2022 was a very challenging year. Where a majority of the masses followed the official government narrative and complied with Big Brother’s oversight, a remnant of prophets, intercessors, and patriots wouldn’t settle. Pursuing the truth at all costs, many have been steadfast in searching out matters for themselves (Proverbs 25:2). Throughout 2022, much was uncovered and exposed, and many spoke up when told to stand down, refusing to let compromise or corruption dictate our reality.

Longing to see the stolen election overturned or the Covid crimes accounted for, many – including myself – were hoping for some kind of resolution before the end of 2022. Hearing numerous prophetic words that suggested such breakthroughs, the turning of the calendar year came with some pain and disillusionment. Personally, I needed to back away and reassess my own perspective and posture. Though I had a clear conscience regarding the revelations I’ve released concerning these things, I had to revisit their interpretation and application.

I took some time away to go through my dream journal to understand the reasons for my own stance and conviction. What I found was a reminder of what God has been speaking to me for over ten years, and how He has been consistently preparing the Church for this very season of intense warfare. By reviewing these dreams for yourself, I believe you will see a clear picture emerge of the messages God has been sending and their relevance for where we are now. (Click on hyperlinks in titles that will take you to the original post with more details.)  

Dream in October of 2012: Spirit of Deception Unleashed from Highest Office in the Land:

It was during the Obama presidency that the Lord warned about a spirit of deception being released over the nation due to demonic agendas taking place in high places of government. The dream indicated the need for pastors to take a stand and alert believers to the dangers ahead to avoid the toxic poison of deception. I knew this was an alert to the coming warfare, but also an exhortation to wake up the saints.

Series of Dreams from 2013 and 2014: National Upheaval, Economic Crash, and the Church Being Turned Upside Down:

These dreams predicted the persecution of believers, economic disasters, and the Church being greatly tested and transformed. We have already experienced these realities at many levels.  

Dream in May of 2014: Country Overrun by Communist Regime

In this dream, Bobby (my husband and pastor) and I were flying/falling in our house over a forest of trees. Knowing we had been attacked along with many others, we were looking for a place to land, but we couldn’t see anything beyond the tree line. I was finally dropped off in the middle of a large city that had been devastated by bombs. Everything was dark and foreboding. I was immediately confronted by an armed guard who pointed to a flag that was hanging on my back. When I looked, it had a swastika symbol on it. I didn’t know where it came from, but knew we were in trouble. This warning about communist infiltration was evident, though I had little idea of how real it would become. It was a clear call to intercessors to “watch their backs” as the enemy would seek to have air supremacy in the spirit in the days ahead. 

Dream in December of 2014: The Power of Media During Enemy Invasion

I was sitting in the upper levels of a huge stadium of people, expecting to be entertained. Instead, I watched as aliens descended upon us and started to kill and destroy everyone in their path, including women and children. It didn’t matter where you were seated. Everyone was at risk. I was horrified and shocked at the sudden attack. Then I accidentally clicked a remote I was holding, and everything went black and there was no power. I realized I had the power to turn everything off – with a click of my remote. But, everyone was waiting and expecting….so I turned it back on again. Though I had no idea of how this warning would play out, it revealed the power of mass media and the power we had in our own hands to turn it off. Little did I know how we would be tested in this.

Dream in February of 2015: Global devastation

In this dream, Bobby and I were at home when a global catastrophe took place. An earthquake had shaken everything and when we went out to look, the entire earth had been burned up. Even the ocean was gone as it appeared everything had been consumed by some unseen force. And yet – underneath our feet were tiny streams of water bubbling up. Bobby began to pray, and people began to gather around him, digging for the streams of living water that could bring new hope and life. This was a clear call for church leaders to watch and pray in the shaking to come (note the repeated presence of Bobby and I together in these dreams – pastor and prophet – fivefold leaders working together). Though things would look hopeless, the life of the Spirit was bubbling up to bring new beginnings and transformation across the entire earth.

