DEVOLUTION = “The transfer or delegation of power to a lower level.”

Many in the patriot community have been following the Devolution Series by Patel Patriot. In this ongoing series of papers written since the fake inauguration in 2021, Patel theorizes that President Trump made contingency plans for the stolen election long before it happened. He presents compelling evidence of Executive Orders and actions that Trump ordered before he left office to assure the continuity of government under emergency/wartime scenarios. Patel is convinced that Trump would never walk away from what he knew was going to be a corrupt and unfair election – without a plan.

In the months that have followed since January 2021, many of the ideas presented in the Devolution Series seem to be playing out. A growing number of patriots have gained hope in the idea that “a plan” has been underway, spearheaded by President Trump and the military. Believing that God was the ultimate mastermind behind this idea, many are praying that these plans will play a major part in defeating the enemy occupation in our nation and around the world.

As I was pondering this the other day, I was struck by another “devolution series.” Only this one is even more consequential than the current one. Not only does it show “a plan” at work, but it reveals the absolute confidence of its creator in a victorious outcome.

Each and every day more people are waking up to the dark and wicked Luciferian cult that has been working behind the scenes. As more evidence emerges, people across the globe are realizing how evil and deranged these bloodline sorcerers are. The realities of a supernatural realm and an all-powerful God are finally becoming more mainstream, not necessarily because people are going to Church, but because the dark side of these realms are becoming all too real. Yes – people are finally coming to God. And God is using Lucifer’s own handiwork to show them the way!

Biblical scholars agree that in Ezekiel 28, the prophet describes how God fashioned Lucifer from the very beginning:

You were the signet of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering. (Ezekiel 28:12b-13a)

Not only was Lucifer extremely beautiful, covered with precious stones and gems; he was created to make worship before the throne of God. It is said that he didn’t just “play” an instrument – he “was” an instrument. It was his primary assignment – to glorify God. In addition, he was filled with knowledge. The knowledge of heaven that included mysteries of the deep and secrets of the spirit. And yet, because he was created with a free will, he decided to glory in his own design more than the One who designed him. Because of the growing pride of his own heart, he rebelled against God, fell from grace, and was thrown out of heaven. Being jealous of the One who sat on the throne, Lucifer decided that he alone should be worthy of creation’s honor and adoration.

Your heart was proud because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor. (Ezekiel 28:17)

From the moment of his rebellion, Lucifer has corrupted each and every gift that was given him. In his bitterness and hatred of his Creator, he has used his attained knowledge of the higher realms to corrupt and bring men down to the lower. Seeking to destroy that which God loves, Lucifer has spent his entire existence trying to destroy God and everything He has created. He has caused the deaths of millions and the destruction of entire nations. His relentless pursuit for power is now being publicly displayed across the world with all his followers foaming at the mouth for more blood.

Given his story from the very beginning, one has to wonder – did God really know what was going to happen ahead of time? When He first created His heavenly beings, didn’t He foresee the choice that Lucifer would make? Didn’t He look ahead to see the death and destruction that would follow Lucifer’s rebellion? If He did know – why did He give Lucifer a free will to choose such evil? How could He willingly allow this to happen to those He truly loves!?

And herein lies the greatest devolution of them all. God DID know ahead of time, and He did have a plan. Out of His great love for His creation, He knew that men had to make the choice for themselves who they would serve. They must be allowed to decide their own fate and not be controlled or manipulated from above. Knowing full-well what Lucifer would do – God went ahead with His creation. Because He knew. He had a plan.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1:1-5)

“The plan” was in place from the very beginning. The Living Word – His only Son – was God’s plan. Jesus was with God from the very start. Being one with His Father, Jesus was already on the scene when infinity was born. Knowing what would take place in the cosmos of time, God the Creator had already made full provision for the failures and weaknesses of His creation. Knowing our propensity for evil, God made sure to put things in place for men to be redeemed and set free from the curse of sin and rebellion. In His infinite wisdom, God predetermined His own Son to reverse the curse that would eventually come.

