I was personally refreshed this past Sunday morning during our corporate worship. Though I honestly just wanted to stay home after a very full week and not even talk to anyone, the Holy Spirit nudged me with a gentle reminder, “It’s not about you.” (Gotta love His direct communication)! So, I went into worship with a heart ready to give. The result was almost immediate.

Realizing that my personal feelings, my physical condition, and my mental state all took second place to Him, I entered into worship with heartfelt thanksgiving. Knowing that He is working on our behalf in ways unseen and that His plans for our good is absolute, I could easily give Him the worship He deserves. My heart began to expand in gratefulness as I acknowledged His Lordship over every corrupt ruler, every false god, every demonic principality, and every personal problem that exists. NOTHING is greater than the glory of His name, and no one will ever usurp His throne.

It was then, in the midst of this worship, that a vision unfolded before me:

I saw a world map displayed, thinly veiled under a dark gray shadow. As I watched, I began to see little boxes pop up with question marks in each one. Representing questions concerning global issues and national crises that are spreading doubt and fear across the world, these boxes began to pop up one by one, at various places in various sizes. I knew they stood for all the questions that have been raised about our future and our fate as people of various nations.

But as I continued to watch, I saw the Lord show up. The boxes continued to present themselves, but every time a question box popped up on the scene, the Lord stepped forward and overshadowed it. Again and again, as a question emerged, the Lord stepped forward to upstage the question. With confidence and boldness, He overshadowed every Unknown that tried to take center stage.

As worship continued, I then saw Him reach behind to these questions and, one by one, place them at His feet. Looking to make sure we were watching, He showed that every one of those questions would have to submit to His Lordship. Every lingering concern about our future and every lingering doubt about His plan that tried to take center stage, would bow at His feet – and nothing would be left in doubt. His goodness and His glory would prevail.

It was only as the vision faded that I realized – He had been smiling the entire time.

There are many questions about our past and present, as well as many unknowns concerning our future. And yet – the Lord is assuring us that He is not only greater than every question being raised, He is the Answer to every unknown. When we keep our eyes fixed on His glory and His absolute right to rule and reign in both heaven and earth, any lingering question is but a shadow. When we place Him center stage in this unfolding drama of epic proportions, all questions and doubts must yield to the power of His presence and His starring role in this story. 

Regardless of HOW things unfold, His Word has been made clear and His plans have not changed. The nations will be saved, men will be set free, and His Lordship will reign.

Perhaps the only question remaining when the curtain comes down will be, “Why did we ever doubt?”

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


11 Responses

  1. Thank you Wanda for your visions, faith, and common sense concerning this season we are in spiritually and politically. It helps balance me in my faith and perseverance to pray daily for our Appeal to Heaven, as well as discerning the natural laws and order. Prophesy is new to me. But my Spirit does celebrate God’s Hand in all of this. And Since it’s hard sometimes to feel “normal”-“balanced” your sharing and teaching strengthens me in my walk. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know and proclaim, GOD has This! Keeps me joyful.

  2. No matter if your contention wrt Trump and his intentions on ‘warp speed’ is exactly correct, what you explained remains true.
    They’ve found that the ‘vax’, in many cases, was mishandled and that some vials or lots of the ‘slurry’ didn’t have much potency; maybe none at all. Much of this was due to ignorance/hustling it out there. Biologicals – vax – are temp sensitive and require appropriate refrigeration (I do this for a living).
    We’ll find that after this runs its course, there’ll be a way of screening ‘vaccinates’ as to how they’ve been affected. The same technology used to concoct this can be utilized to counteract the gene damage. Beyond that, ways are already available for detoxing from other ingredients in ‘it’. Finally, the 5G necessary to exploit the nano-tech component of ‘it’ to their ends, may never be deployed.
    As Christians, we MUST focus on the promise that God will RESTORE – or bodies, our families, our water, land, animals, birds n bees, and all the things He put on planet earth to make it work according to His plan. So, be encouraged. Look at it from His perspective via His owner’s manual – the Bible. [apologies for brevity in code speak]

  3. Hi Wanda,
    This is Jim. We have corresponded. I was the one to whom the Lord spoke your name. He said (I thought) Wander. I asked Wander? And He said, “No, Wanda with an A”. I haven’t known anyone with the name Wanda since College, and she was a self-proclaimed witch. Then I realized the prophets which I have just come to know within the last 2 weeks included you. The only Wanda I know. I have “The Sword and the Sceptor” as well as “Words to pray by ” both important tools in my arsenal. Sorry to go on but I just wanted to drop you a note about you Vision. I read your piece “questions settled” right after this video I watched, not a minute earlier, about the coming false flag events. Here is the link ( https://vimeo.com/ondemand/alienfalseflag } I must admit when they spoke about a bait and switch (Changing the event to an alien rescue of mankind) I noted concerns in my heart as to whether I would be able to stand true to Jesus. These I would push out of my mind and the concern left. But our Lord is so loving and caring, that He wanted that thought crushed so I would move fearlessly forward w/o any concerns. And that is what your vision brought me. Thanks! Jim

  4. Thank you dearest Wanda, your post today has been a great encouragement to me. May God’s blessings be poured out on you and your family.

