Through some powerful recent dreams, the Lord revealed a seducing spirit at work in this nation that is luring many victims into a trap. Giving false hopes and empty promises, this seducing spirit seeks to drain us of our spiritual authority in order to feed a wicked and depraved agenda. If we continue to tolerate it, the consequences will be deadly.

In the first dream I met the spirit behind Barack Obama. Caressing its victims with charismatic influence, this demonic spirit promised special attention and personalized care. But once it pulled its prey into a dark corner, it gave the kiss of death. The lure of notoriety and influence was only bait.

In another dream I met the same demonic spirit behind a Hollywood actor known for his moral compromise and drunken behavior. He promised pleasure and personal fulfillment while justifying his ongoing sexual escapades with countless lovers. Drunk on his own deception, this spirit sought to normalize his debauchery and expand his harem of prostitutes and whores.

These dreams reveal that the same spirit of witchcraft behind a global deception of “care” and “concern” is the same demonic spirit fueling sexual perversion and depravity. Camouflaged by charismatic leaders and popular icons, this seducing spirit is leading us to our deathbeds (Revelation 2:18-22). The Lord is issuing this warning to stop ceding to the enemy and denounce our agreement with this ruling principality: 

To the Church in America, I see your desire for truth and your faithful prayers and intercession. I see your rising passion for the lost and your determination to finish the race. And yet, I have this against you. You continue to tolerate voices and public figures who declare safety and protection, but secretly serve Baal and Molech. Wake up to these seducing spirits! You are not fighting men and women of flesh but devils disguised in suits. Do not look at the outward appearances or listen to flattering tongues. Consider the cost of your compliance! Do not forfeit your spiritual inheritance for a counterfeit offer.

The enemy seeks to woo your heart and poison your well. Much that is being offered as solutions to your ills has been dedicated to demons. Set yourselves apart as a people of a higher order! My holiness will not be compromised. You cannot be lovers of the world and lovers of Me. Denounce these seducing spirits and come apart! Do not fall for the bait and bring the kiss of death on your lips.

Though a remnant of fearless believers is rising up, the Church at large is being tested in its ability to discern the spirit of the age and say NO to the lies. Fear of man and public opinion must bow to the fear of the Lord. We are to be a holy people with a holy calling. It’s time to rise to the occasion and demonstrate the power and authority we claim. It’s time to denounce seducing spirits and announce the reigning King and His sovereign rule in this land!  

Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.

I’ll be speaking on Thursday night, September 7, (7 pm) at Love Revival Church in Front Royal, VA – opening night of a strategic Watchmen Conference for this region. For those within driving distance, would love to see you in person!

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Hi Wanda.
    A friend was telling about a word you have concerning ringing is the ears. I have been in ministry for 50 years. This condition started about a year and a half ago. About that time, my evangelist husband went home to be with the Lord. I continue in ministry. Would appreciate any insight.

  2. (Admin Assist) Rita, Wanda has been speaking to this issue in several blogs and video’s, within the last months. You can also find links to documents and websites that provide additional information on her Resources page under Helpful Links to Awaken the Sleeping.

  3. I too started the ringing in the ears a little over a year ago It has intensified. How much is a result of the bioweapon. Just a rhetorical question.

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