Given the recent chatter concerning the panic of the Deep State as the midterms approach, some believe that 1) they’ll cancel the elections citing too many international threats, including nuclear war, and/or 2) they’ll find a reason to arrest President Trump (they’ve been trying to for years)! Either of these possibilities would be used to cause widespread fear and maybe even incite violence from the patriots. They will want everyone to believe that all hope is gone.

However, as we’ve been saying all along – things are not as they seem. Let’s not waste our time and energy worrying about projections and perceptions. The overriding word from the Lord has always been to trust Him – because He’s using it all for His own purposes!

That said – we need to stay on guard and be prepared. I’ve always believed that there will be some kind of “event” that will trigger the final stages of this showdown. Several nights ago, I had a startling dream that caused me to wake up with a gasp.

In a second’s time, I saw myself about to crash into a car directly in front of me. It was dark and shadows were everywhere. I didn’t see it coming and it appeared out of nowhere. There was absolutely no way to avoid it and I woke up right before impact.

I knew it was a warning. I didn’t see it coming and I couldn’t avoid it. I believe I was experiencing what many who are still asleep concerning the globalist activities, are going to feel when an “imminent crash” occurs. What kind of crash? The fact is many systems have been crashing already. All the manmade attempts to control and manipulate populations are falling apart. Narratives are being exposed as false and true believers are emerging from the darkness of misinformation. Numerous prophetic words have been given about an economic crash, internet shutdowns, and communication blackouts. There are so many now they cannot be discounted. I believe it’s only a matter of time until we see some major things taking place.

The following day after this dream, I was in worship asking the Lord about it. I found myself feeling a bit anxious because of the unknowns and needed some reassurance. I then saw Him reach His hand into this dream and pull me out at the very last second. Not only was He watching the entire scene – He saved me from the impact. In retrospect, it actually looked like He was looking down at a chess board and making a final move when He pulled me out – and He had a smile on His face! He was not surprised by the move but had been preparing for it!

Even though this was very encouraging, I was still reluctant to share any “thus saith the Lord.” Two days later, I was driving around town realizing I needed more confirmation. I’ve always trusted that He will speak if I pay attention. So, I asked Him to confirm His message – somehow – some way.

As I was saying this prayer out loud, I had just turned onto the highway driving behind a large work truck. No sooner had I finished my prayer when I heard a loud POP. At first I thought a tire had blown. But the sound was a lot louder than normal. Then, I looked at my windshield. That’s when I saw that a huge rock had been thrown from the work truck and hit my windshield. It was not just a nick but had almost penetrated the glass because of the size and force. Thankfully, the damage was contained and I was able to continue driving.

As my heart was pounding, I immediately thought of my dream. Here I was in my car when the unexpected happened. Was this the confirmation I had asked for!? I kept looking at the windshield and realized at that moment – had it not been for the SHIELD, that rock was headed straight for my head, and it would have taken me out.

That’s when I got clarity concerning the purpose of the dream and this unexpected interruption. God wants us to come under His protection as we head into the unknown crashes ahead. He wants us to know that HE IS OUR SHIELD. HE is the One who can protect us and keep us headed in the right direction. There may be some inconveniences along the way, and some unexpected “hits,” but He is going to bring us through unscathed.

In both my dream and in real time, I couldn’t avoid what happened. I was simply following the course laid out for me. And though there are many times when the Lord shows us things ahead of time to pray that they DON’T happen – I believe THIS time – He’s saying there are some turbulent times coming that can’t be avoided. The crashes we may see coming will not be for our destruction, however. They will be for our transformation.

After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision: “Fear not, Abram, I am your Shield; your reward shall be very great.

What sets us apart as Spirit-empowered believers in Christ, is not our ability to avoid trouble or trials, but our ability to go through them with grace, assurance, and overcoming power. When we walk through the fires with our Shield in place and our Redeemer in the lead, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.

