In a recent conversation with my 30-year-old daughter, it became clear that many in her generation still doubt that the 2020 election was stolen. Though she personally knows it was, many of her friends don’t. And it’s not because they have any proof – they simply “don’t know.” Whether from preoccupations with their own lives, apathy towards politics, or laziness in pursuing the facts, they simply don’t buy into the idea of living in a matrix or “watching a show.” They have been raised on social media and Hollywood values which have solidified their unbelief in any other reality from what they see on their screens.

If this is true – and they represent a large segment of our population that are still asleep – we have to consider the strategy in allowing the bad guys to steal yet another election. Even for those who are still questioning from the sidelines, there’s little doubt that the majority of Americans want to vote Republican in the mid-terms. The ground swell of support for red candidates across the nation is almost unmistakable. Given this reality, consider the impact of these Republicans “losing” this election. The doubting Thomas’ would have no choice but to consider the probability of election theft.

I recently heard of an article by Katie Gillespie that suggested the best race to prove this theory would be the Arizona race for governor. In her latest substack article, “Why Kari Lake Will Lose Arizona,” the author makes a case for why Lake “losing” could actually serve to wake up those still sleeping. Because of the overwhelming support of Lake and the massive expectation of her win, a seeming loss could be enough to shock some folks into reality. It would trigger massive outcry from the public and stir up “we the people” to levels yet unseen. Though an unexpected blow to many, it would certainly cause some sleepers to finally open their eyes.

Yet, another scenario could be to have that “red wave” we’re all expecting with enough wins in strategic races to take control of both houses. Even if this happens, we can pretty much count on the opposition finding fault with those results and determining to stop its fulfillment at any cost. They are already setting the stage to take days in counting the votes in order to manipulate the outcome they want. The fact is, they have every intention of defrauding us again and have been preparing us for the outcome.

As I consider these possibilities and how they would impact the younger generation, perhaps the first option would be a “necessary evil” to accomplish a greater good. Letting an almost “guaranteed win” appear lost would certainly raise some lazy eyebrows. Even so, I believe this scenario would only be a short-term play and not the long-term result. I believe the good guys have been fully aware of the enemy’s plays and still hold the winning hand. Our ultimate victory and the overturning of the fraud and corruption is not a matter of “if” – but “when.”

Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land.”

In considering the various outcomes of the midterms and God’s overall purpose, we must set our expectations accordingly. We have to see a larger picture beyond the election. This next generation is a key component in God’s overall redemptive plan for this planet. If we are to keep moving forward as people of faith, our sons and daughters must acknowledge and own our current realities. We are entering into a Promised Land of Kingdom expansion that will require the next generation to be fully prepared and fully engaged. Those in their twenties and thirties must be awake and aware to the spiritual giants in the land if we are to keep the victories we are fighting for. God’s desire is for us to partner together in possessing our inheritance and displacing the principalities and powers that are being evicted.

Even as we pray for a fair election and a righteous outcome, we must also pray for the generation that follows us. God is going after their hearts and minds and will shake them in unique ways to alert them to a higher calling. Every generation has their assignment, and every season has its purpose. The Awakening we are going through must finish its work. We cannot cut short this part of our process if we are to fulfill the commission ahead. As hard as it is, we must allow God to complete the shaking in order to unify His people.

Regardless of the enemy’s moves, God has His own. His primary focus is not on winning an election as much as winning the hearts and minds of His people. He knows that when we move together with Him in the lead, nothing can stop us. As we persevere in faith and determine to finish this season well, we are being empowered to possess our inheritance that lies ahead.

Will our spiritual adversary try to cheat us out of our promise? Most certainly. Will God override His plans. Most assuredly. Will we do our part and respond in faith? That, my friends, has yet to be decided. The choice is up to you.

As the people of God and citizens of this nation, we must get out and vote. Do it as a prophetic act by agreeing with God’s priorities. Activate your faith by casting your vote and praying God’s blessing over it. It doesn’t matter what the enemy does. God doesn’t react to the devil’s devices. He responds to our activated faith. Let’s give Him something to work with.

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

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Proverbs 6:20-22

My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. Bind them always on your heart; fasten them around your neck. When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you.

