BELIEVE BIG: Building an Overcoming Faith

This coming Sunday, June 25, will be the first time I’ll be sharing, publicly, the healing journey the Lord has been taking me through in recent months. I’ll be speaking on “BELIEVE BIG: Building an Overcoming Faith!” And it’s a joy to share it in my home congregation, Crossroads Community Church. Tune in livestream (10:30 am ET on the Crossroads YouTube channel) or visit us in Winchester, VA! 

Since the first of April, the Lord has had me in an intense “school of the Spirit” testing my faith as well as my identity in Him. It started out with an intense battle with Tinnitus and then spiritual warfare with tormenting spirits. I faced things I hoped I would never have to face.  But, through it all, I was only driven to my knees and into the heart of Perfect Love. I know I was led into this wilderness experience by the Spirit of God. But, I’m now coming out with a victor’s faith, having triumphed over my enemies! I look forward to sharing some of this journey in my Sunday message at Crossroads. I hope you can join us. Link to our YouTube channel below: 

Wanda, thank you for your awesome book. I got into it on the way home on the airplane. It is easy to use, outstanding in content, and will help people ascend to a higher level in God. Congratulations on an excellent job!

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I taught this past Sunday on the 7 Gifts of the Father out of Romans 12 (Prophet, Servant, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Ruler, and Mercy). These “gifts of grace” are given to each of us at birth

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This week, I want to share a short message my husband, Bobby, sent to our congregation through our weekly newsletter. I’m proud of how he is speaking out as a local pastor in regards to TAKING

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Wanda, I was particularly interested in you testimony about tinnitus. My beloved sister has suffered with it for 40 years since her hearing deteriorated, and it is so awful, especially as she works with disabled and tormented people.
    My question is, is there a way I can let her read what you have said lately, as you have suffered same. She cannot hear without aids and even then, she can’t listen to people on internet. Are you able to put it on transcript for the deaf?
    Thank you.

  2. Dear Pastor Wanda!

    Thank you ever so much for sharing your courageous testimony! As you spoke, the Holy Spirit was confirming to me, how he has been wanting to draw me in closer to the Father to hear his still small voice as well. I tend to have the same gifting as you and that’s what makes this testimony so personal to me and melted my heart. Every point you mentioned hit my very core. I am forever changed by your testimony, and will take heed to what my Heavenly Father is communicating to me!

    Also, the point you made about “Jesus in me”…. “being so one with God” that Jesus can touch others with our hands and flow through us freely with out “self” blocking. That is a result of the word built up in us and the time spent in His presence (as you so beautifully share)! I prayed the prayer at the end and am also excited to walk in the adventure set before me!

    Thanks again dear Sister!
    Lord willing, I would love to visit when I’m on the East coast!

  3. I am looking for the worship music you mention. I like to be able to listen while I sit quietly before the Lord. Thanks

    1. SOAKING MUSIC CHANNELS (My personal favorites):
      Soaking in His Presence – @soakinginhispresence
      Soaking into Heavenly Sounds – @heavenlysoundsworship

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