This word is a follow up from my previous word, My  Sword is Ablaze and Coming With Fire. The Lord took me to the story of Balaam where another sword was drawn. God is not only determined to uphold His Word, He is holding to account those who claim to speak it. This is not a word of judgment, but an APPEAL TO PRAYER. We need to pray for all who are major influencers with public platforms. We need to pray that they will have a life-altering encounter with The One who gave them their gift of communication. Even those with the heart of Balaam can turn things around and speak a better word. 

Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way, with His drawn sword in His hand. And he bowed down and fell on his face.

To those with the heart of Balaam, your time is up. To those who have been paid to curse God’s anointed, your way is about to be blocked. Those who speak for personal gain and foolish pride will be stopped in their tracks as the Lord’s anger has been kindled.

The angel of the Lord has lifted His sword and fire emanates from His presence. The flaming sword has been lifted up with holy fire against those who manipulate His words. Those who speak a righteous word will be blessed, but those who speak a corrupted word will account for their ways.

Just as Balaam was confronted with the Living Word, so shall others meet the sword that is drawn. No longer will men be presumptuous in their words or ignorant of the cost when speaking for the Most High. Those who have been bought for their anointing and gift will answer to the One who gave it.

The Lord has set hindrances before those who have misspoken and been reckless in their way. Roads are being narrowed and blockades are being set. Those who have not listened will be shocked to hear His voice through unexpected means. The very channels they have manipulated to carry their curses will now speak back. Just as Balaam’s donkey spoke a clear word, so will the Lord use ignoble vessels for His own purpose (2 Timothy 2:20).

Watch for these Balaam’s and pray for their souls. Pray for these who speak before kings to fall to their knees in repentance and turn from their perversity. In their turning, the Lord will use their words to turn curses into blessings. They will have no choice but to speak the truth.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I’ve been called a prophetic intercessor and part of that includes giving knowledge. The 501c3. I know, I know but the church is so busy seeking the tax exemption. There are other non-profits on that list such as the Satanic church and Open Society which is George Soros’ organization. If I know anything about God, He would not want us taking money from the same pot as these others Do you agree?

  2. Thank you, Wanda for your timely words! May God continue to bless you and your ministry as you are faithful to His will!

  3. Two things I have never been able to understand:
    How is it that ministries ‘use’ the gospel to make money? [God as a cash cow] One fellow, who’s teaching IS sound, put out courses on healing, inner healing, deliverance and prophecy. They’re expensive and my disappointment was that he simply repackaged teachings from older videos he’s done. Hence, I learned nothing new. He promotes the courses as being worth more than he charges (equating them to college courses?). I contacted his ministry and asked some pointed questions about this. “Freely you have received, freely give.” Their response was convoluted and condescending; suggested that I was ‘questioning God’. I have a doctorate…I know quality ‘teaching’. If they had real faith, why not offer the courses for a donation and then watch how God would bless them. [This fellow’s wife supports the family.]
    Second, the Word of God is so deep and unfathomable (the more you study it, the less you realize that you know). How is it that we’re supposed to believe some of these high-profile ministers have superior understanding of the word? My litmus test is, the closer they are to God, the more humble they are. Derek Prince, JP Jackson and Chuck Missler were incredibly anointed teachers. All were humble men.

  4. Thank you for your latest prophetic words concerning My Sword Is Ablaze as well as Balaams Are About to be Confronted. They are both so encouraging as well as confirming that we must pray for the Lord’s will to be done! Blessings!!????

  5. Wanda I need some clarification I have been in personal contact with you about the QFS system and you have been trying to help me with it My son in law asked me how do I know that I am speaking with you and not a Nigerian scammer. I got a QFS address from them where to send money to but no account until I send the money which is strange I just need to know if this is you or a Nigerian that I am talking too can you please answere me I am a pensioner and can’t afford to lose my money . Thank you Wanda

    1. No – that is NOT me. Telegram has many fake accounts of me. I NEVER send personal messages from Telegram – and I never give financial advice lol. So sorry you got targeted!

  6. Balaam was never able to curse Israel, SO! he told the enemies of Israel HOW to get GOD curse Israel!
    “Take your daughters, dress them lewdly, have them dance in the groves before the sons of Israel so that they commit whoredom with your daughters!”
    This is “Balaam’s Doctrine” Rev 2:14

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