I’ve started a new feature on my YouTube channel highlighting a “book of the week” to help answer all the questions that come my way. This very first feature addresses the question, “Can women lead in the church?” Drawing from an excellent book called “Side by Side” by Dr. Dave Hess, I share some of this pastor’s key insights about God’s original design and intent for women and men working together. From Genesis through the New Testament there’s quite a different narrative happening than what the religious spirit has sold us for generations. The author also challenges controversial passages including 1 Timothy 2:11-15 that seems to prohibit women from even speaking in church.

For those who are interested in this topic and want a great resource that is thoroughly researched and written from a father’s heart – this one’s for you:-). Click the picture below to watch my review of the book (about 55 min). You can order his book HERE ON MY SITE, or from AMAZON and KINDLE.

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  1. Having not read the book to which you refer, maybe the author alludes to the following facts: ‘Adam’ was unique as the first ‘human’ (contemporary term; humus = soil), as he was made in the image and likeness of God, so he came with a full complement of male and female characteristics.
    ‘Eve’ (named by Adam, as with all the other creatures), having been made of Adam’s rib, would be genetically identical to Adam, except for one chromosome. (If you pull a ‘leg’ off an X, you have a Y.) Likewise, Jesus was probably genetically identical to Mary.
    With regard to who came first, Adam and Eve as ‘separated’ creatures, were made MAN and WOMAN, simultaneously.
    God utilized anesthesia/analgesia, so it wasn’t a painful process. God cleaved them apart, like binary fission. When married, people are said to cleave TO one another and become ONE (like a fusion reaction). Maybe ‘Love’ is the spiritual equivalent of God anesthetizing Adam, as when men and women become attracted to each other and agree to marry.

  2. Thanks, Wanda, for addressing this important issue. As a woman called to teach, I have run into walls of opposition in nearly every church where my husband and I have been members. As a writer and blogger, several years ago I included a two-part teaching on this subject as part of the discipleship training series I did online–a series of spiritual exercises I called the Workout Room on my website Here are the links to that teaching, should you be interested in checking it out– and PS–thanks for your ministry, I am always blessed by your insights and teaching. Judy Roberts

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