Father, I pray that You will draw Your people to feed on Your Word and plant Your truth in their hearts and minds. As You awaken us to the power of Your Kingdom, may Your Words come alive in fresh ways and direct us in the transformation to come. Speak to us through Your Words so we can stir the fires of revival and release fresh revelation from Your heart. 


"I just had to share with you how the Prayer for Prodigals in your newest book I had been praying (bottom of page 107 from Psalms 138:7) was answered in graphic detail last Saturday as our only grandson (on both sides of the family), age 17, had a terrible one car accident last Saturday afternoon resulting in his gas tank exploding. The car was totally engulfed in flames but he was able to escape unharmed!! We are praising God Who watches over His words to perform them!"
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  1. Yes, I see how much our culture is influencing even our children who were raised well in the faith and are saved. We do need to pray fr them to draw closer to the Lord and for their eyes to be opened to see Truth and their ears open to hear. And we need to keep speaking the Truth, in love.

    I would challenge any person who does not believe the election was stolen to watch 2000 mules- the evidence is irrefutable if you watch it willing to see truth.

  2. I’m not sure that another election theft would wake up those that are so brainwashed. I hope that’s not the route that we have to go. I love that you’re going to be at Threadfest 2. I am on pine island and Ian devastated our island. I would love to watch online but we still do not have internet here. If I were to sign up to watch online will there be access to replays so that I can see it in the future? Thank you.

  3. I agree completely with you Wanda… The next generation is filled with apathy towards politics… Unless it directly influences them, (gas, food, & material things) they don’t want to be bothered… (Television) TELL A VISION has conditioned them as well as many, many of us in our generation… It’s easier to just let the talking heads do and say what ever they want…Tell-a-vision…. Think about that word for a moment… It’s every where, wether it’s in your hands, on a desk or a wall mount… The enemy has used this “box” to TELL-A-VISION… his vision to be precise… It’s time to wake up the kids…! I have 2 daughters that are in their 30’s now and neither one wants to be bothered…
    I pray The Lord can reach thru that brain numbing fog that comes from the screens that surround us 24/7!!! IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS I DECREE AND DECLARE THAT THE FOG IS LIFTING AND THAT THE SON SHINES HIS LIGHT AND WE CALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD TO AWAKEN ALL WHO ARE ASLEEP!

  4. Good and balanced read…….upon awakening I, like so many others were horrified at the outcome. My thot:
    Something is NOT right. PERIOD. Every ‘stronghold’ of this evil regime won AGAIN? W/ such good candidates running against them?.. I think its these electronic voting machines which I am sure can be accessed remotely. The cry of the people re: inflation and crime resonated…
    …..yet….they, the people, lost????? And I’m talking about EVERY Demo state ….NY, CA, MI????? Come on…… I believe these machines can be remotely accessed…..bottom line

    My thots went to Pharoah and Moses. Pharoah had one last time to repent….knowing the cries of the children of Israel ….KNOWING, yet, he HARDENED his heart….and the judgement was sent.
    The people in these strongholds of evil, at this election KNEW the cries of the people YET hardened their hearts and choose, I believe to steal another election…Given a clear opportunity to do the right thing, they choose AGAIN, the wrong…….judgement, as we have heard from so many prophetic people, I believe will now be released….ON the evil…..Gods protection is sure on those that have trusted in His righteous judgements…..

  5. I woke up 11/9/22 to a nightmare of an election result in MI. Whitmer still gov. Dixon conceded. SS and AG same commies. Worst of all, we all apparently are cool with full term abortion. This is not MY MI.
    So now, days later, I looked at the US House member votes and added up all the Republican votes in each of MI’s 13 districts and the Dem votes in each district. There were more Republican votes total. So, this means that people in even the Red districts (majority) had to vote republican for US House of Rep and then turn around to vote for a Dem Governor, who frankly, NO ONE could stand after the extended Cov lockdowns, killings at nursing homes, etc. Bull Tacos!!
    At our polling place, we were handed the equivalent of ‘sharpies’ as instruments to mark our ballots. I asked the [Union = dem] woman at the desk ‘if these were legal to utilize’. I got a ‘look’ and she spontaneously answered, “the pens gum up the machines, so we use these because the ink dries faster”. I sat down in my cubical, pulled out my BIC and voted. As small as our city is, they can’t find people who could hand count ballots?!? [New Math – let machines do it.] It was a flagrant steal…again!

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