Dream in March of 2015: Clowns, Doctors, and Threats from a Gun

I was in a huge public square with lots of activity, much like a circus. I hear sirens and see a parade of cars with an older woman in a white doctor’s coat holding a gun. Behind her is a gang of men dressed as clowns. They, too, are holding weapons. Hiding someone under a blanket, they begin to threaten everyone in the town square. It is evident they are ready to shoot those who don’t comply with their demands. I told my son we had to escape. Though humanly impossible, we found we could scale the walls and get away unharmed. I knew anyone could do it – if they just took the risk. At the time, I had no context for this dream. Now, when people refer to the “woke” as “clowns” and the truths about medical malpractice are out in the open, this dream is striking in its current relevance. The threats against those who challenge the official narrative is very real, and only those who take a leap of faith will escape this chaotic circus.

Dream in August of 2015: Taken Over by Chinese Communists

Bobby and I were driving through the countryside and seeing rampant lawlessness. We were stopped by an agent who searched our car and asked for our ID. Another woman tried to hide inside our trunk. We were being watched and hunted. I saw Chinese symbols and foreign influence that had taken control, causing distrust and chaos everywhere. It was surreal. The ongoing hints of communist influence throughout my dreams seemed only symbolic a few years ago. In the last two years, however, it’s become painfully clear how this demonic ideology has hijacked our nation.

Series of Dreams in December of 2016: Prophets Coming on National TV Due to High Level Warfare and Mass Mind Control:

In a series of dreams during a 12-day fast in 2016, the Lord highlighted national issues and demonic roots being exposed to the world. The backlash would result in much persecution and prophets would be sought after for their counsel (“I believe that there will be prophets in this next year who will not only stand out in the Church mountain but will be seen in the national media.”) The national media outlets would use strategic mind control to steer the narrative. These dreams spoke of the days we are now walking through. Not only was the Lord showing the demonic agenda underlying the chaos, He was preparing us for the psychological warfare and propaganda aimed against us.

Dream in December of 2016: Artificial Intelligence Developed to Manipulate Human DNA

This dream was like a science-fiction movie that had no real-world application. I was led into an underground compound where I witnessed experimentation taking place on women and children. The women were being bred, half human and half machine, for their ability to produce offspring. Babies were being cloned and manipulated for purposes of deception and control. The people in charge were practicing witchcraft to develop their trade. I could never have imagined these things being developed in our day. But, the Lord not only revealed what was already happening in secret bunkers underground, He was showing the witchcraft that fueled it.

Dream in 2017: Witchcraft Manipulating Our Children Towards Self-Destruction  

In this horrific dream, witchcraft was exposed as the source behind transgenderism and the mutilation and trafficking of our children. It was a call to the spiritual fathers and mothers in the Church to pray for the fear of the Lord to be released and to reestablish the foundations of our faith. Another consistent theme throughout my dreams has been the power of the Fear of the Lord to turn the battle and overcome the enemy.

Dream in November of 2017: The Word of God in the Oval Office

God revealed the heart of President Trump in this short dream. Regardless of his foibles and tweets, the Lord highlighted his heart for families and his desire to bring freedom and deliverance to this nation. This, along with other prophetic words received since 2016, has given me the confidence to stand by this chosen vessel of the Lord.

Dream in November of 2017: The 2020 Election Will Be Settled in the Courts

This dream was a call to understand our authority in the courts of heaven and their impact on the courts in the land. Knowing the battles ahead, it alerted intercessors to the importance of proper authority in settling the ground level warfare over the coming election. Even if current appearances indicate total corruption in the courts, the Lord reminds us that our agreement in the Spirit will override any and all demonic systems and agendas. Warfare has legal implications, both in the spirit and on the ground. We must learn the laws that govern us and use the authority we’ve been given to see a righteous outcome.

Dream in November, 2019: President Trump and Doomsday Plans

In this short dream, I saw President Trump in a board room speaking of an important date coming up (the 2020 election). He was deeply concerned and showed me a map with circles all over it, indicating the centers of trouble. This was a revelation of the awareness of the President in the upcoming election corruption and the plans of his team to avoid a doomsday-level disaster. It was clear he knew exactly what was happening and was working on ways to curtail the destruction.

Dream in June of 2020: SOROS Being Exposed by the Church

The Holy Spirit revealed the name “Soros” to a church leader in this dream, representing the truth about globalism that must be brought to the Church. But mainstream media wouldn’t report it. It was the Holy Spirit that empowered the people to speak up and share the truth. Those who are complicit in these war games and crimes against humanity will be exposed by the Holy Spirit, and it will require Spirit-led believers to sound the alarm. The globalist agenda is real and it will be made known to those who are willing to listen.

