*Note: This post is not just referring to “the prophets,” but a much larger observation within the patriot community and those wanting to discern the times. These are principles that can be applied in numerous situations. Apply accordingly:-).

In Mike Thompson’s latest interview with Steve Schultz on Elijah Streams, he relayed several prayer encounters he has had with the archangel, Michael. Being a spiritual warrior and prophetic intercessor for years, Mike has had many visions and encounters with warring angels (listen to the last 20 minutes of his interview below). In one particular instance, he said he saw Michael and the warring angels trying to tear down strongholds over the nation. But, as soon as they would tear down one, another one would rise. They couldn’t keep up with them. Mike asked the angel why this was happening. Michael’s response was, “Because of the mouths of men…”

When Mike shared this, I immediately thought of believers attacking fellow believers. I didn’t think of the world’s accusations or the attacks from globalist opposition. I thought of our own brothers and sisters in the Church. I thought of all the strife and division that has been caused because believers don’t know how to process things together in a healthy and life-giving. I believe THIS has been just as big of an issue as the satanic agenda that has been coming against us – HOW we speak about one another.

We need a wake-up call to the potency of our words. Yes, we need to expose corruption and call out the counterfeits. But many believers have fallen into a trap of spreading confusion and doubt in the ranks and thus, opened even more doors for the enemy to come through. I see a spirit of SUSPICION masquerading as a spirit of discernment – and it’s killing us.

We have become so afraid of being lied to and deceived, we are calling out anything and anyone that doesn’t line up with our personal belief system. That is not discernment. And, especially on social media, it’s not helping. True discernment is not a guessing game based on “a hunch,” second-hand information, or a one-time statement or event that we deem unscriptural. It is not based on our own preferences or presumptions of what God likes. It is based on truth that has been established over time.

“But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.” (Hebrews 5:14 ESV)

Maybe you are uncomfortable with something that someone said or did. Maybe you have major questions about a practice or belief that someone has. You’re not alone! Everyone is having to reevaluate what we believe and who we believe – and why.  But, we can’t label someone as fake or counterfeit just because we’re concerned, tell everyone else not to follow them, and then attribute it to Holy Spirit discernment. The devil feeds on speculation and controversy – and gossip. Our words are powerful in the spirit. And our enemy is listening.

Accountability within the Body of Christ always has to start at home – in relationship with others. Social media is not the place to be the judge and jury of someone we have no personal relationship with. If we are concerned about a public figure being compromised or corrupt – we must PRAY. If we believe there might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing – PRAY. Ask the Lord for those closest to them to rise up and intervene. Ask that those with proper authority would do the right thing and confront the issue appropriately. And, when we process this with others, we must weigh our words carefully. Know that WHAT COMES OUT OUR MOUTHS IS FOOD FOR THE ENEMY.  Let’s use our words wisely and make sure to open the right doors – not the wrong ones.

On a practical note: It’s one thing to raise a question about something that someone said or did in order to understand it correctly. It’s quite another to judge or condemn the person.  1 Corinthians 14:29 says we are to weigh prophetic WORDS – not the prophets.  (Some of you are going, “Wha!?”) Romans 14:13 says to stop passing judgment on one another. That’s God’s job.  We can process together a question about a statement or incident without indicting the person. We must recognize the difference between a true wolf and a sheep that is merely misdirected or immature. Our attitude is critical. We can either process things with an open mind and sincere love for others, or a critical attitude that’s just looking for a reason to disqualify someone. 

Personally, I’ve been on both sides of this issue. I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of criticism that wasn’t aimed at understanding anything – only looking to reject the messenger. But, I’ve also (unfortunately) been on the giving side. I’ve learned, firsthand, the negative impact of careless and presumptuous words that came from a sour attitude (not my proudest moments).

My overall message here is simple. Our enemy, the devil, is looking to use the words that come out of our mouths as weapons against each other. If he can get us to divide over disputable matters, he knows he can nullify our authority and immobilize our advance. We desperately need to be of one mind and one heart in this season of spiritual warfare.

