In my latest video, I address the ongoing debate about the prophets and their messages. The Lord brought some things to my attention this past week that will help sort through some confusion in recognizing a genuine work and move of the Holy Spirit – even through flawed and imperfect vessels.

Some of you may have heard of the unexpected passing of prophet Jeff Jansen this week. I posted a comment on his Facebook profile testifying to my own encounter with him years ago. Regardless of his more recent history and “fallout” with his church, my own life was powerfully marked when he laid hands on me at a conference and the fire of God shook me for over half an hour. It was a turning point in my life. I am not condoning any moral failure on his part when I share my testimony. I am simply honoring the Holy Spirit’s activity at that time.

He is just one example that I cite as I challenge the Church to do a better job in receiving prophetic revelation through His various messengers – all of whom have their own flaws and shortcomings. The world is watching us and how we walk together. This is not about covering up someone else’s sin. It’s about walking together in a redemptive way for His name’s sake.

I also reference a video Bobby watched recently from Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer (Kansas City). He spoke about his relationship with prophets Bob Jones and Paul Cain years ago (before they passed on). Even with all their personal failures, Mike commends the grace of God on their lives and how Holy Spirit used them at that time. His whole point was to learn how to recognize the presence and power of Holy Spirit – regardless of the packaging.

God has continually used imperfect people. As much as we will continue to press in for leaders with both godly integrity AND powerful anointings, we’ve got a ways to go. As more exposures come out about leaders of all kinds – including those in the church – let’s be sure to look for signs of Holy Spirit’s activity. There will probably be a mixture, but we can still glean the best out of a mess and receive God’s intended purpose. If we start doing this for others, He will most certainly do it for us.


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SESSION 1 (32 min): Establishing an Apostolic/Prophetic People  
SESSION 2 (49 min): Spiritual Gifts, Discernment, and Discerning of Spirits
SESSION 3 (47 min): Becoming a Pure Prophetic Vessel and Voice
SESSION 4 (53 min): Prophecy in Dreams, Visions, and Revelatory Encounters
                     Activation: Giving and Receiving Prophetic Words
SESSION 5 (56 min): Hosting His Presence
SESSION 6 (53 min): Prophetic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare
SESSION 7 (54 min): The Call of the Prophet and Prophetic Accountability (WATCH BELOW)
SESSION 8 (53 min): Pastors and Prophets in the Local House and the Nation


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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


5 Responses

  1. Excelent, Wanda! Thank you for bringing truth with balance to the body of Christ.
    It always grieves me when, on any social media platform, I see/read Christians attack other Christians, but the grief is multiplied when they attack God’s prophets. It is so sad because it can cause so much damage to the body.
    I believe:
    1. God IS speaking through prohets today,
    2. NO prophet is perfect or without weakness or struggles,
    3. Anyone called of God into the 5-fold ministry has a great(er) accountability to God, which (unfortunately) makes them more susceptible to attack from the enemy and even from within the body of Christ,
    4. Learning to operate as a prophet is a growing process, just as in any and every calling, ministry, and/or anointing,
    5. We need to learn to extend grace to others who are different from us, have a different anointing or calling, or who are “packaged different” from how we think they should be,
    6. The letter of the Law is good and needful, but it must be balanced with the Heart of the Law (God’s heart) – or else truth will be off balance or distorted.

    I LOVED what you shared in this video. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I always appreciate your blogs, videos, and teachings.
    Love in Christ,

  2. Thank you for the wisdom and courage you give us, Wanda! As I watched this it reminded me of a dream I had on August 2nd that I’ve been praying about.
    I dreamed I was watching this… I saw 2 old windows, maybe they were antique leaded windows? and there was a discussion going on whether to put them in a building that had already been there a long time. .. seemed like there used to be a purpose for them but people were not sure if they were needed now? Eventually one window was put in down toward the bottom of a wall and it seemed goood. Seemed like maybe it was Bill Johnson at Bethel but it also seemed like more places. Then later there was ridicule and rejection of the other window being put in. And that’s all I remember.
    I see that windows usually depict revelation? light? seeing? and that they were supposed to be at the bottom seemed to me to be foundational places, groundwork, more where the people are, ..
    Anyone have any input into this?

  3. God sovereignly delivered me from a spirit of fear and anxiety while sitting and listening to some music one morning. I hadn’t a clue that spirit was a hindrance, I was functional as a medical professional. Once gone, it became obvious how badly it had damaged my entire life to that point – I’d just worked around it.
    That experience led me to seek an inner healing minister who helped me over yet another hurdle. Astutely, I watched how different things would cause me to react and I would then ask God to change me. It was a stepwise process – the Holy Spirit was cleaning up the mess that were ‘character flaws’. A lot of it had to do with things from childhood and family history. The most valuable thing I was able to do was humble myself in order to ask. It was a difficult, yet rewarding process (which continues).
    It’s probable that high-level ministers, who operated in the gifts, might take their success as God’s imprimatur that they’re above it all. Those who suddenly ‘crash’, have maybe become ‘tone deaf’ to the Holy Spirit’s prompting. So, instead of searching themselves, backing off a bit on ministry to do some self-work, they forge on and wander deeply into sin. A hinderance are well meaning ‘friends’ who accept your flaws and support them continuing to function crippled.
    I was doing my job quite well enough, but after being delivered, stress decreased, tasks became novel challenges, and I was more content with results. People in ministry are no different; we are being transformed from glory to glory, till we go home. No one is exempt.

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