Allowing Lucifer to take his powers to a lower realm, God knew the results that would follow. Though the grief and pain of watching His creation suffer would be costly, He knew – IT HAD TO BE THIS WAY. The only way for men to rightly choose their place in eternity, would be to have the choice. They had to experience, first-hand, the consequences of rebellion, and the destruction of sin, in order to choose life.

So – you see – devolution is nothing new. We have been living one since the beginning of time. Pain and suffering have been a part of the process, but the Master has always known the end of the story. The order He prepared before time began to send His only Son to the cross was a tremendous sacrifice. And yet, because of the victory at the cross, the outcome is now absolute. Those who call on His name and use their authority over the serpent, are assured of Lucifer’s defeat.

Because of the greatest devolution plan of all time, NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT’S COMING. It’s already been determined. The victory is ours. The Light of the World is bringing Truth to mankind, and the darkness cannot – and will not – overcome it.


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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


11 Responses

  1. Wow! what an excellent illustration and explanation of God’s eternal plan for the inhabitants of planet earth!!

  2. What an excellent article! Thank you!
    Thank you also for recommending Eberle’s book to me about a year ago. It opened my eyes and I now live an optimistic, faith filled life. My words are always life-filled and I can smile at the future, because Jesus has already won the victory!

  3. Very inspired presentation. Summer 2020, I began meditating on Ps 18 and visualized my way through it. I got the sense that imminently, God was coming for His people upon hearing our cries. Mid-80’s I became a Christian and I got involved in the Roe v Wade fight and attended ‘the march for life’ in DC. When R v W was overturned, this scripture came to mind; all of us who prayed to reverse the decision, our prayers were heard, they were the weight that tipped God into action. And now, so many years later, God is coming down in response and for retribution for the carnage of the children sacrificed to Baal. Once thinking that my prayers bounced off the ceiling, on Friday, God confirmed within me that I was a part of this move of His that will bring about the turning back to Him by our nation. Vindication filled me. What a rush!

  4. Every time I listen to or read one of your broadcasts I am so encouraged, thank you so much for helping us navigate and articulate in our minds what is going on in this crazy world we are living in. Our God is absolutely amazing and all satan has succeeded with me is to draw me closer to my Lord and Savior. Thank you Wanda!!

  5. Wanda! You Stole my Thesis from more than 20 years ago! I am ruined! What you have done in 16 or so paragraphs is more than I have been able to do in 20 years with ALL the people I have tried to tell this. I weep for my pathetic attempt to get people to see this. My tears of failure are quickly met with tear of JOY Knowing that the GOD of the Universe has HIS own timing and that YOU were the one HE chose to Brake this to the world!
    Thank You and Thank GOD that it is FINALLY out there! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  6. This is magnificent–glorious truth, right in front of us all the time! And as is so often the case right now, there appears to be a kind of mirror effect between then and now, with events unfolding with uncanny congruency between past and present. As if God confirms the present by the previous “testament.” Interesting. Bc testament means tangible proof or evidence. Also, a written directive having legal power for the dispensation of property or rights to take effect after death, as for example the death of Christ, whose inheritance can never perish spoil or fade… Wow. Gotta chew on this a while. Seems like “old testament” is proof of “new testament” realities.  The prophecy finding its present proof in past events?

  7. “…Patel theorizes that President Trump made contingency plans for the stolen election long before it happened. ”
    Sometime during this past year, one day when I was processing yet more information on all these things, from a patriot’s video/program, I saw a kind of diagram. The Lord impressed upon me that Trump knew ahead of time what was going to go down. (Not His exact words!) That it was a set-up, and that this was the reason Donald Trump ran for office in the first place – to hunt down, arrest & bring justice to the cabal, and save the children.
    I had never heard of devolution before, nor had I ever heard anyone say/write anything like this. It was, for me, an epiphany. Mind-blowing.
    Recently, on ‘His Glory: Take Five’, w/Julie Green, Dave Scarlett shared that Trump knew ahead of time that he was going to ‘lose’ the election. That at first, Trump was extremely resistant to the idea…but he went ahead with it, as we now know. Julie pointed out how hard it would have been for a man like Donald Trump to accept ‘losing’! But he did. He is a far greater man than many of us know.

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