Dream in June of 2021: The House of Secrets and Our Call to Find the Truth

This was a call to find the secrets the enemy wants hidden concerning our collective destiny. God has appointed special forces to go on this assignment and seek out truths that have been held back for generations. Where some in the Church have told many patriots to stand down in our quest for truth, the Father was encouraging it. Though we had to guard against going down rabbit holes that bore no fruit, there was much to be discovered for those willing to pay the price.

Dream in July of 2021: JFK White House Suspended in Time

In this dream, God specifically highlighted the time of JFK’s presidency as a major shift in our national agenda. Calling attention to things “before” and “after” JFK’s presidency, it was a call to consider underlying motives and plans to derail the assignment upon his office as well as our call as a nation. The markers in this dream were so specific, I knew it was calling attention to the Deep State agenda at work and the fact that this battle has been going on far longer than just the Trump presidency.

Dream in December of 2021: Justice Coming Against High Ranking Government Officials

At a time when many were wondering if justice would ever be served towards those responsible for crimes against humanity, the Lord gave me this dream. Bobby and I witnessed both Hillary and Obama “falling” in judgment for their sins. God’s word indicated we would eventually see with our eyes what our ears have only heard. Though the timing of this was never cited, it was an assurance from heaven that God has heard our cries for justice and will eventually make it known to the world.

These are but a few of the many prophetic dreams the Lord has given me in the last ten years concerning the Church and our nation. In revisiting these dreams, I believe the consistent themes and issues addressed can help us to prioritize our commission for the days ahead.


1] Conspiracies have real-world applications.

Looking back, it’s clear God was building a storyline that was preparing us for this time. We are still experiencing the shock of these realities, and the demonic influence is just beginning to be exposed. Conspiracies from generations past have reached their expiration date and what was once thought unbelievable is now being proven as true.

2] Witchcraft must be acknowledged and overruled by believers with legitimate spiritual authority.

Spiritual warfare is now in the open. Even skeptics are calling out demons and recognizing the witches and warlocks among us. The infiltration of the occult in our culture can no longer be sidestepped or relegated to prophetic intercessors in the back prayer room. These demonic agendas must be challenged by Spirit-empowered believers and displaced by a people of faith who have learned their corporate authority in prayer. 

3] This is a global war.

Our current warfare is not the result of a stolen election. The corruption of 2020 merely exposed it. The poisoned roots of our own government are but a sample of the worldwide infiltration of the enemy. We must see the principalities at work among all the nations of the earth and realize the immensity of this warfare if we are to win for the long haul. A global outpouring of the Spirit is imminent, but a global deliverance must precede it. 

4] President Trump has been on assignment from heaven.

Regardless of his controversial persona, President Trump was called of the Lord to lead the nation – and the world – through this warfare. Though the 2020 election outcome may have changed his public status, his role and influence have not diminished. How and when he resumes his public role and title has yet to be determined. But there’s no question as to the mantle he carries and the mandate he’s been given.

5] We are preparing to be transformed, not translated.

Where many believe we are in the “last days” getting ready for a rapture, everything I have seen and received from the Lord indicates the opposite. Though all the “signs of the times” indicate darkness and the fulfillment of many scriptures, we are getting ready to LEAD, not leave. Dreams and visions showing destruction and global devastation indicate the enemy’s ultimate plan, not God’s. And though we may in fact, experience many of these things, it will be unto a global outpouring of His Spirit and a transformation of everything that’s been lost. Instead of hunkering down until our rescue, God has consistently been calling us to lead the way to salvation and demonstrating the realities of His Kingdom on the earth.

6] The Church must be at the tip of the spear.

The repeated theme throughout all of my dreams was a call for the Ekklesia to rise up and take our place. We are to be houses of prayer (Matt 21:15), and rule in the midst of our enemies (Ps 110). It is our ongoing declarations of faith and demonstrations of Kingdom realities that will ultimately expel these demonic overlords and principalities. Godly leadership is needed now more than ever. And it must begin in the House of God. 

