I awoke from this dream encounter filled with exhilaration and wonder at the glory of God…

I watched a scene unfold as a woman went through a door into a very dark hallway filled with many other doors. I could tell it was a place of high security, governmental in nature. She was looking for something and exploring this unknown place that was not easily accessed. As she passed by several doors I could sense her apprehension at the unknown. Yet, undeterred, she kept walking and talking out loud as if trying to get someone’s attention.

Then, a huge dark curtain seemed to part in front of her and I could tell it was the entrance. I realized this entire place was hidden behind this huge, massive curtain that had just parted in front of her. At first, I thought it would lead her into further darkness, but instead, when the curtain parted, the light was so bright you couldn’t see anything else. I was surprised at this unexpected burst of glory that was hidden behind this veil of darkness! I quickly followed her and we were swallowed into the light.

We immediately found ourselves sitting high up in the sky and strapped into a seat as if starting some kind of thrill ride. It was so high up, we couldn’t even see the ground below. We seemed to be in some other-worldly place, about to see things as we’d never seen. I looked out and saw a broad expanse of the earth before us, divided into scenes as if watching huge postcards come up before us. 

As the tour started, I watched things unfold before me and I realized there was singing. I heard an amazing chorus of voices singing in high praise with beautiful harmonies. It was absolutely glorious. The theme of the song declared the incredible power of the Creator to override and overpower anything and everything below. As I continued listening, we were taken on this tour and saw scenes passing before us representing life’s mysteries and unanswered questions. They displayed various issues of life and concerns of people that were troubling souls and burdening hearts. The colors were bright and vibrant demonstrating the realness of what we were seeing. I could feel the air around us as if we were actually in those places and I knew that this higher realm was even more alive than the one below. 

The song being sung became the narration for the scenes coming before us. At first, the words spoke of how one might think naturally about that certain aspect of creation or life that we saw. Upon first impression, one wondered how in the world that challenge or problem could be resolved. But then another scene would immediately follow as we were shown a higher perspective – a greater truth. Then the chorus of voices would sing out “Halleluia!” Their response to every situation was one of high praise. One after another, we saw scenarios that would, in the natural, seem despairing or hopeless, but then we would be shown a higher reality and hear the chorus of voices ring out in response, “We sing Halleluia!” Their song was the answer to everything in the natural and I found my own spirit joining in this chorus declaring that I, too, wanted to sing Halleluia!

At one point we saw a scene that seemed defiant against any hope – a lie of the enemy aimed to deceive and possibly destroy the people below. Suddenly, we were thrust forward in our seats and thrown face forward as if we were about to be cast to the ground below. My initial reaction braced me for the fatal fall about to occur. But instead, we were catapulted back into our seats and lifted high above the fray. We heard again the chorus, “We sing Halleluia!” In that split second, we were awakened to a higher reality of what we had just seen and knew that the glory was greater! Heaven’s answer to that dilemma may have been hidden in the natural, but in the glory, victory was assured as Truth was revealed!

It was then we finally understood that we were so securely fixed in our seats, we couldn’t fall! We laughed with great joy as we realized how incredible this was. To be shown these things and see these wonders without fear or apprehension. We were experiencing a level of Glory and Truth that freed us from any fear of the unknown. Everything we saw pointed to glory and absolute victory. There was not one scene that was bound to the natural, for all were under this higher domain of the Maker’s Glory.

All at once, the tour concluded, and we saw the very last scene and heard the very last line of the chorus. But this one was different than the others. It had been personalized, and rather than singing “I want to sing Halleluia,” the last words we heard were, “I want to die.” Even as shocking as the words initially sounded, the spirit behind the words hinted at another truth. The same hope and promise that filled all the other choruses was still present – there was expectation and anticipation that went beyond any natural understanding. Somehow, I knew that the words signified the glory to be revealed, even in what seemed to be the final blow. Rather than being an ending point, it’s actually the starting point to something much greater.

Upon waking, the power of heaven’s praises ignited my spirit with an intense longing for more of His presence. And the ending message from this visit lingered: It is only in dying, that one can truly live – and see the absolute authority and all-encompassing power of His GLORY over all. 

But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, with unveiled faces, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Beautiful, I will sing praise! And the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.

  2. Wow!!! What an amazing dream and adventure into all that God has planned for us! I’ve often wondered how He will soar through all the evil around us to bring us to the other side. This certainly strengths my hope and resolve. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you. This is exactly what is needed in this hour. I have two grandchildren who have attempted suicide in the last 2 months. My granddaughter just before her 17th birthday and my grandson who just turned nine. We have been praying for them, naturally, and know that there is much behind the scenes. We are demanding the spirit of suicide be gone and that God, in His mercy, will use this to bring their parents into His salvation. Again, thank you for being a faithful servant.

  4. Just recently I braved Avatar ride at Animal Kingdom of Disney. The same of the ride…knowing we were safe, but trusting our Banchee to take us on the journey. I’m old…figured I’d go on every ride my grandkids wanted to! It was amazing. Reading this was so reminiscent of this actual ride…I love how our praise brings us to higher levels, and through no fear of dying…it’s where we actually LIVE. Thank you Holy Spirit for giving this dream to Wanda., and Wanda for sharing it with us.

  5. That’s where I want to be! We are here now, but we are also in those heavenlies you saw, and as C.S.Lewis said, “One day we shall get in.” (from The Weight of Glory.) Wish I’d been in your dream to see that too!

  6. I relate to parts of your dream as I too was caught up years ago in a dream and heard an angelic chorus like no other ! After that I fell back into my body !
    Wanda, do you know who your companion was in the dream ?????

  7. Thank you Wanda for sharing this marvelous encounter and revelation from God. It’s very encouraging. I have seen … it looked like this huge hole in the ground with a lid on it, the lid was darkness, and this lid of darkness began to lift and the buildings (like that of a city) under it emanated such blinding light you could just see the outlines of the buildings … it was such a glorious bright light.

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