for a major breakthrough as a result, the question is – will it be enough? Is the proof in this documentary enough to compel legislators to demand a recall of illegitimate votes?  Is it enough to force even the corrupt courts to acknowledge the wrongdoing and declare right judgments according to constitutional law? Is it enough evidence to turn the tide of disbelief and get the rightfully elected president back in office? Is it enough to not only bring these criminals to justice, but guarantee it won’t happen again?

As much as this film has successfully stirred some sleepers in validating the fraud and making a case for legal action, it may not be enough to secure the most consequential victory. Even as legal actions have begun in certain locales as a result of this film, the reality is that our global dilemma is not due to election fraud or warring political parties. These are merely the symptoms of a much deadlier cancer. The war over our freedoms and sovereignty as a nation is not just about ballot boxes and voter registrations. It is about a luciferian system that is highly organized that has been planning our demise for generations. The war being waged is not just over the votes of our citizens, but over the souls of men. Until the masses realize the demonic nature of this battle, any election integrity that is restored will be short-lived. Until people see who the real spiritual adversary is, we will end up perpetuating a political front that is merely smoke and mirrors.

Watching 2000 Mules should not only cause us to see fraud and criminal activity, it should compel us to ask more questions: How did they get away with this? How did an operation of this size and magnitude go unnoticed for so long? If the evidence was provided by state-run cameras, where have our elected officials been this whole time? How many other elections have been compromised in like manner? How was this even funded? Who are the real powerheads who are pulling the strings and calling the shots? What’s their end-goal? It is only when these questions are explored that the true nature of this war will be seen. It is only when the masses acknowledge the wizards behind the curtain and see the funding mechanisms behind their dark web of deception, that true awakening will occur.  

Then he said to me, “Son of man, have you seen what the elders of the house of Israel are doing in the dark, each in his room of pictures? For they say, The Lord does not see us, the Lord has forsaken the land.’” He said also to me, “You will see still greater abominations that they commit.” (Ezekiel 8:12-13)

There have been estimates that only 40-50% of the population are truly “awake.” Though there’s no way to verify any statistical proposition, there are clearly millions of people who still don’t get it. Whether it’s disbelief, denial, or outright refusal to listen, we are all surrounded by friends and family who still haven’t connected the dots.

Personally, it wasn’t until I saw the movie, Out of The Shadows (released in April 2020), that my suspicions were confirmed, and I experienced a holy anger at the Mockingbird prophets and satanic warlords. It was when conspiracies about the torture and ritual abuse of children proved to be true that my battlefront shifted. This was no longer about championing a rightfully-elected president, but about defeating and taking down a spiritual cabal of the darkest order. The carefully-crafted façade of news and entertainment was now seen for the demonic weapon it was and the goal of these mind games became clear. The battles we are facing are ultimately not about an election, but about who controls our minds, our bodies, and every choice we make. We will either become warriors in the spirit or slaves of the state. Without being intentional in the first, we will most certainly serve the second by default.

Even as we continue to cheer on the message behind 2000 Mules, we must press in for the greater victory. It is time for the Illuminati’s existence to be exposed and the full intent of their end-times demolition plan to be unmasked.  Where criminal activity may arouse a sleeping citizenry, it is the rape and torture of innocent children that should stir up a zeal of the Lord that can’t be quenched. A righteous fire should burn in every heart, fueled by the passion of a holy God to vanquish principalities and powers that are killing our young. We must acknowledge our blindness concerning the wicked practices that have been taking place on our  watch, and determine to right these wrongs. Our prayers are still powerful, but it is our actions that will be recorded for history.

We were born for this moment. We’ve been prepared for this time. If we believe we still hold the keys to the Kingdom, as Jesus said, then the gates of hell shall not prevail against us (Matthew 16:18-19).


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*For those who follow my blog – be praying for me as Bobby and we head out for a 2-week vacation! I will be taking a break from posting on most of my social media sites, except for Telegram and Truth Social – when the inspiration hits me:-)! I hope to do some long-overdo writing (for my next book) so I’ll catch up with everyone next month!

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I don’t believe that lack of evidence is the reason for upholding the 2020 election outcome nor is more definitive evidence going to be the mind changing factor. This kind of deception is a work of evil and is a mental stronghold of lies, pride, and unwillingness to entertain error in beliefs, judgment, status quo, MSM information, and the depth of evil in humanity. I appreciate the movie but no, more shaking and time may wake some. There are those who are too fragile to handle the truth. Too big a leap to risk shattering their world as they need it to be.🙏

  2. Woo Hoo, ‘2000’ Mules’ film shown in 3 cinemas in Green Bay, WI (DePere Cinema and 2 Marcus Theaters).
    “The True the Vote folks didn’t really provide any evidence in support of their theory that any illegal ballots were cast,” said Spreitzer, Dem. State Rep. – went on to say ‘hadn’t seen the film’. Per FOX 11 WLUK – main stream media outlet. Everyone knows Wisconsin voted Trump.

  3. Sadly , the church did not stand when Government and schools pushed God out. Sadly the church only the truly devout ,have stood up against abortion and have spent millions upon millions of dollars as the left in the church still to this day think they are going to Heaven supporting murder. Add to the scale eyed left who couldn’t see any truth now, till the Glory comes, to the scale eyed Christians sitting on their rapture rugs , while their pastors , count numbers and tithes , teaching no meat, or even their responsibility to their children, and country, with that so abused quote “ We are not of this world “ so let’s sit on our hands! I have spent 2 years now praying the sheep will read their bibles, and the Jews would actually read Isaiah, and pray. I have prayed and still pray Pastors and Rabbis will hear from God, and repent also repent to their sheep! My heart breaks that so many are still in the dark ! Would you consider a write up on standing as a child of Christ and going to these pastors , with Questions, and statements that could be made to wake up the Pastors, or should that be only 5 fold ministry doing this! I know evangelists have been called to speak to pastors in Africa, as well as here.
    After what happened in Northern NY. With pastors calling their parishioners from volunteering for Mario Murillo ,
    We need to be trained to stand up and get involved in politics, schools, elections, who really wants to work around the devil on a daily basis! Much easier to sit in a pew, for an hour and call it a day!
    I am blessed to have eyes open , and to have found the fivefold church. Thank God for the internet cause it wasn’t to be found where I live. Thank you for your work, and Blessings, and have a beautiful restorative vacation with you husband. ❤️🙏🏼❤️ Julie Lindholme

    1. Certainly, the Hebrews who followed Moses out of Egypt looked back sadly at their brethren that stayed behind (a majority) in Egypt. It’s coming to the moment where like in their journey, when the remnant stood facing the Red Sea, wondering, ‘what now Moses’, as it dawned upon them that Pharoh, et al were in hot pursuit.
      Your prayers are what God is listening for, just as He heard and responded to the cries of His people through the Exodus. Be strengthened that our God does marvelous, miraculous and magnificent wonders for His children, “called by His name”, today, as He did then.

  4. For those still underinformed, today’s His Glory – ‘Take Five’ interview with Clay Clark is the most thorough presentation on what we are up against in this world. Summarizes everything and makes the most sobering case for why (or should want to) you MUST give your life to Christ. Another resource is the MelK show.

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