Let’s pursue righteousness, integrity, and purity of the gospel in a way that strengthens and builds up the Body instead of splintering it. Let’s weigh our words carefully and believe the best of others instead of the worst. Let’s override any spirit of suspicion with greater faith in God’s ability to separate the tares from the wheat. Instead of giving him ammunition that will eventually destroy us, let’s aim to give the devil some words that will destroy him.

“The hand of God was also on Judah to give them ONE HEART to do what the king and the princes commanded by the word of the Lord.” (2 Chronicles 30:12)


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  1. I believe the dream I had on 7/26/22 is also a warning that confirms your post…

    In my dream, it was dark and we were outside shooting ammo into the air, and it was coming back to earth.

    We had concern that we would be hit by our own ammo.

    I woke up, and this was all I could remember or make sense of.

    So, I prayed for protection for the body of Christ, as we do spiritual warfare, that we don’t get hit by our own ammo.

  2. Wanda, thank you so much for the wisdom. I totally agree with your comments. We need to become un-offendable. And we must understand that our words are seeds that will bring a harvest. We need to carefully steward our words, our thoughts, and the intent of our hearts to ensure a harvest of life-giving abundance and blessing for ourselves and for others, and not one that the enemy is bringing because we have in some way aligned with his agenda.

    So appreciate you, and the gift of wisdom that you carry so well.

    Sandi Beck

  3. I am in agreement with your words of wisdom. I have listened to Clarice Fluitt for years and she says often the enemy waits to hear the words of the Sons and Daughters of God that speak strife doubt and unbelief. Then the enemy says listen to The Sons and Daughters of God who have opened up a way for us. Then they attack. Our words have the power of death and life. Our words are more powerful than we know.

    1. The people you are referring to WERE contacted personally and privately – see comments in the blog you are referencing – and they doubled down. No lies were told about them in the blog itself no gossip was shared. Respondents to the blog OVERWHELMINGLY approved of it and did not perceive it to be an unwarranted attack with words. SO MANY expressed the opinion that it was long overdue and had wondered when was SOMEONE with a platform going to address it. We hear from you and others how judgment is coming and it starts with the church and when that happens- panties in a knot.

  4. I LOVE THIS!! Thank you for sharing this truth, Wanda; I completely agree. It troubles me greatly when I read posts of people who seem to have a pattern of “dissecting” others, often before gathering the necessary information to support their views. It is disturbing to hear Prophets question or criticize fellow Prophets, in addition to other anointed leaders. God must weep while Satan laughs.

    1. Betty again, and I am replying to my own previous post. I did not understand what was being said by many on this thread and did a quick search this evening. Now I am troubled on all sides! I have been blessed for many years by Mario’s preaching. He has an evangelist’s heart which has remained “on fire” as long as I have listened to him. Now in my 70s, I am hearing from the Prophets and have always believed in them though they have been mostly behind the scenes until now.
      I stand by my earlier post about Prophets criticizing fellow Prophets; however, I do not believe after reading the blog that “dissecting” was taking place. I hear the evangelist heart and a fervor to win the lost. He has never waivered in this. I hear an admonition to take our place in the battle sweeping the world. The battle is the Lord’s and He has always led the way and shown each of us how to take our particular stand. I will include all this in my daily prayers. This is not the time for warfare within the ranks. I appreciate so much those on the frontlines -a dangerous position- and all they do for the Body of Christ. Many thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts and insights. And especially to you, Wanda, for your faithful witness and anointed posts. Love and prayers!

  5. Thank you for sharing this! It confirms what God was saying to me personally about the situation.

  6. Such wise words from all above. Holy Spirit has been speaking to me and another intercessor this week about the very same–being careful of EVERY word that comes from our mouths. I am reminded of James 3:1-18. Praying for myself and the Body of Christ that we would heed His admonition to speak life at all times. I appreciate you so much, Wanda, and your always gracious and articulate teachings and exhortations to all of us! Much love

  7. Come on woman of God this is so mature, so life giving, so right on. I have watched the battle you are referencing play out this week and my heart was broken for the very reasons you shared so eloquently and accurately. Thank you Wanda for speaking up, standing up and continuing to mature us up into Christ. What a gift you are to the body of Christ. Thank you thank you thank you!