So…my encouragement is to prayerfully prepare. Regardless of how things appear, know that the Lord is at work. Though the enemy may be making moves to take us out, God is moving on our behalf to protect us and shield us, and to position us for the transformation ahead. The darkness may linger for a moment, but His time of awakening is here. 

“Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell. He struck Peter on the side and woke him up. ‘Quick, get up!’ he said, and the chains fell off Peter’s wrists.” (Acts 12:7 NIV)

Holy Spirit, I ask for angelic encounters and supernatural interruptions to wake people up from their sleep! Just as Peter was awoken by an angel, so awaken Your people to that which You are doing. May we partner with heaven in fulfilling Your words and seeing prayers answered. Poke us if You need to! Get our attention so we can break off our chains and walk through the enemy’s camp, free from constraints and covered by Your presence. Thank You for waking us up to the freedom ahead!  (From WORDS TO PRAY BY under Topic: Words for Spiritual Awakening) 

(Also available on AMAZON/KINDLE

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The book is AWESOME! Thank you for writing it, I have been just bawling 😭 at times while trying to read the prayers because they are written in a way I would Like to pray, but haven’t been able to put into words so coherently. There are SO Many that are straight from my heart ♥️ EVERYONE should get this book!!
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I love this book Wanda! I’ve used it numerous times within the last week and also as a guide for my prayer group. It is so anointed and inspiring. I ordered it on Kindle as well so when I travel it is at my fingertips in a small space. I’ve also ordered 4 more paperback copies for Christmas gifts. I highly recommend this book.
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"Words To Pray By" is one of the most incredible books on prayer I've ever read...and I've ready many...For the seasoned prayer warrior or intercessor, It will add even more depth and power to your prayer life. It is a true concordance on prayer.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I ordered this book, words To Pray By. It is amazing and just what is needed in theses times. Of course, God already knew that!
    I also got the kindle edition that I can refer to on the go. I ordered five more books to give away as I am led. Everyone needs this book!
    Thank you Wanda for all your years of journaling and listening to God.

  2. Thank you,Wanda for this very timely Word!
    I absoutly believe it’s true! Thanks be to God!
    Very grateful for our Divine Shephard.

  3. I have my weapon in my purse, which goes everywhere with me. Thank you for this amazing book Wanda, I have been dreaming about a handy pocket guide for every occasion, and even though there are probably many- this one “from Holy Spirt and you” is personal to me.

  4. Dear Wanda,

    Abundant blessings to you and yours. Do “stay the course” for all of us until we not only receive your word from the Lord but until in faith and in trust do hear His words for ourselves.

    His peace upon you and yours,

  5. Wow! More confirmation. I painted a “rock” about a month ago with a word I received from the Lord. I painted a picture of a head of a soldier and Jesus is written on his helmet and above it the Lord’s words to me “Be at my back and I will be your front” It’s from Isiah 45:2

  6. Wanda this word so resonates with me, not only for our country but for a long standing, painful health situation with my 28 year old daughter. Last night I was giving our dogs their evening walk and I looked up into the sky and saw the most brilliant star. I felt the Lord saying “I outshine every darkness in your world. It may seem bleak now, but it is the darkest right before the dawn. What looks like defeat will actually be victory!!! Thank you Lord for “shielding” Wanda from that rock. Praise the name of Jesus!!

  7. A much needed book at such a time as this. Guided prayers are how I learned to pray boldly, and even pray aloud. Thank you Wanda for a fantastic way to pray prayers based on His Word, guaranteed to get His attention and His response.

  8. The book that you and God wrote is a great revelation in praying.
    I feel the prayers I pray for others are reaching God’s throne, because now I’m praying, declaring God’s word and His promises back to Him.
    Thank you for this revelation. Elyce

  9. I am so glad to have your book on prayer. There are times when I need to inquire of the Lord and can’t find the the exact verse I am looking for. Your book is such a blessing and the prayers are what I want to say but can’t seem to put my thoughts into words. I thank God that he has directed me to your website and I pray His protection over you and your family.

