I was recently privy to some firsthand confirmation of several well-known church leaders and platform ministers that have been compromised and living a double life. I knew the Lord allowed me to receive the information in order to help prepare believers for what’s to come. Knowing that people would immediately press for names, the Lord emphatically said, “You’re not ready for names.” Our propensity to emotional reactions needs to be submitted to Christ and sanctified by His Spirit if we are to have redemptive responses. In this video I share five specific ways that you can prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for some of the fallout to come. Though it may be bumpy, it is all a necessary pruning.

I also share a recent prophetic dream I had that highlights the need for believers to hold our shepherds to higher accountability. We have allowed dysfunction to go on for too long, hoping God might over look it in favor of promoting manifestations and gifts. But, the gig is up. Judgment is coming to the House of God. Broken and compromised leaders must be held to account for the sake of His holiness. Ministries must take a back seat to Kingdom priorities and the wellbeing of the entire Body. Righteousness must be heralded as a foundational truth and not an optional sidebar.

We are being given the opportunity to right some wrongs and rebuild the ancient foundations that have been broken. Let’s steward this opportunity well and reflect the wisdom of heaven that brings life, hope, and transformation to that which is dead. It’s not only the hirelings that are going to be exposed, but our responses to this as the Body of Christ are also being weighed in the balance.


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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. 1 Corinthians 14:12 regarding point 2!
    Paraphrased from the Amplified:
    Since we are so eager to posses spiritual manifestations of the Holy Spirit, let us strive to abound in them IN WAYS THAT BUILD UP THE CHURCH (rather than just for a “feel-good” moment!)
    This is an excellent and very needed Word/Teaching. THANK you, dear Wanda!! May the Lord bless you for your obedience!!

  2. The Lord has been faithfully warning us about this for some time. He will clean His house before He cleans outside of His house. We have already had revealed a number of spiritually large pastors come clean over this past two years of deep hidden sins. Fortunately, I understand they have repented, not rebelled. They have humbled themselves and are submitting to a restoration process. I pray the ones that Wanda is referring to will do likewise.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I had a terrible dream about a big church several days ago, where all kinds of filthy secrets and hidden wickedness were exposed. People in that church were in panic and chaos, and tried to run to a safe place. It’s an unprecedented mess. Your sharing confirmed my dream’s message.

  4. Wanda, you said “Knowing that people would immediately press for names, the Lord emphatically said, “You’re not ready for names.” Our propensity to emotional reactions needs to be submitted to Christ and sanctified by His Spirit if we are to have redemptive responses”

    Thank you so much for being faithful to seeing the big picture and not succumbing to “naming names” which is just gossip. In due time all will be revealed but for now see the redemptive responses view as Wanda describes. But

  5. If the metaphor of Sheep and Shepherd hold true, then there are a lot of sheep who are hungry; oddly, many don’t even realize it. If a church doesn’t emphasize STUDYING the Bible – for yourself – and cultivating a direct relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God, then the ‘sheep’ will be fed whatever is sacrificed upon that church’s alter. Having STUDIED the Bible since becoming a Christian, I have felt exactly about so many churches as you describe in these videos. Raised a Catholic, I recognize(d) the stark contrast between what the WORD says and what a ‘religion’ offers – on the alter. This disparity became easily recognizable in every other church I’ve attended. Sadly, very few are ideal. More often it becomes a church club, our team vs yours… It’s wrought by the ignorance (through laziness) of the sheep as much as it is the willful misleadings of the leadership. Up til now (the awakening), we’ve happily wallowed in our complacency, as the consequences have been [tolerable].
    This exactly parallels what’s happened to our country. We’ve allowed our leadership to degenerate to what it has frighteningly become. We who are older LEARNED that Communism was detrimental (my parents’ generation thwarted Nazi Germany/Imperial Japan/USSR) to our freedom. 2 generations later the kids embrace Socialism?? Ignorance is at the root. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Who’s fault is it? Repentance starts with the realization that we have ourselves to blame. Act upon that and change it, “CHOOSE LIFE”, lest we lose our country and worse, your salvation.

  6. Holy Spirit brought to mind a recent past encounter with a ministry. Not particularly high-profile (“formerly with Wimber”), they’ve sidled up to a few high-profile legitimate ones for credibility and with top-notched marketing.
    Initially thrilled with the content, my spirit became troubled by inconsistencies that I then brought to the attention of an internal confidant; not as accusations, but simply considerations relative to scripture. The reaction astounded me; fierce backlash, followed by ‘shunning’ and refusal (by HQ) of any more contact.
    This event negatively impacted me – guilt, rejection and doubting, troubled my spirit for a long time. HS then led me [randomly] to listen to Derek Prince, where I discovered that both his content and even ministry stories had literally been acquisitioned by this other ministry. The truth set free my troubled heart.
    You mentioned the word ‘counterfeit’. It’s frightening if this level of subtlety is out there deceiving those who are piously seeking the Lord and even those, I’d think would be wiser (the person I contacted). I’ve pondered a vivid dream from back when that all occurred. Your video makes its meaning clearer: A graphic view of the corruption within the ‘church’. Luke 17:2

  7. When you said, “You’re not ready for names,” what immediately came to me was a sense of, if the names are revealed now, the names are what the focus would be, rather the focus on the larger picture. And that if we’re focused on the names and in a tizzy about them, that could blind us to what else is going on, and that could be dangerous. Our focus must be on the Lord first and on what He wants us to be looking at. Not getting tunnel vision on one manifestation of the work.

  8. The Lord is showing me like an x-ray vision of the churches in this area one at a time. I sure wish I had someone to download this with because I am a nobody. The Lord has used me this way for years. I’ve kept it under cover because it’s a heavy weight. I pray into it and do whatever he says to do but I am looking for mentor ship. Am I being too idealistic? Help

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