COVID19 changed the world. What started as a dangerous virus quickly grew into a global pandemic killing untold numbers. As time has gone on and more data and research has come out, the uncomfortable reality has been found that this was no ordinary virus. Not only was it manufactured – it was engineered – by very wicked people. Specifically designed to inflict millions of innocent people with death and destruction, this “plandemic” is now being called a bioweapon by many who have followed its path. Whistleblowers and truth tellers have been working ceaselessly to expose the dark side of this global attack and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Many believers have already been standing in faith for the Lord to protect and shield us from this plague from hell. We have learned to guard our hearts and minds and put on the full armor of God to combat this unseen enemy. And yet, it was in the last few months that the Lord revealed to me that there was not only a need for spiritual protection from this plague – but deliverance. He said this was “demonically engineered” with the sole intent of placing curses and death upon all who were infected. So, whether it is Covid, the vaccines, or even possible shedding that new evidence is now showing, the root source is the same. This scourge has been a tool of the enemy to steal, kill, and destroy.

This was a shocking revelation, and I knew my husband and I needed to pray again. Though we had already prayed “against” COVID and any negative results on our bodies, we had never treated it as demonic. And though neither of us took the vaccine, we have been around many other innocent victims who have. I had already wondered if some of my own unusual physical symptoms might be related. As soon as I began to pray a prayer of deliverance and rebuke the evil spirits attached to COVID, I immediately began to feel the effects. I was stunned. And yet, it confirmed the devices of the enemy and the power of our authority in Christ to override them.

What started as a global health crisis has now become a spiritual battle of global proportions. Even as the initial wave of panic has subsided, the consequences of that first wave are still reverberating and causing untold harm. We as believers in Christ must take a stand to resist and rebuke the Devourer and defeat his deadly schemes. This is no longer about who got the vaccine and who didn’t. We have a common enemy that needs to be taken out. We must join our voices and our faith to overturn these global plans of annihilation by declaring our lives and bodies off-limits to dark forces. We must speak the word of the Lord and rebuke any and all demonic activity that is seeking entrance into our lives through these ongoing attacks. By specifically naming every tool and device that has been attached to this weapon, we are using our spiritual authority to reclaim our lives. The Father of Lies has no authority or power when we expose his works.

Below is a prayer for any who have had COVID, taken the vaccine, or felt the negative effects of possible shedding from others. Though I don’t believe everyone will have the same experience in praying this prayer, nor has everyone been affected the same way, I encourage you to use – and share – this prayer as another powerful tool against the enemy’s schemes.


Father, in the name of Jesus, I come to appropriate the blood of Christ over my life, my body, my soul, and my mind due to coming in contact with COVID19. I come to break any and all curses associated with this demonic plague and break free of any claim the enemy has on me as a result. I renounce COVID19 and its negative effects on my body, my soul, and my mind. I declare that the curses attached to the COVID virus are null and void of any power to do me harm. I cancel the assignment of COVID against my life and renounce its hold. Forgive me, Lord, for any agreement I may have initially had in believing this disease was “normal” and that any associated vaccine was “safe.” I cut ties with those agreements and sever any legal claim the enemy has due to me being infected and impacted by this deadly virus.

I renounce any demons that came attached to COVID and command them to leave my body, now, in the name of Jesus. I ask you, Lord, to remove all spike proteins, nanoparticles, graphene oxide, PEG, and aluminum oxide and every other destructive chemical and element from my body from COVID19, either in the virus, through the vaccine, or coming into contact with someone else who was vaccinated. I speak to my blood that it be completely cleansed by the blood of Jesus and for all blockages and clots to be removed now. I declare that my blood is clear of any toxins or poisons and that it flows without hindrance throughout my entire being.

I cancel any negative side effects of COVID19 and command all demons associated with these symptoms to leave in Jesus’ name. I declare my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and declare every organ, muscle, and tissue to be fully restored according to God’s intended design. Angels, come and clear my body of any unclean spirit or demonic attachment that is hiding or seeking to stay. Come and breathe a fresh wind of the Spirit of God to clear me of all fog and chaos and clear my head. I declare that I have the mind of Christ and have clarity, alertness, and full energy and capacity to think, discern, and perceive by the Spirit of God.

I speak to my body to be fully healed and whole, free of any and all associations, contracts, or agreements with COVID along with its variants and vaccines. I claim the promises of Psalm 91 to be a habitation of the Lord’s presence and protected from any evil that seeks entrance. Thank you, Lord, for freedom and deliverance from the enemy’s plans. Guide me to health and right choices in the days ahead that I might walk in fullness of strength and soundness of mind.

I also pray for others who have been impacted by these demonic devices and extend Your grace and mercy so that each might find healing and restoration in Jesus’ name. Grant us the wisdom to recognize future threats and stand in the authority You have given us. May we as believers testify to Your healing power and may we be agents of deliverance and salvation to the lost and hurting. To God be all the glory, both now and forevermore! AMEN.

No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, declares the Lord.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


7 Responses

  1. Thank you Wanda. I’m so sorry for your suffering,but I know the Lord is using it all for your good and His Glory!
    This confirms much if what he has been showing me regarding the virus.

  2. I did not take the jab, and convinced my husband not to as well. We did get C19 eventually, mild, no big deal, but my husband has been left with some strange symptoms. Then, in hip replacement, complications ensued which led to him needing two units of blood and one of platelets. I begged them to make sure the blood came from the un-jabbed, but of course no one knows…his symptoms have been exacerbated in the year since then. Anyway, I am grateful for this prayer of deliverance, and am going to pray over him now.
    There is so much more to pray for and against, in addition to jabs and C19, as the takeover of our world in the name of plandemics and the man made climate change hoax by a few ‘oligarchs’ is underway unless many more people ‘wake up.’ We are called for such a time as this to spread the truth! Thank you, Wanda.

  3. Goodmorning dear Family of Faith,
    This is incredible Wanda! You have shared a treasure chest of scripture, testimonies and templets. There are “tools” for every need, and you have graciously and freely shared them. Thank you for investing your time each week to be a source of truth and encouragement. I’ve printed out the prayer and put a copy in my purse, car and by my home phone so I can quickly intercede with whomever needs help & hope!!

    Blessings to you, your family & ministry

  4. Thank you Wanda for sharing your journey and what the LORD showed you and took you through. We do indeed learn from each other. I will pray over the prayer from COVID and the notes on healing and thank the LORD for showing me what and how to apply to my life in the areas I need. Your ministry is a huge blessing.

  5. Thank you for this. I have developed tinnitus in the past year, but would have never made the connection. I had covid twice, but it was mild both times. I never had the jab, but will be praying this prayer.

  6. Thank you Wanda for your teaching about this c19. I did not get the vaccine but got Covid and had ivermectin wormer to take plus other vitamins etc. I bought a nebulizer after listening to a pharmist and used it with food grade hydrogen peroxide watered down with bottled water. Maybe 3-1and I breathe that a few times a week just to keep sinuses cleansed. I did ask a doctor who was against the vaccine. Then I had different symptoms and thought I might be having a Tia. Got tested. It was Covid. A harder attack than the first. I was watching Ken Fish on utube share about a prayer God gave him for Covid. Qeteb has found in Psalm 91 as pestilence. I listened to him teach and share good results and then set myself in agreement with him as he prayed via utube. My fever broke and I began to recover. Praise God. I’m seeking the Lord for my ears to hear distinctly so really thank you for the teaching on tinnitus. And it’s always about the power in the blood

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