In recent days, the Lord has been saying to go back and revisit some previous words that were put on “delay.” Rather than always looking for a new word, He is urging us to go back and review what He has already said. It will build our faith and stir our hope because His Word always comes to pass!

In my latest video I highlight several of these words as they relate to current news. There seems to be an increased convergence among the prophetic and patriot communities concerning what is taking place. This is great news! I have numerous links below that you can watch for yourselves to hear what others are saying about God’s plans.

Here are some of the highlights in my video:

  • There are upgrades happening within the prophetic community and the Church at large. We’ve been tested and tried, but everything we have gone through in the last two years has been fine-tuning and preparing us for the new era of Holy Spirit transformation.
  • Numerous prophetic voices are confirming a coming internet blackout and possible days of darkness (remember those words from almost 2 years ago!?)
  • Lucifer’s agenda to eradicate any sign of the human race and create an entirely new species of his own making has been happening right under our noses! We need to understand his agenda so we can teach our young to avoid it in the future.
  • Words about the 2020 election are going to be confirmed and validated.
  • The entire clean-up process within our governmental structures are only making way for the greatest reveal of all time. We are about to experience an invasion of the supernatural kind. A work of Holy Spirit is about to cover the earth and God has been using the prophets of revelation to prepare the way.
  • Even as religious spirits try to disqualify those of the Holy Spirit, testimonies continue to emerge of our spiritual inheritance as sons and daughters of another Kingdom. The realities of the spirit world are meant for the redeemed, and it’s time we start embracing it and testifying about it! (A free 18-page PDF download is below that is FILLED with testimonies from my Telegram followers about their supernatural encounters!)


The video below was posted in April of 2021, and yet the dreams and visions shared at that time are still in operation! Watch and consider their relevance to what we’ve been experiencing.




TRANSHUMANISM VIDEO (Hear it from their own lips!)

ELECTION 2020 WILL BE SETTLED IN THE COURTS (Word from November, 2020)

ARE WE PEOPLE OF THE SPIRIT OR NOT? (Word from March, 2021)

PROPHETS OF REVELATION (Word from December, 2021)

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF SUPERNATURAL TESTIMONIES! (Hundreds of testimonies from my Telegram and Facebook followers! Read and share to stir your faith for the supernatural!)

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


3 Responses

  1. Listened to an interview on MelK with Zach Vorhies, a tech engineer, who’s lauded for having whistleblown on Google’s surveillance of people and manipulation of information in its search engines. A speaker on Clay Clark’s Awakening America Tour, he glorifies the value of AI. In excitement, he notes that ‘when’ we are melded to this technology, we’ll be able to think in unlimited ways..blah, blah… My spirit was irked on multiple levels. But, sadly this fella was speaking for the younger generation, who are sold on this. Meanwhile, our population has become so dumbed down, that IQ scores are plummeting. The obvious endpoint of his monolog was that – AI will be available for the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ will become…expendable. God is the source of all knowledge and wisdom, so, where might this AI technology be sourcing what they promote as ‘a wonderful mind opening opportunity’.
    Hmm, why not just meld with the Holy Spirit and allow God to download wisdom and knowledge into you. All the greatest inventions/innovations were given to man by God. He has full control of how it is utilized…a fact that escapes these geniuses.

  2. I believe I have an update dream for the dream you had about the baby with President Trump and Melania years ago. You felt like the baby was our nation. I had a dream three days ago where people were trying to force me and another woman to act in a play. We escaped and ran away down some stairs and out a door that led us outside. As we stepped outside, a little boy about 5 or 6 joined us. As he stepped outside, the snow on the ground was sucked up almost by a vacuum and a proclamation went forth, “Winter is gone and Fall is coming”. I remember thinking, “what about spring?” As the snow was being sucked up, I heard a woman screaming almost demonically – knowing she has lost.

    Half asleep, I asked God who the little boy was. He told me the little boy was our country. I couldn’t figure out why the boy was so young and my friend reminded me of your dream. I do believe this Fall will be when this hidden baby you dreamed about is going to show himself. Our “new” nation has been growing up secretly and is about to be revealed.

  3. In 1984 as I was in my Prayer Closet, Holy Spirit spoke to me” I am doing something in your days, you would not believe if you were told. Supernatural events, signs & wonders, miracles!
    As I listened to this video, I was reminded of this word given to me. I have a Journal with all my prophetic words & dreams
    that I keep.

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