Lastly, as I continue to grow in my call as a prophet in this nation, I have also learned a valuable lesson in this journey. The revelations given to me by the Spirit throughout the years have been clearly recorded and I stand by them. But the timing and means of fulfillment of these revelations have been elusive. Though the overall agenda and plan of God has been clearly spoken, His methods of execution and time of vindication has never been clarified. This is where a gift of faith and passionate presumption can cross lines – with troubling consequences. Prophetic voices must stay true to the Spirit’s revelations but be circumspect in the interpretations. As I move forward into another year as a watchman and voice to the Church, I pray I can faithfully steward His revelations to inspire and empower the Church with effective and tangible results.

The priority in this hour must be for the Body of Christ to come together in agreement. We may not see eye-to-eye on President Trump or what’s happening behind enemy lines. But that need not detract from our unity in the Spirit regarding the most critical issues that affect our homes, our families, and our future. We must get past our political offenses and conspiracy divisions in order to see God’s way through the fog of war.

God’s word to deliver this nation stands secure. His intention to defeat the globalist agenda is clear. His plans to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh are unchanging. All He asks of us is to follow His lead with courage and boldness of heart. Regardless of when or how, we will see the breakthroughs we have stood for as long as we stay true by the Spirit of God.

We were born for this. I pray we can persevere in this mission together and be the catalysts and world-changers He intended from the start.


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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. This post was excellent and thank you for being a faithful servant of God. Your prophetic dreams, interpretations, encouragement, teachings, warnings, wisdom, prayers, and plans of action ring true! Thank you for being obedient to the call of God on your life. Thank you for helping to equip the saints to run the race set before us. All glory to God the Father, Jesus Christ our Savior and the leading of the Holy Spirit! In every area may God continue to abundantly bless you, your family, and ministry as you press forward and go from glory to glory! Hallelujah!

  2. Ma’am I appreciate the fact that you took the time to stand back and hear from the Lord and to get your bearings is the best way that I know how to put it. But I have a question for you and I hope that this is something that you are able to comment on or make a post about whether it be long or short whatever the Lord leads mind you,. Mr Mario Murillo has put out a blog and in this blog he calls out certain individuals he doesn’t give names but you know kind of who he’s speaking about The one individual the female I have never honestly followed she gave me the heevee jeebies when she said certain things and if you ever asked a question as to can you show me in the Bible. This female would get extremely upset and would never answer the question so that was just proof that they were lying. The gentleman that Mr Mario spoke of One I never really followed other than seeing them every once in awhile on flashpoint I just really never followed him he I just he was not someone I followed The other gentleman I did too quite regularly mind you at 11:00 Central tender time on Tuesdays My question and or comment however you would like to receive it how do we combat the information without destroying baby Christians? Because I have grown in the Lord it shocks me but it didn’t shake me I’m secure enough in my relationship with the Lord and have grown to know not to keep my eyes on people but keep my eyes on God Almighty. But I am extremely concerned for people that may have received the Lord due to the person who has the 11:00 Tuesday program that they might be thinking that all Christians are fake how do we pray

  3. Welcome back Wanda! Thank you once again for a clarion call to the Ekklesia to persevere, not give up, or water down the revelations we know we’ve received from Holy Spirit! We WILL walk in VICTORY IF we remain faithful. Learn to listen to the FIRST VOICE‼️

  4. Wanda. I do not say this lightly. With the singular exception of you (and possibly Chuck Pierce- although I’ve sure seen weirdness there too lately) all the rest of the “name” prophets in the US are a bunch of kooks. And I really don’t care if or who disagrees with me. Do. Not. Care. And they have been able to get away with their nuttiness and cause wreck and ruin in the church because people with itching ears DO NOT READ THEIR BIBLES THEMSELVES. And I do not care what people who do not study the Bible themselves have to say to me. They are complicit in the mess that is the current American Church.

    1. Careful about giving humans glory, remember that many things self proclaimed prophets have said would happen, didnt. In the old testament they would have all been stoned, thats how seriously God takes a false word. Yes she uses the bible, but as its heavily symbolic, many pple have misinterpreted it. Not all dreams are prophetic and from GOD.