    Agape Jackie

  5. Dear Wanda. Thanks for addressing the issues here regarding Trump, Flynn et al. I wish to make the following observations regarding Flynn’s prayer.
    Having been a Catholic myself, now a converted believer who acknowledges the primary value of Biblical expression and inerrancy, I understand your perspective on the man, Flynn.
    However I have serious concerns about the prayer. Rick Wiles has done an excellent expose of this prayer which should leave a believer in no doubt about it’s being problematic.
    Of greater concern to me however is that Hank Kuhnemann to my knowledge has made no attempt to renounce the prayer and given no indication that his own congregation has participated foolishly in what is obviously false. Like you bible believers understand the place of Jesus in their prayers. There’s no place for so called saints or Mary.
    This fact was challenged by Ps Wiles who also challenged Kuhnemann to debate the issue. However to my knowledge, Kuhnemann has made no attempt to do so even decrying those who challenged his acceptance of Flynn’s prayer in his own church. This has left me with a feeling that Hank Kuhnemann has a real problem with discernment and his ‘ministry’ subject to deception unfortunately.
    This is the greater problem. I also can forgive Flynn because of his ignorance. His lack of a Christian conversion however should not exonerate him despite his personal characteristics. Truth in the public arena must be judged by the biblical standards.
    Sincerely. Peter Maher

  6. Wanda, I saw your post, “He Will Upstage Every Question Seeking Center Stage,” yesterday (11/20/22) on Telegram, the same day I read this entry for November 20 from my devotional, God Calling (ed. by A.J. Russell): “. . . Do not try to find answers to the mysteries of the world. Learn to know Me more and more, and in that Knowledge you will have all the answers you need here, and when you see Me Face to Face, in that purely Spiritual world, you will find no need to ask. There again all your answers will be in Me. Remember, I was the answer in time to all man’s questions about My Father and His Laws. Know no theology. Know Me. I was the Word of God. All you need to know about God you know in Me. . . .” I was amazed at how my devotional entry reinforced the message of your vision (which you expanded here on your webpage under the title “Every Question Will be Settled”). Apparently this is a lesson God did not want me to miss! Thank you for walking this journey with us. You are a treasure!

  7. I shared your latest video to several of my text groups and they all loved your explanations about how Pres Trump did a wonderful thing withWarp Speed, and your insights about General Flynn and Clay Clark helped them see all 3 of these hero’s through God’s lens!
    Thank you, Wanda! You’re truly a gift from God for such a time as this!
    His I am,
    Candi Wood

  8. My relationship with the Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit is different as we all (God’s children) are different. I have conversations with all, except I long to know the Holy Spirit better. I asked Jesus to help me think like Him, and He has been guiding me when I’m off track. The Father told me I was His son. Romans 8:14-16. I’m always interested in your thoughts.

  9. In 2nd grade, my ‘Weekly Reader’ – a public elementary school supplied children’s rag in the early 60’s, reported that the world’s population was becoming too numerous. By some [future date] we’d only have about 1.5 square feet/person. I educated myself on what square feet meant and started worrying. The seeds were planted way back then for accepting the depop. agenda. Subsequently, public education has promoted more vividly the necessity of ‘herd’ control; nihilism accepted with alacrity.
    This video hopefully shocks open the eyes of every generation. https://qatriot.com/1/world-premiere-died-suddenly-169401212

  10. ‘Every Question will be Settled’ – your title is prophetic. Listen to 11/27/22 interview with Juan O Savin. https://www.ethanlucas.com/news-tv. This sounds like the way God will settle most of the questions. Texas Senator Cruz and a group of 100 congressmen were illegally ignored for calling for a 10 day hold on ratifying the ’20 election’, so the states could verify their vote counts. (Pence was to call for this on 1/6/21.) Then, TX AG Paxton w/32 other state AGs filed suit with the Supreme court against the 6 states who’s vote counts were suspect, that their results “hurt the rest of the states”. Supreme court refused to hear it because they didn’t have ‘standing’.
    Now 4 brothers named Brunson – lawyers, brought suit to have this reconsidered. Because the election results is a national security issue, the suit can go directly to the SCOTUS without disruption by any circuit court. With coaching help on moving this forward by [a SCOTUS justice], this case was presented 11/23/22, Thanksgiving was the next day. It can be heard/deliberated by SCOTUS at any time. The suit states that 383 members of House, Senate + Biden, Harris and Pence, illegally interfered in proper procedure regarding the election, a national security issue and thus went against their oath to defend the Constitution…committed treason. All must be removed from office prior 1/20/22. Hence, Trump retains POTUS status.
    Interestingly, the 4 brothers are also Trumpeters, they play trumpets professionally. All explained https://www.ethanlucas.com/news-tv. Start at 26:40 minute point of recording and listen patiently.

  11. Wanda thank you so very much for this post! It brought tears to my eyes and set an attitude of worship in my heart instantly! Our God is so very WONDERFUL!! And I love His Smile!!!

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