  10. Dream: I was in a large field/meadow with hundreds of people. We were standing close together so all you could see were people. Holy Spirit came over us all and we were healed and delivered. Rejoicing!
    Suddenlink a giant airplane fell from the sky and a huge explosion took place. We felt the earth shake, but we were a distance away. When the fire shot up into the air, I woke up and realized I had been dreaming. I was shaken, it was so real.

  11. Greetings Wanda, thank you for sharing your awesome vision and the Lord’s revelations. The shield imagery reminded me of a recent dream in which I saw vast of rows of young, healthy green plants, each one tented with a plastic covering like a gallon-sized zip lock bag, coated on the inside with mist and drops of condensation. The dark brown soil surrounding them was rich and deep and loamy. There were no weeds. I felt the Lord impress upon me that the plastic bags were like Holy Spirit shield covering God’s children against harm – like sudden frost – but I didn’t take this to be a literal frost, just a revelation about protection against future events. The condensation and water droplets were the living water (God’s Spirit and Word) that was continuously moistening and refreshing the plants (us). God bless you and all who come here to hear the word of the Lord through you. Judith

  12. With respect to all the ‘FEAR PORN’ out there on the chatter sites, ‘fear not’, says God. If everyone has not listened to Derek Johnson yet, let me suggest one of his better interviews: from 9/5/22 OnTheFringe – YouTube. This should put your minds at rest; it did mine. Firstly, he puts everything in perspective regarding the ‘real’ laws set up at the advent of this country and how they are governing us still. Secondly, he confirms lots of what the ‘q’ posts and legitimate qAnons have been saying since 2017. Finally, it is possible that an arrest of Trump, who is still commander in chief (CIC), is “the big event” that would set things in motion (by law) to take back this nation [and the world] from the evil agenda nightmare we’ve lived through our entire lives. I was recently at the ReAwaken Am Tour in PA. After having listened to Mr. Johnson’s discussions, it was clear [among Christians] who’s voices promote and are exploiting what is going on for gain. These should quickly repent of their participation in zuzhing up fear through confusion. It’s a simple matter of ‘Truth making you Free’ in your understanding and then you’ll ‘Be anxious for nothing’.
    P.S. Elijah Streams just interviewed him yesterday.

    1. Per Juan O’Savin, on Charlie Ward, subpoena for Trump by Jan 6 committee set for about Nov 15 – after election. Non-compliance by Trump would set him up for arrest as with Bannon and Navarro. All this after election and before seating of Red wave repubs in house and senate in Jan ’23. So, a rough ride we may have from the powers that be till they’re ousted.

  13. Recently I have had weird jolts of something like anxiety. I helped evil people get into office. I didnt realize the cover-ups. My breaks were cut on 2 vehicles. I was wrongfully arrested on my own property, later dropped. I realize now Congress M. Griffith was covering up his wifes pregnancy from State Virginia Senator W. Stanley Jr. All claiming to be Christian Conservatives ” they wanted me out of the way like Uriah, when King David sinned. I asked GOD why didn’t HE protect Uriah?
    Was it because Uriah was serving man over GOD? Prayers 4 me & my childrens safety appreciated!!!!!+!! Your words stirred me to be brave & bring light & truth. Thank you

  14. Great words of wisdom. I have been hearing to be prepared for years now, sometimes strong, sometimes waning, but always ‘be prepared for what is to come’. I believe this is a personal word, citing responsibility for us all, in our intimacy with Him. I also believe this is for the corporate church, and now, for our states and nation(s). After the 2020 election, it took awhile, but it became clear to me. He’s got it…the Lord still has the reins and still reigns! We have to trust Him while remaining in His Word and talking to Him incessantly. He is our Lord, Creator, and has our backs. He has a plan, and it is good…for those who believe.

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