  8. Praise God we can always count on you, Wanda, to deliver words of wisdom and counsel on the controversial subjects of our day. Thank you for also being transparent and sharing your “not so proud moments” which we all have!
    Praying God’s richest and best blessings on your family and church!
    In Jesus’ name……

  9. PS. there are almost 500 comments on that blog that are overwhelmingly supportive and grateful. Another blog was just posted as a follow up and it could have been addressed to you personally. Do not be like the other person in question who said publicly on tv yesterday she DID NOT HAVE TIME to read blogs by one of the generals of today’s church. That he was in need of her forgiveness that the FATHER told her He was using this man of God to market her talents. I think you need to stop and regroup.

    1. Jan – I believe we will simply have to disagree on this one. I did not interpret things the same way you have. But, I do not aim to stir the fires. The fact is – this post is about much more than just the prophets. It’s addressing a much larger pattern that I have seen among many in the patriot community when “discerning” various leaders and voices. Thank you for taking the time to share your concern. Blessings.

      1. Certainly true in the patriot community as well but easier for me to dismiss than Kat Kerr saying she never reads Mario’s blog has no idea what he said but she forgives him. Forgives him for what? I think she is out of control and Steve enables and that is bad for everyone

  10. Thank you, Wanda! I was so grieved at what I read on Facebook a few days ago…not only the original message, but other Christians piling on and adding their own derogatory comments. When will we learn? I see the same thing happening on other sites as well. I know you followed the Q posts, as did I. He said repeatedly, “They want you divided”. We have to learn not to take the bait because it weakens us as a body. Father is having me abstain from Facebook for a while. There are a few news sites I follow on Rumble, but I’m glad this came through my email. You are one of the few I still follow. Thank you for staying sane. 😂

  11. Thank you Mike, your message on attitude has helped me in helping others who are having difficulty handling those they are ministering that need positive support in understanding how our thoughts will affect what we say, etc. blessings, Linda

  12. I believe the Lord has shown me some things. And I frankly do not know what to do with them. I’m keeping them to myself and putting it before the Lord. I know to pray for the person but I so wish to have a network is that a pipe dream or do all prophetic people have a sounding board. I am a prophetic person seeking mentoring and teaching. I’ve been receiving prophetic words and visions since I was filled with the Holy Spirit in 1975. In those days women were not supposed to have that gift so I was ostracized from the church. It was such a harsh situation that it caused trauma. I believe I’m healed from the trauma now in this new setting where God is opening up the way for women to walk in their gifting’s I am still at a loss for mentoring. The churches I know are not ready or willing or able to do this yet. I know God is my father and teacher and I have cried out to him. I feel to inquire of you also for practical input

    1. Trudy, I feel your frustration. Wanda has been such a great source of wisdom on how to handle this gift with love and balance. It is such a challenge and I agree, the need for healthy mentoring is great! Prayers your way.

  13. Talking about hitting the nail on the head! Wanda, you so eloquently expressed what’s been rolling around in my spirit regarding the stones being thrown within the Body of Christ, some of them done very publicly. I am unsettled and dismayed at what I am seeing. We must unite and stop attacking our own people if we want to see victory!

  14. As always, right on point and so very well said! I was praying this morning for you to address this issue. Praise God! The devil loves to bring strife among believers! It’s a trap! I’m disappointed that this happened because I think both Kat and Mario are prophetic. I think that Kat handled it in the true Christ follower! I think perhaps Mario should listen you your message on discernment and false prophets. Thank you for being such a great teacher and prophetic voice!

  15. Wanda, thank you so much!! You are the voice of reason in this situation. I felt Kat was very gracious and loving toward Mario and Lance, and her prayer of blessings on their ministries was uplifting and inspiring. God bless you abundantly to overflowing.

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