      1. Ma’am, let me remind you that Jesus himself criticized and rebuke them for killing his prophets! What makes a prophetic individual false, is if they turn you away from God or teach another doctrine that is not biblically sound! We have several in the pulpit that it’s doing just this that are giving ear tickling messages, and there are those in the prophetic movement that have done this as well! So what I would ask you to do before you cast a stone at Miss Wanda is that you take a step back and seek God. Cuz I for one have been critiqued by the Lord God Almighty who I do and do not listen to but it took diligence and it took me hearing what that means hearing who he says to listen to and this time that we are in them it’s a time to get closer to God! To get deep in his word to build your foundational relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We all have to do that.

  5. You are my favorite, I love how you mull over things, bring in logic and obviously your spirit of love and understanding for others is undeniable.
    I do have a question. I know you are an incredibly busy women, but I’m asking anyway. I had what I believe to be a prophetic dream in august of 2021. I did ask God to give me something to hold onto because I was losing hope and faith. This is the only dream like this I have ever had. Even though some of it was very clear, there are some parts I still question. I did write the dream down and would like someone to possibly give me their take on it. Could you help me with that or possibly send me in the right direction. I was going to just let it go, but my Mom keeps asking if I’ve sent it to you, so I’m thinking there may be a reason she is so persistent. I completely understand that I am one of many and you may not have time. God bless you and your family. I always look so forward to your teachings. Thank you for following him, so people like me can be blessed.

  6. Wanda, its true you have had alot of interesting dreams, but can you really be sure they were from God?? You are already thinking about this stuff most of the time, so its possible that some of them are from your own mind and its efforts to make sense of the things around it. Thats what the human brain does. I also have alot of dreams, but I didnt get a special you tube channel and declare myself a prophet and tell the world about them. You have placed yourself in a very important and precarious position biblically. In the old testament, if a prophets word didnt come to fruition that prophet was stoned. God takes false information very seriously, because pples souls are at stake. If you follow Revelation, America is not even mentioned. Which seems like America will be taken out as a world leader, this is what has been said by such men as Chuck Missler, Chuck Smith and others. Many you tube bible teachers and prophetic ministers predicted Trump would be brought back last year. That didnt happen, they all (including you) made such a to-do about him and how great he was and how God was using him, it almost took the focus off God. God is, after all, the one who is doing everything. He just uses pple, He even uses unrepentant sinners, and He used Trump for a season, I personally believe God has used him for most everything He needed him for. But I wont be saying that on my own channel. So if it were old testament times, you guys would all be stoned…think about that.

  7. Many thanks Wanda for your faithfulness and prayerful consideration of what the Lord is doing and revealing to us (and not revealing to us) in these challenging times. I pray for unity in the ecclesia and for the mighty outpouring of His Spirit to direct our paths and cause us to rise up and shine! May His kingdom come and His will be done.

  8. THANK YOU, sister! I am in my 60s and am so greatful to be living in the days when God’s Presence will cover the earth! My theology has been corrected by Holy Spirit. You have given confirmation to the truth of “leading, and not leaving”. How God’s people need to be awakened to the truth of the Bride making herself ready, and becoming victorious!

  9. After the election the Holy Spirit gave me three words TO STAND in faith, TO WAIT for those who wait will be strengthened, TO WATCH for the Glory of the Lord will be seen. He continually sings in my spirit the song by Terry Macalom ” Prepare Ye The Way of The Lord.” He is preparing the people of God. Many say it is for the coming of the Lord, {the rapture} but after reading your articles I also feel we have not witnessed the glory, My God is speaking of through a great Harvest. Your statements bear witness to my spirit God is calling to the church to prepare for a great outpouring of His SPIRIT that will bring increase to the Kingdom of God. For me it has never been about President Trump, although I know He has used him and I have supported him, but rather what is the Spirit saying to the Church now. Your comments on the Church being ready for the out pouring of His Spirit sings in my heart and spirit . Thank you for the confirmation and the prayer guides

  10. Wanda, you are a leading voice of the prophets and I believe you have the highest level of integrity among those who claim the prophets mantle. This blog is yet another example of your integrity. Thank you for brining us with you on your journey of understanding the mysteries of God’s messages. You do not white-wash confusing things nor do you just change the subject when things seem to work out in a contrary fashion. All of us who are holding on to this promises are strengthened by your honesty and faith. May God bless and strengthen you in this heavy mantle! You are loved!

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